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05-07-2007, 07:11 AM
You have a nice site! Congratulation!
Iím a single mother of two teenagers namely Christopher and Janette, I am very lucky to find Military school for boy (http://www.military-school.org/Choice_of_Military_School/United_States/advertise.asp) since Christopher is starting to explore right now. He always wants adventure, fascinate military system and mostly he wants to be independent from us. This is very helpful for me as a mother, anytime now I will also enroll Janette in Military school for girl (http://www.military-school.org/A_Typical_Cadet/learnvalues.asp), she always wants to be like her big brother. Honestly Iím quite worry about my daughter Janette but I just found out that they offer a safe and disciplined girl boarding school (http://www.boarding-school-directory.com/boarding1/)
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