View Full Version : WTB Raku clay 5#

03-11-2007, 09:41 PM
I would like to buy a small amount of Raku Clay for an experimental project, and I don't want to be stuck with 20# of clay I don't need! I will pay for clay and shipping. If you have some to spare I'd appreciate it!
Sally :cat:

03-12-2007, 03:21 AM
I'd give Axners a call and see if they will sell you 5 lbs of whatever raku clay they have an open bag of(I know they break up bags as they let teachers try 5 lb lumps of their clays). Ask nicely they might be willing.

Here is their #: 1 800 843 7057 they are in Florida near Orlando.

03-12-2007, 10:34 AM
Thanks so much I'll give them a try !

03-12-2007, 10:35 AM
oops, dup!