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09-24-2006, 08:03 PM
Boy do I miss this place! It's been quite a while and glad to be back.

I want to extend the opportunity for any Animal Artists, paticularily those who have a keen interest in Parrots and Birds to pop over to a new developing Website that will host various Avian Artistic Shows in the near future.

The invite is for you to submit a link to your Art Business within our own Links and Downloads Directory. Our official Grand Opening is in October, so this gives you a chance to get your links in before that date arrives.

While there, you can not only create a link and information about your art and self, but you can also create an "About Me" webpage that will be attached to your link for our future members to view and get a feel for you, your art and your business.

There could be a great deal of interest in portraits and other custom art work that will start out with Birds, Parrots and Pets of coarse but could lead to other work for you in the future.

Here is the link to the forum.....


Here is the link directly to the Links area of the forum. You will see it on the Navbar when you get there too.