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10-09-2006, 01:11 AM
Hi im new here to this wc site I have been searching for a article/classroom demo on Glazing in Acrylics. Ive searched and havnt found anything(- except for oils).

In particular I would be be interested to know:
-general Glazing techniques
-do you wet the canvas then apply and wipe off paint to the desired transparency.
-do you use only transparent paint
-do you use a medium (not sure even if there is such a thing)
-when applying a glaze do you cover the entire canvas or just a area you wish to highlight.

If there is already a tutorial on this be great if someone could point me to a link.
Also i see there are classroom articles on acrylic topics the last appears to be in Feb 2006- are these just random or do they come out monthly and ive not found the latest. appreciate any help Craig

10-09-2006, 03:58 AM
:wave: Hi Vertigo..
Here are two great places where you can find info. on glazing technique. Mavarick gave two classes>> Part 1 and Part 2 on glazing techniques<<. Hope that helps you.



10-09-2006, 04:18 AM
Thx Chloe absolutely spot on what i need