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10-17-2000, 03:43 AM
anyone know how to get polyurethane glue off your hands?

dirty-handedly yours,

10-17-2000, 10:01 AM
Have you tried thinner?? When nothing else seems to work, we turn to the noxious stuff! If all else fails, there is gasoline. Of course these are all toxic compounds, but they seem to be the only ones we have found to work. If my hubby would answer his phone he might have some other suggestions.


10-17-2000, 10:03 AM
Veg oil

10-17-2000, 10:05 AM

10-17-2000, 11:19 PM
the oil doesn't work, and neither does the thinner.

looks like i'm gonna have to tough it out.

it looks as if i've wrestled with a dirty, sticky pig (all on the underside of my hands).. starting to wear off a bit today.


10-19-2000, 10:21 AM
Since the polyurethane glue is probably toxic itself, i wouldn't worry about using thinner! But i do know that once it's dried that stuff is pretty tough to get off! You'll likley have to just wait. I once had liquid nail on my hands & found that after soaking them in warm soapy water for a while it started to come off. Good luck Dirty Girl.

10-19-2000, 09:07 PM
I finally got to ask my hubby about that glue. Apparantly the only way to get it off is to use either acetone or lacquer thinner within 2 minutes of getting it on you. Otherwise, you'll be kinda stuck with that look for awhile. Believe me, hubby has used this kinda stuff for 25 years.

So maybe next time just in case!


10-20-2000, 03:21 PM
Try goop or un-do.

http://www.artdebut.com/arlene0.htm (http://www.artdebut.com/arlene.htm)

10-20-2000, 08:03 PM
Try nail polish remover or maybe Goo-Gone.


10-21-2000, 03:08 PM
as a model maker for film, i have suffered through many, MANY gluey hands. with poly
glue i found using water and soap for a long period of time, i'm talking about sitting with your hands under the facet for 30 minutes or so, a couple of times throughout the day will help, but won't get rid of it completely. however, it does make it more mauluable, and you can rub it off from there.

otherwise i generally pick at it alot. its a bummer of a glue and nothing you can do about it a couple hours later. needs immediate action.

OR, you can also try un-glue products that release glue, however, this is generally made for the glued surface, not hands.
so if you have a problem with toxic stuff...

and one other thing, sometimes rubbing alcohol sometimes works. the trick with these glues is to make them mauluable and rub off, otherwise...add some rhinestones and create a new fad! good luck...been there!

10-21-2000, 04:37 PM
well, let me just say that NOTHING worked, and it's only today that i can finally see most of my palms.

i had a very fancy dinner-date thursday, and was reluctant to wave.

I shoulda worn gloves!


10-22-2000, 04:20 AM
yep...thats the glue!

the last time i had it one me, it lasted 3 weeks! i'm not kidding, i was reluctant to tell you, but it doesn't come off! it only wears off, thats why i wash it alot and pick at it. (i know of NO solvants that work at this stage.) this is pretty much known in the industry (film) as horrorhands!

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11-03-2000, 10:30 PM
Dang... I saw "dirty girl" and expected this thread to be about something else....