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K Taylor-Green
06-04-2007, 09:29 AM
Good morning everyone! And it's Monday, isn't it? Welcome to this week's edition of the Scumble, our weekly chat thread where we share the happenings of our everyday lives.

Seriously, I had to think what day of the week it is. Jess worked all weekend and it throws me off.
My Lab, Whitney, and her 10 babies are all doing fine. Still can't believe she had that many.
The back to back birthday parties for the two grandsons went off great.
Owen's was so cute! Megan had a puppy theme. All the kids got their faces painted like puppies. She had Matt make a dog house out of cardboard, and there were cookies shaped like dog biscuits. Owen is now 2. I have photos if I ever get them downloaded.
Colin's party, the next day, was a bit more sedate. There was lots of family and some of his friends from school. If Micki planned a theme party, I think the boy would be mortified! He is 10. He is at that age to be uncomfortable with too much attention.

How was everyone else's weekend?

Di Court
06-04-2007, 09:36 AM
Wow! 10 puppies. Makes me grateful I only had a litter of 2.

Today was a public holiday (Foundation Day), so we had family afternoon tea instead of family dinner. My three sons and Matt's girlfriend Sarah came round (as usual) and I baked scones and we had a devonshire tea. With real cream - none of this squirt it out of a can business. And a jar of fruit of the forest jam. And fine bone china teacups to drink our Earl Grey out of. Very tasty. So what that my husband's cholesterol levels are elevated!!!?? I am quietly confident that I have managed to find that half kilo I lost too. It won't get away from me!!

All in all a nice day. Lovely autumn weather - altho rain is desperately needed.

I hope you have a great rest-of-week.

06-04-2007, 01:01 PM

I'm glad you folks had a great time.
Family happyness is very important.
I started my vacations this week and so I would like to make fun of all of you who need to get up early to go to work:evil:
Yesterday I implemented some free puzzles on my site.
Give it a try and say what you think.
Click on a logo (I still have to find how to post a pic of the puzzle to choose, for now only the name appears) and open the file. The wait an instant and start playing.
Here's the direct link : http://sitekreator.com/hushcolours/free.html
Have a great week !

Kind regards,


06-04-2007, 01:27 PM
I had a busy week--worked all last weekend, this week is our 14th anniversary, we went to a saddle bronc expo. good fun! then out for supper too. I shipped a painting (the farm scene from some time ago) and it arrived with broken glass! I did insure it, UPS, so we'll see how this settles out. i'm really disappointed in that, it's always worked well before. but, the client was still happy enough to commission yet another one, just about like it! i've never had that before either! this one was for her hubby, who grew up on the farm, and the next will be for the sister.

this weekend coming i'll head for a workshop of plein air! i'm so excited, i've wanted to take one of plein air for some time now, i think i need a step up getting started better. i've been packed since last week! (maybe i should be getting some practice in now instead?!)

i wil check the link when i get some time later, jose. sounds neat!

take care all!

Paula Ford
06-04-2007, 01:46 PM
I started my vacations this week and so I would like to make fun of all of you who need to get up early to go to work:evil: ..... Josť

LOL, You're a hoot Josť!

Bill Foehringer
06-04-2007, 06:30 PM
Yep, it's Monday or is it still Friday? My weekends disappear into the blur that is my life.
Spouse is doing well two weeks after hip replacement. We put a bed in the living room. No steep Victorian stairs for her for awhile.
Life is grand! But, I need to find some more income. I need to put together a portfolio, join some local arts clubs, and finally set up a webpage/blog so that people can take a quick look at my work.
Time is precious!

Pat Isaac
06-04-2007, 08:22 PM
Nice to hear that people seem to be doing well and some enjoying vacation. Good luck with the workshop, Chewie.
Nice to hear your wife is ding well, Bill and good luck with your efforts to post a web site and art sales.
I have been dealing with those involved with the sale of our studio building. After today, I thought, I can't get involved with this as it is too indefinite. I just have to go along and wait and see what happens, I want to be in my studio and work, not have people dropping in to find out about all that may be going on, which I don't have any answers to.:eek: It does seem as if we will have Open Studios this year and that is fine. After that we'll see what happens.


Kathryn Wilson
06-04-2007, 08:59 PM
Well, I've spent the day looking at web hosting sites. I am dizzy in front of the computer - I've narrowed it down to Artspan or FineArtStudioonline, unless someone has found a goldmine elsewhere. I want quick and easy so I can get on to doing some business cards and pamphlets. I've got a huge solo exhibition to mount in September - my illness this spring has put me waaaay behind, then came IAPS. Still recovering from that little jaunt.

I am also needing some hand-holding - I am about the break my Mt. Vision set of pastels in half. Why oh why is this so hard - I have procrastinated for two months!

06-04-2007, 09:29 PM
Hi Kat,

I won't say it's better or worst since I don't know others, but I like Sitekreator alot.

Kind regards,


Pat Isaac
06-04-2007, 10:42 PM
I was going to suggest sitekreator also, as quite a few people use it. I have a Mac so use iWeb on .Mac. Do you want to set up the site yourself or have someone do it for you?
I'm sure you'll catch up, Kat. Take it one step at a time.
What do you mean, actually breaking the pastels in half??? Not being a softie, don't know the terms.


Lisa M
06-05-2007, 01:12 AM
Everyone is having a busy week, and it's only Monday! I have officially launched my 5-week Advanced Writing class for the university (please don't use my writing in WC to judge my credibility--this is just quick and fun, and lazy sometimes too, when I'm thinking about pastels instead of pens), with 50 students.
I'm also developing another online tech writing course for the Engineering majors, which I'll start using next fall (08) but have to complete by next Friday. It's a great new challenge, for I'm learning the finer elements of FrontPage and other online ed tech such as browser security for online exams, etc. I'm more of an artist than a computer expert (that's my boyfriend's expertise), so this is a good push.

Kate we can't wait to see pic's of those baby pups! The parties sound like great fun. We have another baby in the family, and my youngest nephew turns 1 already next week. His older brother is very excited about the birthday party.

I think Tigger is recovering from his skin infection and won't need the shampoo baths anymore. We've had more rain in the past weeks than I've seen in any entire summer, I think, but I don't mind, as long as this non-stop moisture doesn't aggravate Tigger's infection again.

We're getting lots of new birds around as our trees and shrubs are getting big. Stac saw a mockingbird yesterday; we don't usually have those.

Chewie--Did the buyers salvage the pastel, or did the broken glass ruin it? What a shame!! I know there are posts about shipping pastels, but I wouldn't even think it possible. How is that lodge mural coming? I keep looking for an update:) .

Tomorrow we're to get more rain, so I'll be working indoors and finally experimenting with the Wallis. I don't have any acrylic paints for the base. I have 3 paintings I want to complete by the end of June. Better get on it.

Jose--Enjoy your vacation!! Your country as a whole seems so romantic; do you even have to travel to be surrounded by beauty? Are you taking a trip, or relaxing at home?

Bill--I'm glad to hear your wife is at home and you're moving forward with your art. No doubt you'll support one another and come along just fine.

Have a great week! :wink2:

Bill Foehringer
06-05-2007, 12:31 PM
Kat, go for it! I broke all of my pochade pastels in half. (I used a straight-razor to score around until they cut through) Actually this gave me a sense of relief to know that I could keep track for re-ordering.
Good luck! I looked into fineartstudioonline and checked out some sites in use. It looked good to me. I don't remember the pricing structure anymore. I didn't pull the trigger on any website vendor. I should also get a site up and running for the same reasons.
Good luck with the show. I have another Library display coming up in October. Yikes! I have to start framing, need about 20-25 framed. I have the frames.

Kathryn Wilson
06-06-2007, 12:09 PM
Pat, to answer your earlier question - in soft pastels with labels, you need to get them out of the paper wrapper and break them into half, keeping one to paint with, one for reference to order. So, I keep one half in the boxes they came in until I need to re-order or use them.

Task is done - doing a whole set takes quite a while. I do not use a razor, but pressure them to break and letting the crumbs settle into a dish for mixing to make more.

06-06-2007, 02:22 PM
Kate I remember a litter of 10 golden retriever puppies my first dog after marriage had - lots of work and loads of fun! Your b'day parties sound familiar this time of year. Saturday was my twin's b'day and Monday was my husbands. As adults we all celebrate much more quietly now - dinner and cake and quiet times.

Chewie - sorry to hear about the broken glass. I'll be very interested to hear if UPS will reimburse anything. if they know about it, the last I knew they refuse fine art under glass as shipments. Maybe this has changed so I'd like to know. I know you'll have a grand time at the workshop!

Kat - I break my longer sticks such as Mt Vision into three pieces. I like mine a little less than a half inch long. I do find if I take the time that the razor works better for me.

Bill - good to hear your wife's progress is moving forward. I may not always comment, but the two of you are in my thoughts for a good recovery for her.

Lisa - my cousin in Minnesota is a university professor in English lit at Rochester University, and she too has just set up an on line summer class.

Now my news for the rest of this week. I leave tomorrow with my husband for DC. The program he works for is receiving a major national industry award at a black tie event on Friday night. Four of the managers' wives were also invited so we'll spend most Fri, all of Sat, and most of Sun exploring the city. I've not been there since I was 16 years old so I'm looking forward to this. That is except for the temperatures! I just looked on line and the temps will be in the mid 80's to mid 90's and mostly partly cloudy. As I recall from our days of living in Ohio that means humid as well! We're so not used to that! :eek: I'll be home a week after that and then off to Oklahoma to see my daughter's new home and visit my sister too. I'm just a travelin' fool this month, and what I really wanted to do was get several paintings done. So far all I've gotten finished is 3 small painting. Oh well. I'll just have to be very focused the week I'm home!


06-06-2007, 06:06 PM
oh kat, that is a delightful looking assortment! yummy!

and yes, pat, we're saying breaking the sticks to use them on their sides, more like a brush painter would use a large brush instead of a tiny one (which is similar to us using the tip of the stick) and more colors will then fit into a given storage situation with less weight or table space.

the pastel painting came thru the broken glass ordeal just fine--i use contact paper and cover the glass completely when I ship. then if (when!) it does break, instead of being loose shards it all sticks to the contact paper. the glass only is broken down the middle, so no big shatter like i envisioned! still no word from UPS, but i am sure if they ever do anything at all, it will be in their own good time. btw, i did NOT ship it as 'fine art', i ship as 'home decor' which is completely covered in the insurance. we'll see if this will help me or not....i will let you know, as i'm sure my ordeal will be of help to some of you also.

lisa--i finished the mural, and was happy to walk away! here it is...and thanks for asking. hey, I'll be in SF this weekend for a workshop, you could pop over to falls park and have alooksee? just a thought... happy to hear the little one is doing better.

and kat, if you need a place to store the other half of those visions....hehee!


K Taylor-Green
06-06-2007, 10:56 PM
Peggy, you have a twin!? How cool!

Di, That tea sounds scrumptus!! I have always thought that something like that sounded so romantic!

Chris, the mural looks great!

Happy vacation, Jose!! You are sooooo bad!:evil:

The pups are really growing. Friday, we are going to remove their dewclaws. I am not looking forward to it and have always considered it barbaric sounding, but I saw a photo of a Lab that had his torn off while hunting in rough terrain, so off they come.:(
I'll get some pictures after they get their eyes open. Right now, they look like sausages with feet!
We put up a new addition to our kennel, this evening. Harry needs privacy for the ladies we are bringing in. The grandsons have christened it "Harry's Corner", which has a nicer ring than the "Honeymoon Suite"!

Kathryn Wilson
06-06-2007, 11:12 PM
Chewie, how nice that you are done - and, indeed, well worth all the time you put into it.

Now as to the pastels, they are locked up in a safe - as good as money, they are - :)

06-07-2007, 01:50 AM
Peggy, you have a twin!? How cool!

Well it was once they were beyond pre-school age! Any Mom of multiples will tell you that it is just plain hard work before that. Especially if you don't have any relatives close by to be able to help out once in awhile. To top that off, their brother is only 23 months older than they are - whew! Just thinking of those days makes me tired! :lol: I'm glad I got a daughter out of the "deal", but am really sorry she lives all the way in Oklahoma. June is Nordstroms annual half yearly sale that we used to always enjoy going to even if we didn't buy anything. The Nordstroms in Belluvue Square is one of their most prosperous stores and has a really good pub in it too. We loved going there for the fish (fresh halibut) and chips, and frequently would splurge on one of their decadent desserts! :evil:

Well I found out today at the eye doc that the reason I've had so much trouble seeing street signs clearly over the last few months is because of a major change in my prescription. I just had an exam and glasses change a year ago, but my right eye decided to do this change so I've had to order new glasses now despite the fact that the insurance won't pay for new lenses any more than once every two years. Oh well, can't see with the old ones so now have to pay out of pocket for both new glasses and sun glasses... I changed docs because my old one wasn't on the preferred provider list for the insurance, and am really glad I did. Although I liked the old one, this one has more up to date equipment, and I was there for 2 1/4 hours between the exam and choosing new glasses. The new guy has a good sense of humor too, and it turns out he grew up in Cheyenne Wyoming! I lived in Sheridan and went to the U of Wyoming so we had plenty to talk about other than my eyes. I also found I was paying more for the glasses at the old place than I will here so it wasn't so bad after all. I'll sure be glad to see clearly again, and not think it all my imagination.


Pat Isaac
06-07-2007, 08:54 AM
Thanks for the pastel explanations everyone and those pastels look like candy, Kat. A friend of mine had the same thing happen to one of her pastel paintings and UPS paid. Took a while though.
We finally got to see our granddaughter play tennis this week. She is a sophomore and had been undefeated this season in singles. Her games are always too far away, but this week the quarter finals wer near here so we went, she won her match and her team one. So yesterday, we went to the semis which were in the next town. She lost her match, but played a great game. Her opponent had the same record with one loss, so they were very evenly matched. Her team won though so they go on to finals!


Lisa M
06-07-2007, 11:54 AM
Pat--How wonderful for your granddaughter! I'm sure she appreciates your support and loves it when you're there.

Chewie (Chris:) )--my friend's husband at White River used to teach at Bonesteel, I think, and asked your name (I was telling about your cool mural bc he loves those old pen maps), and I couldn't tell him! Anyway, it sounds like your UPS matter might turn out alright--I hope so. And the mural is really neat. What day will you be in SF? I don't listen much to the plein aire announcements because I have a thing with being out in the wind and bugs with all my supplies. I don't have anything to carry them in or even a tall easel. And I'm really bad at landscapes. I have a nephew's b-day party on Sat; nothing on Sun other than computer work--50 essays and question sets to grade. It would be cool to meet! I can loiter while you work and learn some things:cat: .

Peggy--Good for you on getting a really good eye doctor. I have a severe astigmatism in my right eye an am legally blind in it, so I can appreciate the travails of the limits of insurance, but it's your eyes after all, and some things are just worth the money (not forgiving the corruptness of our healthcare system). That would be scary driving around trying to read signs!!

Kate--Your dogs must live in luxury:D .

Dot Hoffman
06-08-2007, 10:44 AM
Hi, I know I've been quiet....so quiet I haven't even been lurking! When we got home from ABQ one of our cats got sick (really bad diarrhea) so a trip to vet for shots and meds. She is not a cat who cooperates with taking meds, so I got bit and scratched, and finally gave up and figured if she didn't get better, I'd make the twice a day trip to the vet for them to get the pills down her ornery throat. Thankfully, she got better right away, so that wasn't necessary. After just one day, if she saw us coming in her direction she'd run and hide where we couldn't reach her.

Then we had weddings, graduations, birthday parties, family reunions, etc. that kept us busy and to cap all of that both Ken and I came down with a mean virus that has hung on for over a week. Today is the first day I feel halfway human again. We're going to art clinic this afternoon, so I'll see how long I last there. Took one painting in for framing a week or so ago.

Bill, I hope your wife recovers quickly, and that you are successful with your art sales plans.

Peggy, glad you are getting good eye treatment. Nothing worse than an artist with poor eyesight!!!! Have a great time in DC.

Soon we'll be doing the Elderhostel workshop in Wisconsin. And visiting relatives while there. We are certainly getting a lot of traveling in this year!!!

Well, gotta run. Too much to do yet before this afternoon. I told K we could have soup for supper, or he could take me out. (He's taking me out :lol:)

06-09-2007, 12:20 AM
Hi Everyone,

Well this week has flown with trying to get everything washed and ironed and deciding what to take and not to take away with us. No doubt I will do what I usually do and take far too much but when you are away 9 weeks with two different climates it is no easy task.:lol:

I also want to pack some pastels, Monty has made me a tempory project box for them so they are well protected, I just want to take enough for doing some landscapes - maybe- who knows. I'm also taking my small watercolour travel pallette. I'm also taking needle work crosswords and book for the train trip. Looking at the front room at the moment it looks as though we are preparing to go away for a year!!!!:lol:

We've had a little bit of rain here in Western Australia but I tink the East Coast has had more than they can handle. Mind you it may well not be enough to break this drought, which is apparently Australia wide the worst ever in recorded history.

Well I had better get back to the packing and will drop in again later on.

Take Care
Love CJ :heart:

06-09-2007, 05:26 PM
Hi Lisa,

Sorry for answering just now.
This time there's no travelling.
Just going to the beach which is about 30 minutes driving.

Kind regards,


Kathryn Wilson
06-09-2007, 07:44 PM
Yahoo, girl power! Rags to Riches A FILLY just won the Belmont, beating out the big boys.

K Taylor-Green
06-10-2007, 10:22 AM
Hurrah for the lady!! She was a very strong contender, definitly a special horse as she stumbled out of the starting gate and still won the race!! She is the first filly to win the Belmont since 1905!! Go little girl, go!:clap:

Kathryn Wilson
06-10-2007, 10:44 AM
A little spooky that on the very day that the story of Ruffian aired on TV, that a filly finally beat the boys. I watched Ruffian with trepidation knowing how it must end.

I wonder if the breeders are now beginning to realize that they are doing more damage than good to these horses by breeding them so refined. I would hope so.