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09-24-2006, 03:15 PM
I received the IAPS convention registration via email, and noticed Shari did too. Me because I'm an IAPS board member, and Shari because she asked the exective director to send it asap so she could reserve her frequent flyer seat. I seriously doubt the director knew that Shari would be posting this info on Wet Canvas as she actually has 3 at the moment full time jobs and getting dozens of these requests all at once may be difficult for her to honor in a timely manner. Having said this, I know it will be on the IAPS website very soon as the webmistress is also very prompt once she has the information. I'll watch daily, and post it here as soon as I see it.

Yes, Richard McKinley is a demonstrator and one day workshop instructor this time as is Doug Dawson. Maggie Price is giving a two day plein air workshop, and Desmond O'Hagen a two day workshop on developing a painting from beginning to end. New this time are two master level classes (not suitable for beginners) with Judith Carducci (portrait) and Duane Wakeham (landscape).

Here's a list of the demonstators and lecturers:
Grand opening demonstration by Leslie B. DeMille free to all registered participants (he'll do a portrait of Urania Christy Tarbet).
Judith Carducci, Dough Dawson, Christine Debrosky, Lislie B. DeMille, M. Stephen Doherty, Anne Heavener, Bill Hosner, Colleen Howe, Sandy Jackoboice, Carloe Katchen, Jennifer King, Richard McKinley, Trisha Messenger, Desmond O'Hagen, Maggie Price, Kichael Skalka, Ann Templeton, Duane Wakeham, Luana Luconi Winner.

Registration fee is $95 for IAPS members and $110 nonmembers.
Workshops range from $150 - $300
Demos and lectures range from free (a couple lectures) to $65.
Banquet (optional) is $43 for beef, salmon or veggie - Flora B. Guffuni, founder & first president of PSA is the scheduled speaker for the banquet.
Hotel rooms at the Hyatt Regency are $105 per room for single, double, triple,or quad occupancy and this rate applies for up to 3 days before and after the convention.

Your registration fee gets you the following:
Welcome reception (cash bar) & buffet dinner (Thurs)
Early morning continental breakfast (the hotel will provide box lunches for sale that may be eaten in a lounge room set aside for this purpose).
Grand opening demonstration (Fri morning)
Admittance to the members only vendors fair on Friday evening where some special prices and offerings will be available (Sat & Sun the fair is open to nonregistered artists as well.)
IAPS collection pin
Souvenir program

All events have limited seating so once you see the program listed on the website, register as soon as possible to get your first choice of events. Although registration will be available at the convention, past experience has shown that selection is very limited.

For the first time, IAPS will take credit cards as payment.

If you have questions, you may pm me or ask them here as others may have a similar question.


09-24-2006, 06:39 PM
Thanks for the information. I'm curious: how many people to you expect to attend?

09-24-2006, 06:43 PM
Thanks for the information. I'm curious: how many people to you expect to attend?

Marie, I have no idea as it varies a lot from year to year. Since all the prices have gone up this time, that may figure into attendance. However, since everyone can now use a credit card to register that may help in the other direction.


09-24-2006, 06:47 PM
How many people attended last time?

09-24-2006, 07:36 PM
Peggy, thanks for posting this information. I am so sorry, I guess I jumped the gun a little; I get over-enthusiastic sometimes. I thought the reg. flyer would be posted this weekend. The demos and classes look great and I look forward to meeting some of our wetcanvas family.

09-25-2006, 12:41 AM
MarieMeyer How many people attended last time?

Good question Marie, but I don't have an answer because I've never bothered to ask. It just never seemed all that important to me I guess. I go to see friends and meet new friends.

ShariPeggy, thanks for posting this information. I am so sorry, I guess I jumped the gun a little; I get over-enthusiastic sometimes.

Don't worry about it Shari enthusiasm is understood and encouraged. :) I'm sure Rosemary the webmistress will have it posted asap. Her son Todd helps with some of it though, and he is a full time husband, dad and employee with a "regular" job so if there is a delay that would be the reason.