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09-07-2006, 07:22 PM

I have posted a version of this questions on the General Art business site, but thought I could get some particular help here.

I am looking for suggestions/ideas for how to creatively display samples of my work for an auction in which I have been invited to participate. The event is a fundraiser for the humane society, and what is being auctioned is a comissioned oil painting of the winner's pet(s). I thought there might be a way to capitalize on my being on Artspan, or to leverage Artspan capability to create a compelling display (see A MORE CREATIVE APPROACH, below).

It is a live auction, and here is what I did last year (the first time I participated): I had four actual samples of my work, representing different animals, and a framed write up of what the prize is (i.e., a comissioned work, materials and size options and a brief bio). This was all arranged on a dais type table throughout the cocktail-party event, at the end of which the live auction was held.

Since my item brought in a lot of money at last year's auction (I was amazed and thrilled!), I have been asked to donate such a commission again this year. I want to be thoughtful about how I present, and try to optimize the opportunity (e.g., provide brochure take-aways perhaps). I thought I would ask last year's winners if I could borrow the painting to display, given that it was the product of last year's event and some attendees will remember that...

I wondered if this year, in lieu of a large, relatively unwieldy arrangement of actual paintings, I could create a CD or DVD with images of my work - from or through Artspan? - and have a DVD player set up playing a loop of images of my Artspan site... or maybe an attractive album?

I would love to get the benefit of experience here... so will greatly appreciate your taking a few minutes to rattle off any ideas or suggestions (or DON'TS) you have.

Thanks in advance!!! (I have included an image of last year's commission here, fyi)...http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/07-Sep-2006/73273-HoganLuther.jpg
Luther and Hogan
Oil on linen 16" X 20"

03-26-2010, 09:53 AM
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