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03-22-2002, 12:06 PM
Last year, when eBay banned links to web sites on sales pages, visits to my web site dropped off dramatically, even though I had a link to my "ME" page and a link from there to my web site. A few months later, my ISP closed and years of promoting my web site was instantly lost (I didn't have a domain name). Since, I have purchased a domain name and reopened my web site with a new ISP. After several months, I decided to try eBay again and on the 20th, I listed a piece with a link to my "Me" page and a link from there to my web site. The new ISP provides me with statistics and graphs to monitor my web site. Here is one of those graphs. Look at the 20th and 21st........Hits to my web site increased dramatically on the 20th (right after the listing appeared) and a little less on the 21st. This makes sense since most hits to my auction listing occur on the first day and slack off from there until it nears the end and then it picks up again.

The average hits (green) for the month to date is 590...Hits on the 20th were 1297.....more than double.

It's still early, but it would seem that using links from eBay does increase hits on web sites. What this means is yet to be seen.


03-22-2002, 05:13 PM
I used to have a little trick to get around that rule. For each auction I only uploaded a small image with a "click here for larger view of painting" link. This is LEGAL by ebay rules! You can have a link to a page that has information about the item for auction, as long as that's the main purpose of the page linked to. So all my paintings had their own pop-up window with a large image, maybe some close-ups, dimensions, title, etc. At the top was a small text link to "return to main galleries" of my site. Or they could close the window or click back to eBay.

This kept my webpage hits up but as it didn't generate any sales from eBay buyers I stopped doing it - it was too much extra work.


03-22-2002, 05:22 PM
Interesting Jack, quite a difference. Looks like e-bay might more than double your traffic. Interestingly I have done a similar analysis of my web stats after doing allot of posting on the WC and the art critique boards. I have found that my website hits go up about 40% when I am active and drop back down if I am busy for a few days, or out of town. Of course most of them are fellow artists... not collectors.. but you never know.. I actuall sold a painting I posted for critique. and at least 1 other person bought my work after finding me on the D-art chat boards. Surprisingly another way a good chunk of visitors hit my site is through the Top 50 art boards... I sold a work and got into a group exhibition from people that found me on those. I still am not getting the hits I want.. I am topping out around 3200 hits a day from about 240 visitors. I am selling about 3 paintings a month on the average. I think when I get some time.... I'll float out some old sketches for sale on ebay just to see if anything happens to my webhits..

Roni Anderson
04-08-2002, 01:55 PM
Thanks for the graph Jack. It helps me put things in perspective. Been investigating selling on ebay for a bit, still not sure..