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Phyllis Rennie
09-17-2000, 08:38 PM
Found these photos while looking for something else. Thought you might like to see them. Sorry the pink one didn't photograph too well. They are Grade A Extra Large eggs--bought at the supermarket--decorated inside and out. These both have teddy bears inside but I do a different design each year, sign and date the back. Only did two of the pink ones for my grandaughters but did about 40 of the white with teddybear. Last year did a gold metallic egg with a nativity scene inside. This year I will be doing a red egg with snowmen inside. At least that's the current plan. Enjoy, Phyl <IMG SRC="http://www.wetcanvas.com/Critiques/User/ChristmasEggs.JPG" border=0>

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Lady Artist
09-18-2000, 12:22 AM
Oh, they're pretty. Do you remember the ones at Easter with the little panoramas in them? And you can take broken eggshells and glue them onto spheres and wooden eggs, stain and varnish for a really neat look. So if you break some while your're working on these beauties, all is not lost!

When I was in Vermont in an artisan's gallery years ago, I saw some lovely watercolors done on eggshells also -- pretty florals.

There's no end to what one can do with eggs.

These are pretty!

Phyllis Rennie
09-19-2000, 08:38 PM
Thanks. I see you are also from Pa. What part?

09-20-2000, 10:49 PM
Phyllis, Thanks for posting these. They're adorable! I remember you & i having a discussion on these a short while ago. I need to get my self busy & take a few pics of the ones i told you about. I painted them w/ arcylics & had such a great time with them. Aren't the holidays great for getting the creative juices flowing? How did you cut the shell so nicley? I simply left mine whole & blew out the egg. (made my cheeks sore! http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/biggrin.gif: )

Phyllis Rennie
09-21-2000, 08:52 PM
I know what you mean about the sore cheeks! And doing that also gives me a headache! These I score repeatedly with a file and then when I'm almost through, I use a sharp blade to finish. Takes about 8-10 minutes to cut one since they are fragile at this point. When I do goose eggs, I use a Dremel rotary tool with a diamond point bit because they are a much harder eggshell.

Once they are painted with 3-4 coats of acrylic inside and outside, they are much more sturdy. And after the stuff is inside and the window is covered with plastic, they are really not at all fragile. Well.....if you threw them against a concrete wall, they would break!!! lol

Please post yours. I'd like to see them.

09-24-2000, 03:36 PM
Phyllis, these are very nice. I have seen some amazing things done with eggs. I fact it seems to me I ran across a website dedicated to this art.