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K Taylor-Green
11-13-2006, 03:34 PM
Ooops, it's afternoon! I'm running behind! Welcome to the Scumble, our weekly chat thread where we share events in our daily lives.

Well, harvest is finally over. The wet Fall we have had has put us behind, but all is finished, now. Jess really puts in some late hours this time of year, takes vacation days from his regular job, and for a few days, remodeling has been on hold.
That gave me a chance to work on a new painting, which is almost finished.
I'll show it when I get a chance. It's a horse, of course, actually my own horse. He used to belong to my sister, Jo. We bought him from her 7 years ago. She has occassionally made the comment that she wished she had kept him, so this will be her Christmas gift. :heart: She will be soooo surprised!

11-13-2006, 06:04 PM
Nobody who knows him (even his mother) would believe it but I have started my husband PAINTING.... right now in acrylic....but we will see.....

Kids and I have colds from a cold front that blew through here- must have gotten to 40 degrees, now back in the '80's thank heavens.

I am still on a watercolor binge, but missing the pastels- doing a few doggy sketches here and there (not of dogs, DOGGY).....

hope everyone has a great week!

Mary Brigid
11-13-2006, 06:46 PM
Kate : Will look forward to seeing your painting. I am sure your sister will be thrilled.

Linda: All in my house have had colds also. All I hear is cough cough, sniff sniff :eek:
I had a wonderful day last Saturday. I went to Dublin to a pastel demonstration. It was held in the gallery over my fav art shop. And yes I did spend spend spend. It is so tempting when standing in front of those shelves laden with all those yummy soft pastels. I spent today sorting them.... I must tell Father Christmas I need more boxes for my pastels. :lol:
Hope everyone has a good week
Mary Brigid :wave:

11-13-2006, 07:34 PM
Now dont faint........ yes its me..... in the scumble lol ....... must be about a year since Ive been in here :) - Just off to bed and thought Id pop my head in here to see what you guys are up to ......... Kate, cant wait to see your latest painting, and Im sure your sister is going to be thrilled to bits....

Loads of coughs and colds etc going around in the office at work - some have been hit really bad........ luckily Ive managed to avoid them all ..... Hope you all get better Linda........ Zinc, is brilliant for colds.......

Mary, lucky you....... all those pastels........ your Christmas has come early lol ....

Got a couple of days off work to paint...... started one this afternoon, and its going quite well...... (touch wood and so far lol) - hope to continue tomorrow ...... bought some frames and mounts/mats over the weekend - so Im starting to get ready for the exhibition in Jan... feel really sick ha ha ha ..... its really not my thing.......... Have received a commission tonight, of a beautiful Collie..... never seen one so big and fluffy :) .....

With the clock going back and so really dark nights, do I dare say it....... but am feeling rather Christmassie already ..... my kitchen looks as if Ive raided the post office, so many parcels already... determined Im going to be all set EARLY for once.....

Ok, am off to bed....... Night all......... have a great week ........ see you in the threads

11-13-2006, 09:39 PM
a busy week for me (geesh, i think i start all my scumble posts that way!) i had a reception at the gallery and that went well. now i'm getting ready to do a small show in my small town in a few weeks, nothing big but i kept getting ppl asking when i am going to 'do something' again? well, i best not let my public down! haha!

its deer season here, and i'm already sick of it! sick of packaging, sick of cooking, sick of cleaning up after it!!

i'm trying to find some very sturdy shelving for my studio--thought i did but when they got all put together, they wobble something fierce! grrr! so i think they will go back, i'll shell out some bigger bucks and get something more suitable. i may check some used office places too, maybe i can find something that way.

we've dodged the colds but my oldest daughter, cheyenne, has a terrible ear/sinus/throat infection. poor kid! started on meds today.

i think by tomorrow afternoon, my website will be linked to my domain name. i called the domain host and they were super!! domainsrightnow.com. the kid took my info., did it for me, then said by tomorrow i'm good to go!! kate said so much in her post in my 'new website' thread, if i could only understand how to do all that!! i may have to find a class....ugh, not my thing, but i better *make* it my thing, huh?!!

i'm tired and starting (starting?!) to ramble. have a great week all....keep dusty!

Deborah Secor
11-13-2006, 11:26 PM
Harvest...colds...Christmas shopping....shows...deer season...Yep. Must be fall!

My mom took my son and I to see The Phantom of the Opera on stage yesterday. It's the second time for me, and it never disappoints. What a crazy, overblown, fun show.... :D I still have Music of the Night going through my head.

We're still in the throes of trying to sell stuff. Man! I can't believe we started this in July and STILL have too much. I have two of my collection of perfume bottles on e-bay for very reasonable prices and they have bids, happily. I sold my china set to Replacements and wait to see what they will actually pay for it. They hold ALL the cards... We're selling books like crazy and have another flea market pile begun. My husband told me I need to sort the furniture out so we can get things listed in the paper. I'll be so glad when we're down to the essentials only!! I have no idea where I'll be painting when/if we sell this house, though... Oh well, even that will come.

Dawn--hope the show turns out to be a smash hit!

Everyone take care of the colds...lots of pneumonia going around these parts.


11-16-2006, 12:36 AM
Christmas is just coming up far too quickly. I have a box of cards and that is about it, I guess it is time I sat down and actually wrote them. I got a few Presents early but still have my parents to think of, they get harder every year. We are both off Roster this year so we will actually be able to spend Christmas together for a change, might get a small turkey and a small ham and just go traditional. Mind you with onlt two of us we will be eating turkey and ham for an aweful long time. Seeing as we are not working this year I might even put up a tree as well.

A couple of days ago I planted out Petunia seedlings in all my pots along side of my pool. Today so far I have spent all morning scrubbing the sidewalls and bottom of the pool and getting it freshened up for summer.It is a salt water pool so it basically looks after itself for most of the time, it's just that during winter I tend to let it go as far as vacuuming it regularly so now is the time to do all that, give it couple of days and it will be sparkling and ready for swimming, mind you don't know about the water temp though.

Deborah,I don't envy you having to down size to just the essentials, I'm sure there are quite a few things amongst my stuff I could be selling on that I either don't use or need any more. It could go on art supplies I guess. When do you plan on moving? Will you miss your garden? I just love gardening and sitting out in it I don't know what I'd do without mine.

Chris, what happens during deer season that you have all that packing and cooking to get done? With your shelving, once you have something sturdier, you may find it a good idea (if it is possible) to secure it to the wall they are up against, that way they are at no risk whatsoever of falling over on you when you are trying to reach up for something.

All you guys with coughs and colds, hope you all get well soon, make sure you keep them all over your side of the world mind, I've hadmy fair share of pneumonia a few weeks back.

Linda, good on you getting hubby into the painting, Monty takes an interest in mine, and infact in all my hobbies too but can't imagine him actually having a go at it. Mind you he is pretty handy throughout the house and garden having made most of our furniture and building all our structures outside after having designed them on the computer. I generally try to describe to him what it is I want and he builds or makes it. At the beginning of the year he designed and built a wood fired oven (in an earlier scumble) and we use it quite often, cooks wonderful food.

Was chatting to a friend yesterday on MSN and here we were sitting in airconditioning in Western Australia and there she was in the East, NSW with the fire on and it was snowing outside!!!!!!

Well everyone, take it easy, don't go rushing around too much in preparation for Christmas or you won't be able to enjoy it.

Take Care

K Taylor-Green
11-16-2006, 11:49 AM
Ahhh, swimming in Winter.....in an outdoor pool. Obviously, I live in the wrong place.:rolleyes:

Dawn:eek: Good to see you! Now, you know your exhibit is going to be a smash. Just nerves.....take a deep breath. It'll be fine.:thumbsup:

Chris, I take it you are the home base for the deer hunting crowd.....or does your hubby run a guide service? The husband of a friend of mine goes out your way every year for Elk or Buffalo. They go in on horseback and hunt. Sounds like a lot of work for the guides!

Well, hi Linda! You have been as scarce as Dawn!

I took puppy pictures, just haven't had time to download and edit! They are soooo cute, and twice the size they were the day they were born, two weeks ago Sat. The grandkids are having a ball, especially Anna, who just turned three. She always wants to see and hold the "baby ones." Ethan, who is almost 5 has turned a bit cautious, as Whitney always barks when we enter the kennel. He is a bit afraid, I think. Growing up.
I am beginning to grow webs between my toes!! Water, water everywhere! And the ground was still saturated from the last bout of rain, so I have a lake in my front field. The Labs love it.:rolleyes:

11-16-2006, 05:39 PM

Listen to this :


Kind regards,


11-16-2006, 10:24 PM
Ugh! It's official - the "cold" I've been fighting for the last two weeks is bronchitis. How I managed to get this old and never had it before is beyond me, but this is the first time and I didn't recognize the symptoms. I've taught 6 classes in those two weeks, wheezing and trying not to cough - and then all but loosing my voice several times. The only reason I went to the nurse practioner today was because I'm tired of people telling me I have broncitis - I dodn't other wise feel sick most of the time, just very tired! Now I have "official word" - she even offered to write a prescription for my husband to read :evil: - to not do any heavy house work until I can breath more easily. Yah sure, and with Thanksgiving coming up and dinner at our house that's going to work!!! :lol: At least everyone helps cook and clean up after the meal. It really is our favorite holiday of the year because it has total family involvement from the night before when the men prepare the 4 - 5 pounds of chestnuts for roasting and peeling (a family recipe for dressing) to cleaning up after dinner. Quite frankly if it were up to me to do the chestnuts, they wouldn't get done!
I finished teaching two pastel classes for the year this week, and was happy to see the class evaluation reports had "excellent" in all catagories that related to my teaching. The art center does this for all the classes they sponsor, and they share the results with the instructors. The students don't sign the reports so they can do this knowing it is confidential in that regard. Most of the students were very new to pastel, and didn't have enough variety of pastels in color, value or degrees of hard/softness, and on the last day were asking what they should do to add to their supplies. That's a pretty hard question to answer with so many different sets, partial sets, and preferrences so I offered to lead a caravan to Mt Vernon and Dakota Pastel on Dec 7. They were so excited that everyone who has an email address gave it to me. When I got home I called Craig Lemley at Dakota, and he has graciously offered a 10% class discount for anyone that's there that day. I just know they'll be like kids in a candy shop!


11-16-2006, 10:43 PM
Kate, I don't think I would be too keen on swimming in an outdoor pool in winter these days either, mind you when I was youngr it wasn't totally unheard of. Remember we are just heading into a very hot dry summer over here, that is why I am busy getting the pool ready. Mind you on some of our very hot days I wouldn't mind coming and joining some of you in the cold, thank heavens we have an excellent reverse cycle air-conditioner.

Peggy, would love to be coming on your trip to Dakota Pastels, I would be just like a big jid, unfortunately Australia is a little too far away and would make for a rather expensive shopping holiday.!!!:evil:

Take Care everyone, what day do you celebrate Thanksgiving?
Hope you all enjoy it and have a winderful time with your families.


11-17-2006, 02:22 PM
CJ, you and any other WC member would be very welcome on the Dakota Pastel "field trip". For that matter, if ever anyone travels to the Seattle area and would like an escort to Mt Vernon where they are, I'd be glad to give you a ride.

btw: American Thanksgiving is held on the fourth Thursday of November every year. That will make it Nov 23 this year.


11-17-2006, 09:02 PM

My thoughts will be with everyone on the 23rd as you all cellebrate Thanksgiving as myself and my Husband will be going out to my work Christmas dinner on the very same day, so will toast you on the day.:)

As I say Australia is a bit too far away to be able to come and join you on your field trip to Dakota Pastel, but I must say, I was most impressed with their service a few weeks ago when I ordered 4 SP sample sets and their paper sample set, I ordered it on the 10th Oct, the aknowledged immeadiately, notified me of shipping on the 13th and it arrived on my doorstep on the 17th. How is that for excellent service. With all that distance travelled too only a very small chip off one pastel, I was amazed. Would certainly deal with them again. When you are there, even though I have already thanked them in an e-mail, please would you pass my thanks on to them in person for me.:thumbsup:

CJ (Carolynn Montgomery)

11-18-2006, 11:25 AM
Guess what I did today.......... go on........ well lol ... you wont be able to... lol...
But I had gone to the Town, thought Id best check out the Exhibition area in the Town Library...... quite impressive actually - its actually closing next week until my brought forward date of the 19th December for a refurbishment...... I suppose I could kid myself its purely for me ha ha ha ..... they have 8 towers about 10 feet high, 3 sides to each tower, so as like a triangluar shape..... each side has hanging rods (the lady had told me this, so hadnt a clue what she was talking about, so thought best check it out) ... each rod has a sliding hook on it to hang picture from, each wall side holds 2 pictures - so in total could hang 48 pictures!!!........ anyway, this is not what I was going to tell you lol......... but what I did...... was to ......
Stroke a Reindeer :wave: - ohhhh so lovely and furry ....... they had a Farmers Market in the Town square, and in a small pen had two Reindeer - huge big brown eyes ........ lovely

Dot Hoffman
11-19-2006, 03:16 PM
I finally (!!) finished the October sunset, and entered it in a local show, and it won a 3rd place award!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

I haven't downloaded it yet from the camera, so I don't have a copy to include here, but hope to get it up on my website this week.

Thanks for the inspiration!!!