View Full Version : Art Boards Superior Panel Gesso

03-27-2007, 04:47 PM
I am looking for anyone with experience or an opinion on Art-Boards Brand Superior Panel Gesso. Supposedly formulated for rigid surfaces, or so says the label and their website. All I know about it is it is an acrylic based gesso which is formulated to perform like traditinal gesso. I do have some and it is completely unlike regular acrylic gesso. It actually does feel more like trad. gesso. It even takes watercolour reasonably well, though not as their info says "soaks up watercolour like paper" (paraphrasing there a bit).
I have contacted them, to no avail. As of now no response concerning application methods or general info on such. I do know how to apply gesso, and have methods that work for me. The label on the product is very ambiguous, with not content info or really pretty much anything other than touting it's greatness.

Any one out there use it? Or Natural Pigments Easy Gesso, which sounds cool and will be my next purchase in the panel prep department.

gracias mucho,