View Full Version : Gonna try it here. Fibers anyone?

Phyllis Rennie
08-04-2000, 07:29 PM
Can you post a photo of some of your work?

08-05-2000, 12:32 AM
Phyllis, I will post something as soon as I get my scanner figured out so I can get a jpeg below 300 or 400.
I work with my hands and hate machines as a rule......lol

08-05-2000, 12:58 AM
Mal, the doiley that you did is considered in the fibers category. Anything with natural or man made fibers is a fiber art.

I do huge wall hangings with all sorts of materials and combine paints and things I pick up outside. I am a real scavenger....lol
Does anyone else work this way?

Right now I am roping a branch from a tree with embrodiery floss and working copper wire and beads that are black and copper into the piece.

08-05-2000, 07:11 AM
Sassy, i would love to see some of these pieces as well! I hate the scanner too. I think most people have scanner troubles. I take photos & have them put on a CD at the time of development. It's expensive but much easier. I think that with the money i'm putting out for these CDs, i'd better start shopping for a digital camera. Cheryl

08-05-2000, 08:16 AM

I have boxes and boxes of my 'stuff', hubby calls it my 'junk'! lol.

Would love to see your work...I can't stop collecting 'stuff' either.


08-05-2000, 04:03 PM
Ok ok ok! lol Ya'll are too funny. I will work on getting pics or scans. I have a friend with a good camera, and I will pay for the film and developing if she will take the pics. Just how expensive it is to get them put on disk? My husband is gonna shoot me.......lol I spend as much on my art as he does on his cars I think and I am a scavenger....hehehe

Phyllis Rennie
08-06-2000, 08:11 PM
Sassybird, If I remember--or you remind me--
when we get closer to Christmas, I'll show you my angels made of string, fabric, ribbons, etc. Also stars made of ribbon. Right now it's all packed away but in the fall, I'll put away the painting stuff and unpack the Christmas crafts.

08-06-2000, 11:44 PM
Sassy, the last time i had 36 exposures put on a CD it was around $13.00 extra. It's so easy to do it that way that i think it's well worth it. Once they are developed you can modify them, crop them, e-mail them & save them to your hard drive. Lots of fun to play with! Phyllis, can't wait till the fall! I love the Christmas stuff! http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif Cheryl

08-07-2000, 03:58 PM
Phyllis, I love fibers. I save every bit of material that I find pleasing and then sooner or later I find a project for them. I used some stuff for my wedding that I had been holding for about 3 yrs.....lol
I hope you post some of the stuff you do for the holidays. I would love to see them.

Paintfool, thanks for the info. It is not as expensive as I thought it would be. I wonder if you can get things put right on cd instead of having prints made. I would give my eye teeth to have a digital camera.....lol

08-18-2000, 07:33 AM
I also work with all types of 'fibre', at present I am working on a series using nursery rhymes as inspiration. I am using disgarded physciatric hospital sheets, dolls, pipe cleaners, card, anything really. I am starting the work by quilting a storyboard background, stretching it on a frame, priming and painting, then I apply other bits and pieces to tell the story.At this time I am a little stuck on my last piece. I need to find a way to strengthen a very light fabric to keep it in place. The fabric is used to clothe rag doll figures and the folds are very important to the finished design. I cannot remove them from the finished piece. Does anyone have any ideas on how this can be done?


08-18-2000, 03:16 PM
Jeanne, I use Stiffen with everything from chiffon to burlap. It works well, and doesn't leave a sheen or anything to detract from the material. You can pick this up at most any fabric or craft stores.

I like the idea you are working with.

08-19-2000, 04:34 AM
Thankyou for your reply, I am loving this site, I now have access to endless friends with the same motivations to call on for help and encouragement, it's like a dream!
I have never heard of Stiffen, is it an American thing? What does it consist of, is it a spray or dip? I cannot use anything that will wet the surface too much.
Jean http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif

09-29-2000, 09:19 AM
I'm a weaver and a handspinner. So I would be interestd in fiber talk too.

10-01-2000, 05:36 PM
Jean - I wonder if 'Stiffen' is something like Spray-on Starch?

Karen http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif

10-04-2000, 02:35 AM
Um...I think 'Stiffen' is more like viagra.

http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/tongue.gif Sorry...couldn't resist.



Artworks by Gisela Towner (http://www.artistnation.com/members/paris/gisela)

10-04-2000, 06:42 PM
Spray on starch will yellow in fairly short time. You don't want to use that. Stiffen is essentially a thinned down solution of white glue. Fibers can be saturated with it, and molded like papier mache, or if the fiber doesn't take well to that much moisture, you can selectively brush it on with a paint brush. It would sound like you're using a very delicate fabric. I would thin the product even more and use several light coats only in areas necessary to hold the shape.

10-07-2000, 01:49 AM
Gisela, you are a nut! lol

Stiffen has something different in it that does not leave a shiny surface when it drys. I have used watered down glue, and no matter how dense or light a fabric is it will leave that sheen. Since I work with burlap a lot, and use natural fibers with it I want it to look earthy. A sheen detracts from that considerably.