View Full Version : In need of a studio/loft and school....please help

11-08-2006, 01:27 PM
Hi im not sure if im in the right place, but i have a ? I was wondering if anyone knows of any cheap studios or lofts in the orange county, ny area or the area around it ill move if i have to. Im looking for some type of live/work place or maybe some kind of free studio/ loft space program or if any one has any info on any other programs like this please help. Nothing big or fancy, dirty and small is fine with me. I just need some where to work and sleep a couple hours between my two jobs. Also and im sorry im asking so much but I was wondering if anyone knew of any grants or programs to help artists go to school. Money is very tight like i said im working almost around the clock to survive now as it is so i cant pay for school.Thank you in advance for your energy and any help or info.

11-13-2006, 11:07 AM
This may sound odd, but maybe a storage locker??

Ok I say this because right now I'm doing all my oil paintings and my large drawings out of one. LOL. Basically all the smelly, messy stuff...

There's a storage place here that rents out all of their lockers that have power to artists and musicians. It is a little dingy, cold, but perfect to make messes, is cheap, the power is included with the rent, and others are doing it too!

Anyway, just a random option throwing out there.