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07-01-2007, 06:14 PM
I won't take much of your time but . . . I was (and at the moment) hosted by a company called GISOL (Global Internet Solutions). They have strong-armed me by phone to upgrade my hosting (and that of my Southeastern Pastel Society) and have sent me an invoice and billed my credit card for 36 months of service at the much higher rate ($24.95 monthly). :crying:

Since that time I have found out more about their unsavory tactics to many more people and would advise anyone thinking of using them, to please check them out more by going to several sites that rate web hosts and also several sites where you can read "complaints" about web hosts. Then make your own decision. Please try to get as many different places as possible to give you information. I will say that I have been with this company since June, 2005 with no problems -- and my pastel society (which I built the web site) has been with them since 2003. Something has happened but don't know what.

I will be doing something about this. Moderators, I hope you don't mind my putting this information in here.

07-01-2007, 11:04 PM
Hi Marsha,

My site is hosted at Sitekreator and I'm satisfied with the price and website possibilities. I have the paid personal version (before the recent raise in prices). Their personal support is not that good though since they haven't answered my last e-mails - I need to look for other site hosters just in case.
My domain name is hosted by Verio and I am very satisfied with their service and price.
Their site is somewhat confusing (to me), but they have a good assistance and you can talk with an assistant on the phone.
They always warn me before charging the credit card. I pay either annualy or every two years, can't remember.

Kind regards,