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02-07-2007, 03:18 AM
This is my first post on wet canvas. I have been painting for 8 odd months now. For all this time I have mostly been painting with water colours and acrylic mostly on handmade paper and some pratice for oil colours on oil paper. Now I want to make a transition to painting on cavas. I completed my first painting on canvas - a ready made canvas one that I got from a local art supplier. However it is really expensive to get the ready made prestreched primed ones. And stretching is something I cant afford as well. This is so depressing cause I really love painting. I have read somewhere that with acrylics I really do not need to size or prime the surface. Is that true? With stretched canvas I realised that there was not much support while painting except on the sides and it was kind of irritating cause I had to be conscious of not putting too much pressure while painting.

Can I do something like this? Get rolled cotton duck which i will be using. I presume it will not be sized and primed. Then I can get a thick plywood of the size I want. I can cut enough area of the cotton duck vertically and horizontally and fix it on the ply and attach it on the backside of the ply or tack it at the back. Then I can apply the gesso. Do I need to sand it? and are two coats ok? Then I can paint and I will also get a solid base while painting. After the painting dries can I remove the tacks and then roll up the canvas?
That way I can cut down on the cost factor? And would there be any problems in stretching the canvas later and framing it?

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02-07-2007, 09:05 AM
You can buy what I believe is compressed board at HD, its like thin plywood, sometimes you can find it already primed, if not you can coat with gesso then sand. I bought a piece and it cost less than $4 for a sheet 4'x2' they have larger but it wouldn't fit in my car. Now if you plan to frame them, that will add to your cost. This is why I always use canvas with a paintable edge, the canvas is more than the board, but there'e no additional cost for framing. What I do is take advantage of the local craft store AC Moore, every week they have a coupon for 40% off one item, and that's how I buy my canvases, usually $8 for 2'x3' canvas. I hope this helps you. Also if you just want to practice they sell acryl ic "canvas" pads for under $10 for 20 sheets, and it takes the paint well. Good luck and post your work for us to see.

02-07-2007, 09:21 AM
Hi and welcome to the Forum, Our Moderator, Einion, did a class on supports that has such a lot of information in it. Just click this link, Acrylics Classroom, November 2004 (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=227402)

That should answer a lot of your questions. You can paint on gessoed hardboard, plywood, MDF, canvas. If you glue the canvas to a board, the larger the size, the heavier the it will be, which is a consideration when painting. The suggestion of canvas pads is also good for practice. Plus you can buy rolls of preprimed gessoed canvas and well as the unprimed canvas.

Good luck and if you have further questions, just let us know.