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05-01-2007, 10:42 AM
I have finally come up with the system to get intricate knotwork in perfection¡¡¡¡

As some of you know,I had problems with the width of the lines of knotwork,but thesolution came to me:

You need:
-A nib whose width is the one of your knotwork lines
-Paper(or surface)
-Masking fluid
-pencil and rulers

1-Layout the grid(diagonal,in squares,circular...) and draw the basic lines of the knotwork.

2-Once its done,dip the pen into the masking fluid and cover like doing lines for letters the pencil marks,works aswell for arces and turns that arent in straight lines.Dont worry if the fluid covers more than it should,you can correct that later

3-Cover all unmasked places with ink,after it dries,scrub away the mask and correct whatever should be corected

Ill post an image of the result soon.