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06-11-2007, 03:17 AM
A Thousand Words the exhibition writing the answer to dyslexia

Dear Friend,

If every picture is worth a thousand words just imagine how much we could say with an entire exhibition.

What: An exhibition of donated art works to raise funds for dyslexia research and support. Art is needed for the exhibition and there are still many places to fill. I am accepting all art mediums and will consider all entries though please contact me now as time is running out.

Why: Dyslexia can be defined as a specific learning difficulty in reading, spelling or writing or in a combination of two or all three of these areas due to a difference in the part of the brain which process language. One in fifteen people struggle with dyslexia. Therefore one in fifteen has twice the risk of suicide, one in fifteen has twice the risk of violence involvement, and one in fifteen has twice the risk of ending up behind bars. But you can help. With the right advice and support these odds can be changed. With help these people can recognise that dyslexia has its benefits, including very strong visual skills, a vivid imagination, strong practical skills, innovation, and (so long as the education system doesn't inhibit it) an above average intelligence. It is the ability to see the bigger picture that makes it four times more likely for a dyslexic to become a millionaire. Some of the world's most famous artists, innovators and leaders were and are dyslexic, including Leonardo daVinci, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Agatha Christie, William Hewlitt, Winston Churchill, Tom Cruise, Cher, Jay Leno, and Charles Schwab. Sadly, it is not these things that society focuses. With more people aware we can prevent that one from suicide, we can prevent that one from jail, and perhaps we can prevent others from treating that one different.

When: July 1st July 10th 2007. All donations must be in ASAP

Where: The beautiful Defina + Nancarrow Gallery, Enmore, Sydney. (To see photos of the space go to www.d-n.com.au (http://www.d-n.com.au))

Who: You! This is a great opportunity for you to exhibit as part of a selective group exhibition and to help a great cause.

Thank you!

Kind regards,
Annasophia Larsen (the organiser)

For more information or to donate, email Annasophia at [email protected] ([email protected])
or go to www.athousandwordsexhibition.piczo.com (http://www.athousandwordsexhibition.piczo.com/)