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09-21-2000, 09:32 AM
Anyone here ever attempted to use Bondo? Julian Schnabel has used it alot and I was curious about what anyone knows of its properties as an adhesive.

09-24-2000, 03:32 PM
When I was in college some of the metals students used it in their sculptures. It seems to hold up well as one piece had been out in the quad as a permanent piece for 5 yrs when I attended.


10-22-2000, 04:30 AM
as a model maker for film, i have worked with bondo. it is an interesting adhesive/medium but VERY toxic! i'm wondering how you plan on using it since you mention schnabel. one thing to remember about him is that his paintings/mixed media pieces are falling apart. i don't know if you've heard that already, but his dishes are falling off.

if you plan on using it on canvas/boards, plan on having problems in a coulple of years. that is if you are using it in clumps, better results on thinner layers
but than there are other mediums that are better for this. also, the chemical make up of bondo isn't designed for wood/canvas..etc.

it is normally used with metals/fiberglass/plastics. also, only mix what you are going to use in a 3 minute period at a time, as it sets FAST and will clump/clod together quickly. you can slow this down with using less accelerater, however, if you don't use enough it will never dry properly. like other things in life, you have to learn how to use it.

anyway...good luck and have fun!

11-02-2000, 07:46 PM
My 2 cents -
Bondo is excellent stuff ! However it's designedto be a filler not an adhesive - thats what gives it it's easy working properties ; Hit the stuff with a shurform before its fully set and it carves nicely .
However, look at the next home body job '72 Skylark that passes you by for an example of it's reliability as an adhesive when put down against anything less than sparkling clean metal.