View Full Version : Vasse Primary $10000 Art Prize

08-21-2006, 09:12 PM
Hi All
Just thought I'd give everyone the heads-up on an art prize/competition here in the South West of Western Australia.
It's only been running for 2 years, and is still in its infancy, but is attracting some serious attention.
I can't give all the details as I really have nothing to do with it other than being an entrant but I have contact information for people if they want it.
Jane Holland: e-mail - [email protected]
From memory it is only about $20 AUD [could have gone up!] to enter and there were no distinct categories [oils/sculpture/wc - etc] last year and so the prize was split 3 ways. The judge last year was a big-wig from the WA Art Gallery - so they get judges with a bit of knowledge.
If you are interested, send Jane an e-mail.