View Full Version : Is there such a product as an acrylic paint marker pen

02-02-2007, 05:37 PM
Hi I just wondered if anyone knew of such a product, an acrylic paint based marker pen, I have looked around and found touch twin markers and DecoColor paint pens which sound good but wondered if there was a pen set I could get with acrylic paint.

cheers Phil

02-02-2007, 06:28 PM
Not sure if it will work or not but there are fillable fiber tip pens that you can buy empty and fill. I have about a doz of them and fill them with acrylic inks which is considerably thinner than most acrylic paints. Maybe the acrylic inks would do for the purpose you have in mind.

Might start here.

02-02-2007, 10:24 PM
Howard, thanks for the link - sorry if this is a stupid question but do these pens, when filled with acrylic inks, stay wet like a regular felt tip or do they dry out eventually ?

02-03-2007, 12:06 AM
I have had one filled for over a year and it seems to be OK. I do keep it tightly capped and have used it only rarely. I am thinking it might be time to pull it out again and do some damage with it. So, guess the answer it "so far". I have used FW Inks. Getting ready to consider using some Matisse inks to see where it goes.

02-03-2007, 01:44 AM
Cool, thanks Howard - I quite fancy trying those as a year sounds perfectly worthwhile (don't think I've ever owned any pen/pencil/brush etc for a year without losing/breaking or ruining it :lol: !!!)

02-03-2007, 06:33 AM
Thanks for the info Howard, what brand of acrylic do the pens work with, the trouble with alot of things, great products seem readily available with plenty of choice in America but here in the UK its harder to find products, I'm struggling to find a seller in the uk for these pens.


02-03-2007, 08:03 AM
Phil, it would have to be an experiment. I have used acrylic inks with great success but to use acrylic paints you will have to play a bit.

You might consider a liquid acrylic, with a flow enhancer and retarder to keep it wet and viable and thin. Which brand? Having not tried it at all with paint, I don't know. As stated earlier, I have used acrylic inks not paints.

Charlie's Mum
02-03-2007, 04:35 PM
Phil - are you a member of SAA? .... www.saa.co.uk

or Jackson's or other suppliers here in the UK.... they sound very much like the refillable brushpens you an buy for w/c.

Haven't checked Howard's link yet, so maybe I'm on the wrong track :D

02-03-2007, 05:40 PM
Hi Howard sorry yeah I meant to say in that last post,the brand of acrylic ink you used.

Hi Maureen, no I'm not a member or SAA. are you, is it worth it? a question if you are. could you send a link to the refillable pen, I can't seem to see them on saa.

thanks again.

Rose Queen
02-03-2007, 05:43 PM
I'm not absolutely sure that these are acrylic paint, but Sharpie makes a line called "Poster Paint Pens."

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02-03-2007, 06:02 PM
Hi Howard sorry yeah I meant to say in that last post,the brand of acrylic ink you used.
thanks again.

I have used FW acrylic inks, there are also Matisse which work very well . I got a few out this morning and filled them with ink.

I would suggest that after you fill them that you let them sit so the material is absorbed properly. Don't fill up full but instead just enough to keep the inside moist. To much and it blurts out everwhere.

Finishing with acrylic medium may also prove a bit of a challenge. Seems that you may need to spray the surface with medium rather than brush and disturb the inks.

You may need to do some experiments here and ther euntil you get it right.

Charlie's Mum
02-03-2007, 06:49 PM
Phil - The SAA is worth it for me - everything is cheaper by about 10% and p&p are free....they're friendly when ordering and usually quick to supply.

Can't find the pens there - checked the catalogue but ...
Ken Bromley .. www.artsupplies.co.uk have "Pentel Aqua Brushes ...in fine, medium and broad, refillable, multi-purpose brush which can be filled with water or coloured inks/ paints. Flexible nylon tip treated to absorb and hold the ink...." ... @ 3.25 each or set of 3 for 8.45.

the code is FRHF, FRHM. FRHB ......... worth taking a look?

I use FW inks and also Magic Color.

There are also Rapidograph pens, but I'm not sure if they're all cartridge fill now ....my old one I used to refill from a bottle.

In the SAA catalogue, I've just found a Pentel Water Brush @ 3.80 each size ... it looks similar to the one in the Bromley catalogue .... the cat. no. is PWBF, (or M or B for the med and broad tip).
You'll find it here (https://www.saa.co.uk/shop/search.aspx?searchstring=PWBM)

Donna A
02-04-2007, 04:10 AM
Art Spectrum has a wonderful series of acrylic inks, too and I love mine. I know other AS products are available in England, so hopefully, you can find them pretty easily.

Black Sharpie markers are not utterly colorfast (well, unless you get it on to your favorite piece of clothing!!!) But they will hold their blackness a good while. I don't know how long the colored Sharpies will keep their full color, but do not assume they have a fine-art quality of lightfastness. I think the fine-arts acrylic inks would be your best choice, using the fillable felt-tipped pens. If you were to use the Sharpies, I would want to do a many-months-long lightfast test in a very sunny south window first. Best wishes! Donna ;-}

04-01-2007, 08:07 PM
http://www.artprimo.com/. Click through supplies and you will find paint markers. I am going to use them for the piece I am working on. I will be using spray paint, acrylics and paint markers on a 15'X6' canvas.
I had to do some searching around and learn a little about graffiti art, but I learned alot about other media.