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02-01-2007, 07:54 PM
This year, let's paint the same image.
I use the word paint loosely however,
this year, use any media of your choice.


Paddy's Valentine

John George Brown

Artwork at the Athenaeum

John George Brown (November 11, 1831 - February 8, 1913), American painter, was born in Durham, England, on 11 November 1831. He studied at Newcastle-on-Tyne, in the Edinburgh Academy, and after moving to New York City in 1853, at the schools of the National Academy of Design, of which he afterwards became a member.

In 1866 he became one of the charter members of the Water-Color Society, of which he was president from 1887 to 1904. He generally confined himself to representations of street child life, bootblacks, newsboys, etc.; his Passing Show (Paris, Salon, 1877) and Street Boys at Play (Paris Exhibition, 1900) are good examples of his popular talent.from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_George_Brown

We look forward to seeing your Paddy's Valentine.

Sincerely Nickel

02-01-2007, 08:18 PM
Thats right..it is nearing that holiday:heart: ..good pic too!!! think i will try him in some derwent c/ps!!! tyree

02-01-2007, 08:42 PM
Hi Susan :)
Can't wait to see your little guy!
I think he is soooooooooo adorable!

02-01-2007, 08:48 PM
okay, I'll go for it:)

02-01-2007, 09:11 PM
Hi ya Azulparsnip!

02-06-2007, 10:55 PM
Im going to get started on this cute little guy...has anyone else started it yet???? tyree:wave:

02-07-2007, 12:29 PM
Nickel, what a beautiful image. Don't think I will try this one though. At my pace (somewhat slower than a snail I think-somedays slower than a dead snail - at least some bird will pick it up and move it) I would probably be nearing completion by next Valentine's.

And, I am lucky enough to have my own personal Valentine to work on. I'm working on 3 (?!) portraits of my eldest son. This was supposed to be a Christmas present - but, I'm really just going on them now (I was waiting to take better pictures, and he was out of town until mid January). It was also supposed to be 1 portrait, but....I so missed him, and so liked all of the pictures, I couldn't narrow it down to less than 3!

Anyway....to try and shorten this too long story, his birthday happens to be Valentine's day. So, they will have to be a birthday present now.

Hope you don't mind...I'm going to post the wips here....everyone around me is so so sooo tired of looking at my paintings! I think I'm about halfway done. They are 6" x 6" oil on birch panel. Made them small because he plans on doing a fair bit of travelling - this way he can carry them with him.

The first two are coming along well....the third???? It's fixable, but has been a ridiculous struggle!




Yikes....this one is just too weird still... and...did he have to show teeth in every picture?????!!!!!

02-07-2007, 09:53 PM
How nice Laurie! Wonderful fun and loving paintings!!!
Really nice!
Thanks for sharing them because I wanted to see them
after reading about them before.

02-07-2007, 10:00 PM

Not that I really want to show this, ugh :p

I got this far, took a pic, but when I looked at it on my easel,
I just didn't like the way it was going.
Wiped if off ...all off ...back down to the canvas ground
with a rag and turpentine. Will get back to it this

02-08-2007, 10:08 AM
What a brave move Nickel! I've never had the nerve to do that, I stubbornly plunge through until I have a very messy painting that goes in the rubbish bin. Hope the next try feels good right off the bat.

02-11-2007, 10:37 PM
Ah here is this year Valentine thread!!! :)

Nickel you pick such sweet images! This is a lovely painting for Valentine. Wish I had the time to participated in it this year! But I am subscribing to the thread so I can check it out on everyones progress.

Those are wonderful portraits Larie! What a sweet boy you have! :)

02-11-2007, 11:54 PM
lan...what a beautiful portrait study!!! so well done...nickel...a wonderful start on the valentine..great colours...hi rose!!!! tyree:heart:

02-12-2007, 10:59 AM
What a brave move Nickel! I've never had the nerve to do that, I stubbornly plunge through until I have a very messy painting that goes in the rubbish bin. Hope the next try feels good right off the bat.

Lol, thanks Laurie, it's just paint :p
I started again, I had him too squished, so he's looking better, but
I am not much of a realist........at least in the sense that
everything is tight and perfectly in place. I'll buy the real aspect
of life around 1850 as Brown was thought to see it:

"Brown could depict these children as "perfectly happy" largely because most people believed that personal failings, not economic forces, caused poverty. Brown's audience wanted to see his bootblacks as independent, resourceful young entrepreneurs. His partially-but not wholly idealized vision reassured a middle class, fearful that street children symbolized a decaying society.

02-12-2007, 11:16 AM
Hi Rose, this artist should have some interest for you because of your painting from last year of the street child. I just thought of that. ;)

Hi Susan, I started over the painting. :angel:

Here is an interesting piece written about Brown


02-12-2007, 07:07 PM
The pose and his face is really interesting but what caught my heart was the paper with the cupid in his hand. Loved the love message in this painting. Really cute!

02-12-2007, 09:36 PM
I have mine drawn and some work on the background. I hope to get alot done on it tommorrow. :rolleyes:

02-13-2007, 10:12 PM
http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/13-Feb-2007/65063-valentine_2.jpg :heart: happy valentines day!!! :heart: tyree

02-13-2007, 10:42 PM
Oh! how sweet Susan!

I love it!

02-13-2007, 10:44 PM

:heart: happy valentine to you :heart:

02-13-2007, 11:17 PM
nickel...that is absolutley beautiful....!!! tyree:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

02-14-2007, 08:02 AM
Not really being a figures' painter and not at all content with the boy's expression I nevertheless show my version. :cool:

Pastel and watercolour

02-14-2007, 08:45 AM
friesin...hes very cute!!! thanks for joining in with us!!! terrific colours!! tyree:heart:

02-14-2007, 10:18 AM
Happy Valentines ya'll

02-14-2007, 10:24 AM
Tyree - good values there

Nickel - ohhh so painterly, I like all of it alot especially the background texture and the detailing on the cupid, the tear on the sleeve and the droopy sock....and it really looks like he is leaning on the wall...

Friesin - that guy really looks excited about his valentine, I like the legs and shoes too

02-14-2007, 11:51 AM
Hi Friesin, welcome!
Thanks for joining us with your valentine!

Hi Azulparsnip, happy valentine!
Your sweet boy looks happy!

Great work everyone!
Thanks for your comments.

This was a fun piece. I learned a little
about how Brown worked. His time
and his way of thinking.

He liked to do watercolours of his oil paintings.

He kind of reminded sort of Norman Rockwell.
Anyway, it's nice to see love from a painting.

Have a great day


02-14-2007, 12:19 PM
azul...very sweet..the colouring in his face and style remind me of a van gogh..!! tyree:heart:

02-14-2007, 12:28 PM

I like the vibrant colours you chose !!

02-14-2007, 02:04 PM

I have been lurking at this forum for awhile and you guys seem to have such fun, I would like to join in. I couldn't resist drawing this picture. Here is the sketch I did last night. The legs and boots definitely need more work, but I had to stop here. Thanks for looking. All of the drawings and paintings so far look great!



02-14-2007, 02:26 PM
Hi Anne, thank you for joining us!
What a lovely drawing!

Happy Valentine to you!


02-14-2007, 03:29 PM
hi anne!!!!!! so glad you found us...and your drawing turned out so well too!!! great work....tyree:heart:

02-14-2007, 11:06 PM
Hi Nickel,
like your little valintine I'm sure he will turn out great...

The Mermaid.

02-15-2007, 05:54 AM
he looks sooooo content, your little boy !!!

02-15-2007, 10:55 AM
Nice to see everyone's version of that cute boy! Stopping by to say happy late Valentine day. I hope you all had a great one!



02-16-2007, 02:21 AM
Thanks for the welcome and the comments, Nickel, tyree and friesin!

tyree, I really love your drawing! It has own unique style stamped all over it. Great darks, as usual!

Nickel, That's really a beautiful painting.

friesin, I really like your rendition! Great colors.

Azul, beautiful drawing!


02-16-2007, 05:31 PM
well, though not really successful I nevertheless enjoyed that project very much !!!!

02-16-2007, 07:09 PM
Hey, we did have fun :D

Let's do something else together, want too?

Let me know, maybe something for St. Paddy's Day?

This was my first young child, looking at everyone's work is very interesting
and it really gives an insight into how this artist work at least on this
painting. I had a lot of trouble with Paddy's leg, his right. I will most
likely go back and work on that some time. I see now, it's fault might
really be in the original. It looks a little like it's not grounded or maybe
not a real leg. ???? I think Anne, you got that leg the best.

Maybe we could work on a painting using the same color palette.
That would be interesting. I've never seen that done, but that means
nothing, most likely has already been done somewhere on Wetcanvas. :)

I'm glad everybody had a good time. Nickel

02-16-2007, 07:13 PM
Rose and Mermaid, hope you can join us soon on a project :)

That would be great!

Thanks for your support!


02-17-2007, 11:37 AM
Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day!

Nickel - your 2nd try worked out very well. I really like the loose brushstrokes around the edges. Your courage (in my eyes anyway!) payed off with a beautiful painting.

Tyree - you little fellow has such a sweet expression. The fuzzy edges in your drawing work nicely.

Friesin - I think your fellow is taking this Valentine very seriously! The watercolour background reflects the colours in his drawing beautifully.

Azulparsnip - I like your little guy. There is almost something sweetly Leprechaunish about him - you have a step up on the St Paddy's day project.

Anne - what a lovely drawing - I wouldn't be too fussy about his feet and legs - his far leg has a very believable sense of depth.

Imagine how pleased Brown would be, seeing his little boy come to life again!

I'm still plugging away at my portraits of Mike. They are coming...but soooo slowly - just like my January challenge...:lol:

02-17-2007, 11:35 PM
Thanks Laurie!
I'm looking forward to seeing your sweet Valentine Mike! :)


02-18-2007, 09:49 AM
took a lot of arm twisting! Here is the 2nd portrait again - almost there - just need to tidy up his teeth and lighten up his hair - which is a very dark blond, not the almost black as it looks like here, and even his skin tones...and and and...:)

The scan turned things a bit more purple than they are irl. He looks cold here!

02-18-2007, 12:05 PM
Lol, Laurie, glad the arm twisting worked!
He is beautiful and I love the sparkle you
caught in his eyes and smile.
A very lovely painting indeed!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Valentine Mike! :)
Thanks for sharing him.


02-18-2007, 01:23 PM
Thank you Nickel. This one is coming along best, and I am really very happy with it. The other two are moving a bit slower! If I paint him again - I will definitely make sure he is freshly shaved...those bits of bristle confuse me terribly!

02-19-2007, 01:19 PM
Anne, you had a couple really nice drawings with a pig and one with a rhino (kinda piggish animal) on your blog.

02-19-2007, 01:23 PM
Laurie - that is a great portrait - you have captured the gestalt of a young male - his eyes are good

02-19-2007, 04:49 PM
lan...what a good lookin' young man...and youve done beautiful work portraying his character...tyree:wave:

02-19-2007, 05:23 PM
Thank you Azul and Tyree. (I had to look up gestalt - what a great word - very honouring to receive it in response to a portrait!) I'm working on #3 now...it is not being very agreeable yet.