View Full Version : Acrylics and Robert Genn

06-29-2007, 08:59 AM
Todays newsletter from Robert Genn is about acrylic pigments and all of its products available for the fine artist. Worth reading if you are interested.

This is the first paragraph just to wet your whistle.

If watercolour was a virginal harpsichord, and oil was a grand
piano, then acrylic might be a mighty Wurlitzer organ. Modern
acrylic technology has made possible a great fugue of
capability and variety. Acrylics flow from watercolour-like to
oil-like, and everything in between. Speed, texture, and
permanence are some of its most endearing virtues.
Manufacturers have pressed their chemists to produce a variety
of gels, gacs, mediums and pastes, as well as pigments of
interference, fluorescence, metallic luster, and other
variants. While opening new potential for crafters, regular
painters can pull out any stop they might fancy.