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08-14-2006, 11:35 AM
This seemed like a pretty awesome oppurtunity to get your art put into a real life printed book!! Just thought I'd share some of the infomation with you. Good Luck and have fun!

Call for Entries
Facial Expressions Art Competition

Author Mark Simon has announced a Call For Entries for artwork to be featured in the next edition of his best-selling photo reference book, Facial Expressions: Babies to Teens, published by Watson-Guptill.

The competition is open to all styles of art, from sketches, to paintings, to sculpture to animation to CG modeling. Artwork entered in the competition needs to be inspired by the sample reference photos from the upcoming Babies to Teens book which are posted online at www.Expressions-Books.com (http://www.expressions-books.com/). Entries may be custom made for the competition or may be commercial projects.

Winners will receive placement of their art in the next Facial Expressions book, Babies to Teens edition and will have their contact information included in the book and posted online. Artists will also receive a free copy of Facial Expressions: Babies to Teens as well as any other Watson-Guptill book valued up to $30.

Postmarked deadline for the competition is November 15, 2006. Art may be entered digitally or by snail-mail.

Facial Expressions is a series of photo reference books for artists. The adults edition features over 3,200 photos and 150 pieces of art from artists around the world. The book includes an expressions gallery of 50 models ranging in age from 20 to 83 years old, a skull gallery, kissing gallery, phonemes gallery and a hats & headgear gallery. This best-selling book reached #2 on Amazon.com art book sales on April 9, 2006.
Artists of all disciplines have found the value in Simonís reference photo text. "This book is sure to be an asset to any fine artist, illustrator or animator who creates figurative images. I see it as a must-have reference for the studio that can be utilized time and time again. The images contained in this volume are an excellent 'launch pad' in the creative process for both the professional artist and student," says Gary Lessord, painter and fine artist of natural and biblical works.
Bud Plant, owner of book distributor Bud Plant Comic Art, agrees, "The most amazingly diverse collection I've ever seen."
The upcoming Babies to Teens edition features reference photos of up to 70 models ranging in age from newborns to 19 year olds. Featured photo galleries include skulls, hats & headgear, phonemes and a new age progression gallery. The age progression gallery will present numerous photos of models from the same angle as they age.

Guidelines, entry/release form and reference photos may be found online at www.Expressions-Books.com (http://www.expressions-books.com/).

Watson-Guptill is America's foremost publisher of lavishly illustrated art & art instruction titles and reference books on performing and visual arts is primed to continue the outstanding category publishing programs, which it first began in 1937, well into the new millennium.
Author Mark Simon has been an award-winning author, illustrator, film and TV art director, special effects designer, magazine publisher, business owner, animator, storyboard artist, lecturer, producer and director. Simon has worked on over 2,500 productions and has been a professional artist for over 25 years. He has written five artist and entertainment industry books, Facial Expressions, Producing Independent 2D Character Animation and Storyboards: Motion In Art, Editions 1,2 & 3, Your Resume Sucks, Art Direction Workbook and writes monthly business articles for Animation Magazine and AWN.com as well as articles for other periodicals. Simonís books may be found online at www.YourResumeSucks.biz (http://www.yourresumesucks.biz/).