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K Taylor-Green
11-06-2006, 11:12 AM
What a glorious morning it is! Sun is shining and supposed to be upper 50's today.:clap:
Welcome to this week's Scumble, our weekly chat thread where we share our everyday lives.

I haven't been in much due to the remodeling project we started, and things are going to get worse before they get better! But we are slogging away, and we make a bit of progress each day. Course, Jess and I are the entire work team, and his real job consists of long hours. So that leaves me to take up the slack.:eek:

But I do have a bit of news. We have puppies!! Seven pure bred Lab puppies, which will be ready to go by Christmas. They are just little loves, in every color that Labs come in. Can't wait for them to get big enough to play!
Well, back to the salt mines!

11-06-2006, 11:57 AM
Kate, Congratulations on the puppies, how many and of what sexes?

Talking of puppies, I took Tanzie to the vets for her needles on Friday, after the vet had finished checking her over her put some treats on the table to distract her from her needle, she didn't even flinch, however when needle number two was ready (her yearly Heartworm one) he did the same thing. Well you would have laughed, she looked at the treats then at him as if to say " You've got to be joking " and totally ignored the treats and when he gave her her second needle, yelped the surgery down. :lol: :lol:

Work is extremely busy again, lots of little prems enetering the world.

Will try to take some more pics of Tanzie now she is growing but she is almost too quick for the camera just lately.

The weather is really warming up now, today was 32C so it seems Summer is well and truly on its way now.

Take Care Everyone. Will see you everyday to see what you are all up to and join in where I can.


Deborah Secor
11-06-2006, 12:45 PM
Aw--there is NOTHING any cuter than Labbie babies. We want pictures, Kate.... :heart:

Summer sounds soooooo good to me, CJ! (um...figuring out celsius to fahrenheit....) I'd go for 32C (90F) right now. At the moment it's only 10C (50F) here, which means too warm to build a big fire but too cold not to have one. We heat entirely with wood. I'm just chilly. It may be time to go get that down sleeping bag out of the upstairs closet and use it here at the computer, where my legs are always cold.

I'm slaving at the computer today, then off to answer phones at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association tonight. Busy week!


11-06-2006, 01:09 PM
Kate: remodeling is always a big job, so I don't envy you at all! I hope it goes well. I would love to see photos of those puppies - I just love labs, and have even considered getting one myself.

CJ: I can just imagine that scene somehow...sounds like Tanzie is pretty smart! :lol:

Deborah: Its been in the 50s here too, and often even colder, and a lot of rain is forcast for much of this week. What happened to the summer??? I hope you have lots of wool socks!

I go to the neurologist and the cardiologist this week. When I first got out of the hospital after my TIA and finding out about the PFO, I was pretty scared, but over the last couple of weeks I started thinking I was over-reacting. Yesterday though, I started feeling just a little strange again (I had lifted something heavy and I'm not supposed to do that), so for probably the first time in my life I'm looking forward to going to the doctor. It will be much easier once I know more about what's going on and what the options are - I have to admit to being more worried than I've been letting on. The idea of having my activities so restricted is problematic, not to mention the risks...

There's a new cat in the neighborhood who has discovered that I leave food out for the feral cat, and is very quick in appear and gobble up what I leave out (at least the part the bluejay doesn't get :lol:). I'm trying to figure out a better way, in order to make sure the feral cat gets his food. (Every so often I hear that weird sound that cats make when they fight, so that's not a good sign!) There's already one other cat who is now afraid of me - I've chased him off so often - and that just feels strange, as animals and I generally get along well. This week may not be so bad for the feral cat, as I know he will always appear right when there is a break in the rain, so I can watch for him...

11-06-2006, 06:38 PM
Hi all,(posted this already but i think i may have missed you )

Well I am down two paintings.:mad: :mad: Destroyed by flooding in the gallery caused by the tennants next door a dental office. Waiting to hear from the agents who are getting a hard time from the guy who caused the trouble in the first place because he is a barbarian who wants to dry artwork with a blowdryer or cut off the wet parts.

11-06-2006, 08:26 PM
...Destroyed by flooding in the gallery caused by the tennants next door a dental office. Waiting to hear from the agents who are getting a hard time from the guy who caused the trouble in the first place because he is a barbarian who wants to dry artwork with a blowdryer or cut off the wet parts.

Oh nooooo! ...blowdryer??? for pastels??? :eek:

I sure hope the gallery or you have some sort of insurance, but I know that even if so, one's artwork is on a certain level irreplaceable. :crying: So sorry to hear of this...

Mary Brigid
11-07-2006, 06:28 AM
Hi Everyone,
I have not been around wc as I have been sick. But I am on the mend again. Have had a peep over in Soft Pastels and see that there is a vast amount of new wonderful work for me to see.
I will be here for ages looking at it. I always make a comment as I appreciate people showing there work so much. I learn such a lot from the great variety of pastel artists here.

Kate : Congrats to you on getting such lovely puppies. Be sure to post a pic of them.

CJ: I envy you your wonderful weather. Wish I waw there

Deborah : I have seen the post of your framed paintings they are glorious.

Annie : I hope you get on ok with the Doc and that you will be back to good health soon.

Michelle: I am so sorry that you lost your paintings. How devastating for you.

The weather here has got very cold and the leaves are falling off the trees very quickly.
Hope ye all have a very good week
Mary Brigid :wave:

11-07-2006, 02:03 PM
Michelle, that is awful! What a jerk he sounds like! I am so sorry you have lost your artwork!

Annie, I hope you get some good answers. You were probably not overreacting so much as just reacting...sometimes it takes a while for medical news to settle in...then we learn what we need to know and adjust accordingly. I hope things go well for you.

Mary, I'm glad you are well enough to be back with us.

Congrats on the puppies Kate. Yes, we definitely need pictures!

You sound busy, Deborah! And chilly...although I suppose it is all relative. Not sure I would want 90 degrees..but 70 would be nice. And some sun. Mostly some sun.

After a year on the market and at the point we were ready to take it off, it appears our house has finally sold! I can't quite believe it! As of now we have accepted an offer. WE have to get through the inspection and then hopefully will do the purchase and sale next week. Keep your fingers crossed that this big old house passes. We know there will be little things but don't really anticipate anything major...we have kept things well taken care of around here. But..I know you never know.
The game plan now is that my husband will get an apartment near work and I will basically move to our Maine house. He will do what he does in June...drive down on Monday mornings and come back on Thursday afternoon and work from home on Fridays. I am hoping that over time he will do more work from up there. But he doesn't plan to fully retire till 6 more years. It will still be good to be up there full time. All my art friends are up there and there is always stuff going on. Plus my daughter is up there and I will help out with after school care for our 11 years old grandson and with the new baby when he arrives. It should keep me busy. And I can drive down and stay at the apartment anytime I get lonely during the week. But..I have to say I am a bit nervous about it. Originally we were going to buy a condo a little further north but since it took so long to sell we don't want to bother..and frankly don't want to have to go through this again when we are ready to unload it.
So...I will be busy packing over the next few weeks. And waiting for the new baby. Daughter has been having some problems but so far aside from her being very uncomfortable, the baby seems to be fine. He is due January 11 but since she has gestational diabetes they say he may well come a little early.

Anyhow...it's always good to stop by and see how everyone is. Not sure I will be getting much painting done in the next few weeks but we'll see. I will check out what you all have been doing!


Mary Brigid
11-07-2006, 06:30 PM
What an adventure you are going on Sandy. It will be nice to be near your family and still have a bolt hole away :) Packing and moving can be very stressful so you take care of yourself. I am sure your daughter and her baby will do fine Sandy. Someone new coming into your lives after Christmas. A new year present :)