View Full Version : Could use some suggestions on a project that doesn't make sense to me!

03-21-2007, 11:02 AM
OK, so I have these Visual Literacy classes that all freshman Art, Architecture, and, of all things, Journalism majors have to take. We're working on seeing the world abstractly (my favorite thing, only not). We have the following assignment

On 3 10X10 pieces of illustration board make 3 diagrams illustrating your experience of walking to Architecture Hall (the building where the class is). On the first board illustrate the movement, and the second illustrate the sequencing by building a hierarchy of shapes, and on the third illustrate the texture.

Now, I've got the movement and texture parts pretty well planned out, but nobody in the class really understands the sequencing part. Does anybody here have any ideas?

04-03-2007, 06:45 AM
The definition of 'sequence' is: an 'ordered' list of objects (read: events, feelings, impressions, textures, shapes, etc.). Like a set of objects, a sequence contains a number of elements. Unlike a regular set, order DOES matter. In art, sequencing can show the passage of time. It tells (shows) what came first, next and last. Examples of things that 'happen' in sequence: comic strips, a song, fading light, falling asleep.

Using speech (what most of us use) to convey these ideas is much different than showing them in abstract images. Your instructor wants you to make that leap, from verbal to abstract image. Even Journalism majors need these skills. Images are excellent comunication tools - where would we be without graphs and maps? Editorials frequently contain a graphic to help explain a concept more fully.

Don't worry - it gets better :).