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01-08-2005, 03:29 AM
Participant Guidelines

Here is where you can have fun and experiment…push those boundaries…play outside the box…try something new! Or not! Your choice! Following these guidelines will help insure a more pleasurable experience for all of us!

• When the images are posted by the host at the announced time, you will have 30 minutes to choose your photo and whatever medium you like and then 2 hours to do your thing.
• At that time stop and take a picture or scan your image and then post what you have done in your own thread with WDE and the date (e.g. 01/01/05 or Jan.1/05) and your title.
• Please be sure to resize your images before posting them! Scan or reduce them to 72 dpi, keeping the pixel size to 600 high X 500 wide or less and under 100kbs. There is no difference in viewing quality between 72dpi and 300dpi… most monitors can't display any higher resolution, but it does make the images load much faster for the viewer, especially those on dial-up. To load your images you can use either the Manage Attachments feature or the Image Up Loader. Here is a link on how to use these features.Uploading Images (http://www.wetcanvas.com/Articles2/44487/496/)
• Be sure to tell us the medium, size and support you used and any additional information you’d like to share, such as why you chose that image.
• Not finished? No problem! You can add WIP (work in progress) to your title…take as much time as you need and then post the finished piece in the same thread.
• If you are planning on doing more than one of the images, then add MI (multiple images) to your title and then post each new one in the same thread or wait until you have completed all of them and then post in one thread or wait until at least Monday before starting a new thread with additional images. WIP and MI will indicate to the viewers to check back for up dates.
• Be sure to view and comment on peoples work…we understand that it’s not always possible to comment on everyone’s work…just do the best you can. We all like feedback, don’t we?
• Critiquing is not allowed, unless the poster requests it.
• PLEASE keep all your thank yous in one post each time you log in.
• PLEASE refrain from using the quote button on a post with the image in it. There is no need for the image to be posted again…it clogs up the thread, making it take longer to open. It’s much easier to use the reply button and if you want to quote someone, copy and paste from their message below the reply box.
• All images are considered as if from the Reference Image Library (copyright free) unless the host states otherwise.

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