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08-18-2006, 10:18 PM

I got a consulting gig at a hospital site in Boston that started this week. I went there during the last few days, and since the Dick Blick store was only about 2 blocks from the building I was working (which is also smack dab next to Fenway stadium - coolness!). I about fainted when I saw the gob of pastels they had! They had a complete stand with Unisons, and Diane Townsends, in addition to a healthy and well stocked supply of Senneliers, Schminckes, Nupastels, Rembrandts and a few other varieties. I don't know about anyone else in Kansas City, but I think the art stores around us are pretty lacking in the variety of pastels and the stock that are available. I know I've purchased a lot of pastels online, but it sure was refreshing to see the pastels up close and personal at this location. I couldn't resist getting a few Unisons I knew I didn't have until I could check my reference chart to get some more - yea! (In this picture, the Unisons are in the revolving stand at the end of aisle, and the Townsends are in the wooden cubbyhole box containers that are down on the right side.) Please excuse me while I wipe my drool. ;)

K Taylor-Green
08-18-2006, 10:58 PM
LOL And is your credit card limping around from all the damage? Cool photo, Paula. Everyone will enjoy this, wheather they "need" anything or not!

08-19-2006, 12:24 AM

I'm glad you're laughing - I try to be funny. My credit card didn't get too bruised, because I only got a few pastels since I also got 2 boxes of Sennelier 6 packs that were discounted to donate into a raffle for the MAPS group. I had to stow these babies away in my checked in bag, and thankfully, the liquids and hair gel in there didn't mix and combust! :)

Kathryn Wilson
08-19-2006, 12:46 AM
I need to send that photo to my local Jerry's Artarama store - they seem to be stocking less and less on their shelves - this IS enough to make me drool.

Susan Borgas
08-19-2006, 06:57 AM
Oh my gosh...sigh!!!! I don't think I will ever see a pastel selection like that.... sigh!!!........... sigh!!! :crying:

08-19-2006, 09:46 AM
Sorry, this can't be real. The aisles are wide, there are no boxes sitting on the floor for 14 months, and all the pastels appear to be in their correct place. :D Seriously, many art stores could take a big lesson from this photo. I would have left there with the credit card police looking for me. :cat:


08-19-2006, 12:19 PM
This is interesting because I went there once a couple of years ago and was really disappointed because they did not have much in the way of pastels. Obviously they have added a bit! Wow!


08-19-2006, 12:19 PM
WOW, I don't think we will ever see the likes of this here in Australia, certainly not in the West anyway. OH to dream !!!!!

08-19-2006, 01:49 PM

I noticed the info about the store adding more pastel selections in the last few years - I thought I'd add that I noticed a fine art high school really close by, and I think there are a lot of universities pretty close that are either fine arts exclusively or have robust programs. Maybe the popularity of pastels has really increased during this time enough to make the supply better at this location. Many stores could take a lesson from this one. I'm glad everyone is enjoying this photo, too!

08-19-2006, 02:07 PM
isn't that fun!! i went to a blick's in iowa city that was similar, tho i dont' think quite that good. wow, i just swear you could hear the angels singing, and there was this light above the pastel section, i swear its true!! its just amazing to touch them first, instead of ordering on a computer screen then opening a box many days later. that's a good idea to have a chart along tho., i just buy-buy-buy, hoping i'll get mostly new ones! nice pix, thanks for sharing, but ya know, in a way, its almost depressing!! *sigh*!! and the bargin bins you can go thru, oh dear, be still my heart!! hahah!