View Full Version : Can You Get Into A Masters Program With A Bachelors In A Different Field?

01-28-2007, 11:24 AM
Basically I asked the same question in another thread but got no responce. I want to know if its possible to be accepted into a MFA program if your Bachelors is in a different field like business or economics Etc ? Thgats the case with me, although I have an Associates in fine Art

02-05-2007, 01:20 PM
I have a BA in graphic arts and pursued a MBA. The program was designed for those who have an undergraduate degree in a subject other than business. Before I qualified for the masters program, I had to take about thirty-three hours of foundation courses. The courses included subjects such as accounting, management, etc. After that, I had to take a test to qualify for graduate school. (I don't recall the name of the test, but it was similiar to the SATs but on a higher level of knowledge.) I think all graduate schools require passing a test to qualify for admittance.

Later, I took a program for teacher certification designed for those with an undergraduate degree other than in education. There too I had to take a number of undergraduate courses in education before I qualified to take a test that you had to pass for certification.

I think most colleges/universities have programs/degrees designed for those who don't have an undergraduate degree in the area they want to pursue. Also, those programs are usually designed with the thought in mind that the students are usually those who have jobs during the day. The courses are usually offered at night or on weekends.

It took me about two years to get teacher certification. This particular university was an hour and a half drive from my home. The great thing was that just about all my courses were online. That, by the way is the trend in colleges...online courses even for the students on campus. I went to the university for the first night introduction and then for the final exam. There was one semester where I had to attend classes on campus because I had to teach at actual high school under supervision.

Today, most colleges/universities are most accomodating. They recognize the special situations of post-graduate students. Also, one their long-term goal is to have mostly online classes which realizes great savings in buildings, teachers, etc.