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04-18-2002, 10:13 AM

Been selling on e-bay with poor results.

Was wondering if any one has tried selling in their local area with notices on bulletin boards (physical), with a phone number to call and a site to visit. If so what response have you got.

How about ads in newspaper classifieds?

Also how about just setting up your paintings on the side of the road and trying to sell?

Would love to hear about experiences about the above and other more unorthodox ideas.


04-20-2002, 06:33 AM
Hi svrart - I recently purchased some T shirts with my web site name and one of my sculptures printed on it. More for exposure to help increase traffic to site than any thing else. You never know when the right person at the right time comes along. Here is a pic of the shirt and the web page.


See page that sells shirt from web (http://gosculpture.com/Newdesign/dancet.htm)


04-20-2002, 01:23 PM
My art was on the front cover of a statewide publication that hits all the galleries/antique shops/tea shops/etc. and I got a lot of "Love your art...I saw it on..." but no sales!

I've been doing okay with ebay...and the exposure of my personal site has brought sales from that direction. I also sell at a couple of outdoor art/crafts shows during the year that focus on fine art/fine crafts. I don't do any of the more folksy craft shows with my art.

I love the idea of the tee shirt! That looks so cool!
I did print out some of those iron on things for canvas bags one time...but not for sales. Just to carry my artstuff around in. They got a lot of attention and everyone wanted to know "how to do it", but they didn't want to buy art...LOL!

Have you tried a Cafe Press store on your website? Advertising items with your art on them would give you more exposure on a long term basis. Ads in papers are there for the day....then gone!