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08-14-2006, 04:09 PM
Woo hoo! I've bemoaned here before that there was no local pastel society in my area, and I was bummed out about that. Not even any that were especially close. Well imagine my surprise today. I was browsing the IAPS website of member societies, just looking for the ones that were closest - and what did I find but:

Pastel Society of New Jersey
President: Mark de Mos
P.O. Box 93
Greenvillage, New Jersey, United States

Wow, a NJ pastel society! I wonder how new it is? I know I have looked at the IAPS site before during the 15 months I have been actively pasteling, and there was nothing there. I did some further googling and found references like:

"Pastel Society of New Jersey (PSNJ) is an exciting new art group forming for artists who paint with pastels. They are recruiting members who are dedicated pastel painters. The purpose is to increase and expand opportunities for pastel artists, to exhibit, and to promote public interest in pastel painting. "

And references to a member show they have *already* held! (just two weeks ago, rats):

"The Pastel Society of New Jersey sponsors a group show of its members' art at the Bernardsville Public Library through Saturday.

"Focus on Pastel" is the theme of the show. Judge Alex Piccarello [sic] is a pastel artist and teacher who has shown his work throughout New Jersey.

The Pastel Society of New Jersey was founded last year with the mission of supporting, exhibiting and promoting pastel artists throughout the state. This organization has over 100 members who live in Northern New Jersey."

Darn, founded *last year*. If only I had known. And their judge was Alex Piccirillo, who is my instructor at the Montclair Art Museum. They even have a website registered - www.pastelsocietynj.com/ - although it's currently just an "under construction" shell.

But I am so excited. You better believe I've already whipped off an email to their president asking about joining requirements. ;)

K Taylor-Green
08-14-2006, 04:19 PM
Hey, Debbie! That's great! I just hope we can get one off the ground for Ohio.