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04-01-2007, 01:22 PM
Does that title sound bad? My boyfriend says it sounds bad...

The tiny town of Dayton, WA holds many wonders, including my 96-year-old grandmother, who still goes for walks around town. We always walk along the dike next to the Touchet river, and the scenery is beautiful. I took a photo of this landscape (http://meglyman.com/modules.php?name=gallery2&g2_itemId=438) a few years ago that I really like, so I decided to paint it.

This is 5x7 on Pastelbord. It's wonderfully sandy, and the gouache liked it. I used bristle brushes. This was a lot of fun.

C&C welcome.



Old Tex
04-01-2007, 10:20 PM
Nice one, Meg! I like the light coming through the shadows in the foreground.

04-02-2007, 12:46 PM
Thanks, Ralph.

As I look at the post, I realize that the colors are a lot different than the original. It's a lot brigher & saturated in person. This seems to happen a lot to everyone trying to post art online. My scanner has a particularly rough time with blues. Any tips on getting scans more accurate?

Old Tex
04-02-2007, 01:44 PM
My scanner has a particularly rough time with blues. Any tips on getting scans more accurate?

Not so far. The blues in my originals are very different from what shows up either on my monitor or when I print. And when I try to make adjustments in PS it just changes all the other colors. Still experimenting with that.

04-02-2007, 06:22 PM
Nice painting Meg. I'd say it's a keeper! :thumbsup:

I think the name coooould be a bit bothersome/misleading to some. :rolleyes:

How about " Stroll along the Touchet"? Umm, I'm not the best in naming my own paintings, so please, feel free to ignore me. :D

As for the blues showing up properly, I haven't gotten the hang of that either. Sorry.


04-02-2007, 07:21 PM
Ralph - that's exactly what I'm running into. Fix the blue, and everything else looks bad. Fix everything else, the blue looks bad. The eternal struggle. Oh well, even masters' reproductions looks lousy next to the originals.

Janice, thanks for the suggestion. I like your title. I just may have to change it. You got copyright on "Stroll Along the Touchet?" ;)


04-02-2007, 09:00 PM
:wave: Meg,

Nope, no copyright on "Stroll along the Touchet". That one is all yours! :) Figures that I'd come up with a title for somebody else but not my stuff! :lol:
I have a terrible time coming up with titles. I'm thinking of just calling them Ocean 1, 2007, Swamp 2, 2007, but it's so trite.

04-03-2007, 02:00 PM
Thanks, Janice! Maybe we can trade titles... need any suggestions? ;)

04-04-2007, 02:59 PM
Haha, I don't think the name's a bother. It's pretty apparent what sort of dike we're looking at.

It is a beautiful piece! I love the light, and contrast, since I'm a glutton for contrast.

If you want to approximate the colours in the original more closely, you can just scan it, then open it up in Photoshop, or similar software, and adjust the colour levels by eye.

04-04-2007, 06:15 PM

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm working with GIMP. I'll keep exploring its capabilities, but I haven't yet found how to fix the blues without adversely affecting everything else. Sure is fun to play with the tools, though. ;)