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09-19-2006, 08:40 AM
I just posted this on the Classical Art forum, but thought it'd be appropriate here as well.

There's a DVD out called "Breaking Eggs, Making Paint", available from the
Brandywine River Museum Shop (http://www.brandywinemuseumshop.org/catalog/index.cfm/CategoryID/EA2F69F8-C78C-4DBE-946AC695F8D25F8F) for about 26 dollars. I got it and its pretty good if you want to see the early Italian rennaissance method of making a painting in egg tempera with gilding.

The DVD mostly follows Hilton Brown as he makes his very own Simone Martini tempera and gold saint portrait. It begins with Poplar board selection for a panel (complete with a cameo by a bemused Home Depot lumber department clerk), and goes throught the panel preparation process, water guilding and embossing, and painting (complete with a cameo by a scene-stealing flock of chickens).

There's also been some good articles in the past year from two masters of contemporary spins on using Rennaissance techniques on ET painting, in "Artists Magazine" from Koo Schadler, and in "American Artist" from Fred Wessel, available online for now. (http://www.myamericanartist.com/2006/08/using_egg_tempe.html)