View Full Version : Finally Nikon 70-300mm VR is Home after customs shake down

01-25-2007, 10:35 PM
My 70-300mm VR Finally arrived today... YAY! It was held up in customs where they did the old "shake down" routine for another nearly $200 bucks before they let the couriers bring it to me.

I don't mind having to pay the extra dosh, just wish they hadn't sat on it for almost a whole week just to get me to pay their calculated ransom why does it take so long for them to make their demands?

Anyways the weather has been atrocious lately and this is supposed to be summer. I'll spend the next day or so trying it out and hopefully post some shots and opinions soon.

I'll start by reading the manual,, he he... I got the battery grip as well. With the D80, grip two battery packs it's quite a bulky camera more like it's big brothers now, and the extra weight helps offset a pretty hefty lens. I'll need a bigger camera bag now too.

Initial observations, is quite good build quality, solid feel fat zoom & focus rings, smooth but snug feel through zoom range. It is a bit noisy (sound wise) will take some getting used to that. Took a few inside shots, and it has great colour can be quite sharp but in low light I will need to experiment a bit with the settings,,, managed to get a few keeper photo's but will spare you till I get better ones... More later.

01-25-2007, 11:47 PM
Congrats on the Final Arrival Te-Wheke!
("calculated ransom" LOL LOL)
Let us know how it goes and post some samples!
You're going to love the grip. My son has one for his D200 and leaves it on all the time.
Battery flexiblity with the grip is nice.
Good going...let 'er rip!

01-26-2007, 12:01 AM
Yay!! :clap: (but booooo to the ransom :rolleyes: ) I hope you give that thing a good workout and, of course, let us see the results.