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Mark G
05-13-2006, 11:47 PM
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there:clap:

Hope you all have a great day.


05-14-2006, 12:16 AM
Morning All!

Morning Mark!

Looking forward to Mother's Day here. Kids have made me presents and there has been much giggling and "stuff".:D We will dine upon crepes at a leisurely hour tomorrow morning and then I am spending the day painting! I picked up some new masking fluid and some iridescent medium today and want to see how it works.:)

Take care

Mark G
05-14-2006, 12:31 AM
Morning Christie,

Hope you have a great day. Enjoy your day of painting.

What are you working on?


05-14-2006, 12:33 AM
Hewy All :wave: :wave::wave:

..and a happy Mothers day to all who qualify....and to those who don't..Have a wonderful day regardless and to all those single Dads like me.........have a happy 1/2 Mothers day!

To all the sick and grieving...particularly Kevin...get well and be positive...all our thoughts are with you...and Today will be a wonderful day!...I just know it!


Brian:wave: :wave: :wave:

Mark G
05-14-2006, 12:46 AM
Happy Mather's Day Brian - or Happy Fother's Day


05-14-2006, 01:03 AM
What are you working on?

Don't know yet.:D I have some ideas... but it might just be experimenting.

Hi Malty.:)

05-14-2006, 02:40 AM
Good morning Washers!
Happy Mother's Day!

(from En Gedi kibbutz)

Thank you everyone for yesterday's welcome back and commiserations about the luggage... Ít was annoying but it could have been so much worse... As it happened someone just used a screwdriver to open the boot of the parked car and took the suitcases. Our papers, money, credit cards, purses and cameras were left (we had them with us) and the rental car was not damaged. We did not realize anything happened until we got to the hotel that night (the expression on my face must have been something when I opened that trunk ;) ), the people around were really helpful, and it was 2 days before leaving so it did not spoil the rest of the trip. And now, I am just glad to be back home :)

I am hoping to do some painting today--some of the Israeli pictures are shouting and I've been editing them a bit. But, I also need to make a starter for a dinner at a friend's house later and DH promised to go with me to do some shopping (this will be my tune now for a while....sigh...), and I got a sore throat...
We had a wonderful evening with friends yesterday: they recently bought a boat and after a dinner in their house, we all got into the boat and they brought us back home on the canals... Made me remember what an amazing city we live in.. :)

Still rooting and sending white light to Kevin and to Deb.... Hope they both recover quickly!~~~~!~~~~!
Have a great trip, Jean!!! (Hope I got the day right?--I am still not caught up enough to know what's been happening here and if you all behaved when I was gone :evil: )
and I am looking forward to the fling and mini meet pics.... off to see them now, as a matter of fact.


Kate Mc
05-14-2006, 03:23 AM
Hewy, Washeroonies! :wave:

Up to my neck in work here, and I've started my next portrait. I'm dying to work on it, but I have a deadline for work....sigh. Dan keeps reminding me that these are NICE problems to have.

Olga, welcome back. We missed you. I'm so sorry about your luggage. What a bummer. I can't imagine. I'm glad that you had all your important stuff with you. (Dan says hi to you and Gene and Hannah)

Sharon, congrats on your illustration work. That's wonderful. I can't wait to see it!

Christie, I love the image of your kids giggling over their presents. :p

Deb and Kevin, GET BETTER! It's not the same place without you.

It's awful quiet without the 'meeters', isn't it? But NO, Chris is back! So will this mean the end of my baitte discount? Stay tuned....

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there, and to Brian too. :wave:

Gooby for now


05-14-2006, 03:40 AM
Well I had a lovely day.. Alan took me for a drive down to Wynnum, and we bought fish and Chips and sat on our picnic rug on the beach front and ate them with all the other mother's day recipients.. Seems it was a rel popular choice to take Mum and Grand Mum to the beach front for brunch!! :)

We had a look at the Wynnum Plaza on the way home and Alan bought me a French Knitting Bee. :D

Remember the French knitting we used to do as kids with cotton reels?? Look at THIS (http://www.waynesthisandthat.com/knittingnancys.html) site..

Mine looks kinda like a bee (http://www.punchwithjudy.com.au/shop/product.php?productid=2304&cat=291&page=1), and it is fun!! Can't wait for the Kids to come up again and show them. Going to get Alan to make a couple of wooden ones too. Micheline had a wooden one in her cupboard, it was about 18 inches by 6 inches. I think she said she made scarves with it..

I found a couple of really cute little size 0 Australian T shirts for Charlotte and a real nice Australian letter opener for Callum, just got to find something nice for Roslyn..
Then we have to find gifts for Mum and Dad Taylor, Mum and Dad Marshall, Alan's Sister and My Sister. Geesh!!

Any suggestions gratefully accepted..



05-14-2006, 05:05 AM

Mark, Christie, Brian, Olga, Kate and JJ and all those yet to come.

Get well wishes to Kevin and Deb ((((((((()))))))))

What a lovely photo Olga, can't wait to see more ;)

Sounds like a great day JJ

It's a bit cooler today but sun is still shining, sky is still blue
http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/14-May-2006/81323-GreatDay.gif folks

:wave: Llalena :wave:

Sharon Douglas
05-14-2006, 05:10 AM
Hi All,

JJ, that site was wonderful, I remember doing knitting nancys as a child, but couldn`t remember how to do it, when one of my kids got one as a present a few years ago..............I think it ened up in the bin,unused.

I think I will be doing the lollipop stick and toilet roll tubes with the kids.

I only popped in to say hi and goodbye, quickly, and I ened up getting side tracked on JJs site.


Hi and goodbye, hugs and white light to those in need.
HAve a wonderful Mothers day, ladies and Malty.

05-14-2006, 06:13 AM
:music: :music: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY:music: :music:

and Malty:clap:

Hope you all have had or having a great day.

:wave: ing to Mark, Christie, Brian, Olga, Kate and LL

JJ I haven't seen a French knitting thingy for years!

Sharon, you sound to be very prolific with your illustrations!
Clever you:thumbsup:

TTFN Tricia

05-14-2006, 06:18 AM
Forgot to say I hope you are feeling much better today Becky!

Also, Christie, Mothers advice and quotes in yesterdays wash:lol: :lol: :lol:

Ken, love the Lake District.

Patty your web site looks good. A lot of work.

Char - glad the wedding went off ok.

BFN Tricia

05-14-2006, 07:26 AM
Good Morning Marc, Christie, Malty, Olga, Kate, JJ, LL, Sharen , Tricia and all yet to come and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

Weather is dull and coolish.

No time to work on my patio today, it's my turn to cook brunch and then for early dinner at my younger son's place followed by a movie. Maybe I can do a little painting for the KIUAN #2. Oh no, I can't do that, grass desperately needs cutting after all the rain.

I hope Spring Fling and Kington meeters continue to enjoy their gettogethers while I continue to be :envy: :envy:

HAWLTAIN and :wave: to ALL!!!

05-14-2006, 07:52 AM
Haven't kept up with the Wash lately, but must say:

Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms, Grandmoms, etc.

I understand some folks are ill - Get better Kevin, Deb, and others who are ailing.

I envy those able to participate in the various WC! meetings. Have fun, all.

Thanks for the replies to my 2 responses in yesterday's Wash.

I have to pick up my 3 photos from the week-end show this afternoon. Maybe one will sell between now and then.

And I appreciate the feedback about what's a reasonable charge for the copy & logo work I'm doing for my framer. Seems that $100/hr for an experienced designer is the consensus. I'm not experienced, and my framer is a good guy, so I'll give him a big discount. For those interested, here are some pics of what I came up with.

1) This was my first try at the advertising copy. It must be black & white and fit an area in the proportions of 2" x 3/4". I based it on his business card, which uses that somewhat stylized font (it's "Broadway", found on many Windows PCs):

2) Larry liked this version better:

3) He said he didn't have a logo, so I threw together the one in lower left-corner above. Here's a larger, slightly changed version:

4) And one of several colored versions I had fun with:

I'd never done any designing of this sort before (and it probably shows), but I enjoyed it.

Must get some coffee now - need to wake up. Later today I'll get in touch with a realtor who asked if I'd be interested in taking photos of houses that are listed for sale with her. Before I talk with her, I want to get some idea how much that sort of work is worth.

Cathie Jones
05-14-2006, 08:50 AM
Good morning Washerinos! And Happy Mother's Day to all who are celebrating . . .

Just dropped by to see what day it is. The last few have been soooo busy, and sleep deprived because of a cold and sinus infection - - I wasn't sure it was really Sunday.

JJ, I had no idea those things had a name. My mom and grandmother used to make them for me from wooden thread spools and nails. I must have made miles of that stuff. Never figured out what to do with it, but it kept me busy!!

Light a candle (http://www.gratefulness.org/candles/enter.cfm) for Deb and Kevin . . . hope both are doing well.

That's all. It's too early and my brain is fuzzy.

Y'all have a great day . . .

Little Old Lady
05-14-2006, 08:57 AM
Not much planned for today. Kids have too many things going on today so plan to get together next weekend.
Drizzly and cool here today as it has been for days.
Would like to see that yellow thing in the sky,
Have to go check on missing flingers
Have a good one.
Alphabet soup

05-14-2006, 09:00 AM
I remember doing that kind of knitting! My mum called it "corking".:D

05-14-2006, 09:29 AM
Hello from Charlotte NC! :wave:
We flew in from Gatwick yesterday, everything worked out and I even got some sleep on the plane :eek: the secret I think was that I took some Dramamine, cause I remembered that it used to make me sleepy before :smug:
I had also had forgotten that it was Mother's Day today, since we had one in March.
I got to have a visit with our two grandaughters (5 and 3) facinating, the 3 year old (Elinor) peels her pancakes before eating! go figure. We will go out for brunch after church.
No real hiccups on the flight, but we had to wait 15 minutes before getting off the plane, because we were early and customs people do not start work, before 2 PM, OH and I got off the plane and could not find my passport :eek: but they found it between the seat and the bulkhead.
Time for showers,
back later

05-14-2006, 09:41 AM
Happy Mother's Day!!!

Sorry no time for chit-chat, I hope everyone has a great day!

05-14-2006, 10:03 AM
Happy Mother's Day!! :clap: :clap:

Steve is taking Rosie for a long walk...it's nice and sunny outside. Then he is going to cook a big breakfast, complete with latkas' (?spelling), Jewish potato cake things. I love em! We're not Jewish though, Jessica brought home the recipe when she was in grade school, around Christmastime.

Later, I hope to pick up Christine and her and Jessica and I will go to a movie, probably see RV with Robin Williams as I think he's hillarious and I like funny movies. :) Christine's cat, Lucy was in labor last night so today is a real Mother's Day for her! I'll get to see them today. :) Reminds me of Char's kitty cats....I bet Lucy wishes she had a surrogate mother like Burnt Toast does!!!

Thanks to those who visited my new web site...I appreciate it!! I'm working on a new painting...... and will post it along with my new "painting buddy's" painting. :clap: :clap:

Your sponsor's Logo looks great Dave!!! You are putting a lot of work into selling your photographs..and I'm sure it will pay off!! :clap: :clap:

Gotta go....have a good one!! :wave:

05-14-2006, 10:23 AM
Good Morning All :wave:

Hi to Mark, Christie, Brian, Olga, Kate, JJ, LL, Sharon, Tricia, Uschi, Dave, Cathie, JoAnn, JudyL, Destany, Spritey, and all those yet to come.

Mark - good morning Mark, when you get up.

Christie - have you had your crepes yet, sounded good.

Brian - happy "half" day to you.

Olga - Glad your back safe and sound. what an interesting plant, never seen anything like it looks like a form of cactus

Kate - those are the nice problems, Dan is right.

JJ - good "fish and chips" by the beach sounds good to me.

LL - and just where is it a bit cooler?

Sharon - hope all is as well as can be.

Tricia - have a good day.

Uschi - I will be painting live trees.:D

Dave - they all look great to me.

Cathie - hope you get to feeling better.

JoAnn - Hope you see that yellow thing in the sky.

JudyL - Welcome to this side of the pond. Glad it was an uneventful flight. Have fun.

Destany - but Destany no chit chat.....:( :D

Spritey - Sounds like your having a great day.. BTW I love what your doing with your paintings lately, and so large. They really are looking great.

Yesterday was so busy didn't have a chance to stop by the wash. Every time I'd start I'd get sidetracked.

Kevin and Deb thinking of you both and get well and come back soon.

Last week something interesting happened a local teacher who does federally funded research each summer on butterflies (monarchs) approached me about doing a painting for her. She has seen my flowers and birds and asked me to do a butterfly painting and she'll pay me. :eek: I am sooo not ready for this but like an idiot I said yes. :eek: Fortunately I never said when :D , now I really have to learn fast.

Better get ready for church, middle son is coming over after church to cook Quiche for Marge for Mother's Day, with the Grandkids.

05-14-2006, 10:48 AM
Mike, nice to see you today.

Olga, I have one of those plants in my garden. It doesn't look as good as that! We call it "desert rose" here.

Hi Destany, JudyL, Uschi. Dave, Kathy and Jo Ann :wave:

I said hi to everyone else early, I think? :confused: :D

Psssstttttttt. Now Jean is away, I'll tell you a secret!!
I have done a Jean Haines workshop once before.
Suffice it to say it involved wallpaper paste!!!!!!!!!!
I kid you not:lol: :lol: :lol:


05-14-2006, 10:56 AM
Psssstttttttt. Now Jean is away, I'll tell you a secret!!
I have done a Jean Haines workshop once before.
Suffice it to say it involved wallpaper paste!!!!!!!!!!
I kid you not:lol: :lol: :lol:


HI Tricia! I think I might know why it involved wallpaper paste! Did you use Masa paper and affix it to something else with the paste? I just bought some Masa and need some of that!!! :D

Still waiting on breakfast to be made... :crying: Good time to call my mom I think...so see ya later! :wave:

05-14-2006, 11:43 AM
Good morning one and all.


My daughters and I are off to do our tradional Mothers Day do. We go to visit our gigantic flea market. There is always some wonderful treasure that catches my eye. And I load up on flats of annuals for the garden and a few hanging baskets(if I haven't been too busy or lazy to make them up from scratch). Then we meet up with the men for a late lunch somewhere(their choice).

I'm really sorry I haven't been here much lately. Tho have tried to keep up with all the news. Things have slowed down so I can get back to normal now, I hope.

My DH's beautiful aged mother past away this past week. She was 93 and up until this past year was very independently living on her own! So it was an emergency late night ferry trip over to Vancouver Island during the week and then another trip back over yesterday for the funeral. Mom was the heart and soul of her huge family and there were several great, great grandchildren present.

My 2 recent art shows I was involved with were successful. I sold 2 paintings(both pastels, what does that tell me???!) and several prints.

Love all the pics from our flingers and meeters. So much fun and good times.

JJ..Do those knitting Nancys ever bring back memories! One of my fav childhood things to do. Had yards and yards--made it into a bedside rug for my room, my sister's room and my parents' too.

Uschi..enjoyed reading your account of patio building! I'm sure it will be lovely when all is done.

Spritey..Oow, like your site. Very nicely done. That is a huge undertaking. One of my goals for this summer.

Roger..Like your paintings of peeps at the gatherings. Super idea.

Kevin and Deb..Lots of wishes and white light flying your way.

Gotta run. Have a wonderful rest of your day everyone!


mr sandbanx
05-14-2006, 12:46 PM
Hewy Folks, The kids have taken MOM out for lunch and I am trying to get a dinner reservation here, cutting grass and watching the lids harden on my paint tubes!

Had a great time in Ottawa and stayed in an awesome hotel!! Nice to be spoiled once in a while. Had two wonderful days and two of rain. Too bad I spent most of the nice days in seminars and did not get to see all the tulips that I wanted to see. Took my son Joe to the new War Musem which was terrific and probably ate way too much.

Happy Mothers Day to all of the ladies here. I am going to regret this, but I am 2% off on all baitte for all of you today only. So Malty, you better get over to the shoppe and open the doors.

Be back later, I have a lot to do while it is nice and quiet here. But it is nice to be back.


05-14-2006, 01:49 PM
:wave: Have caught up on the last couple of WASHES.

Happy Belated Birthday to Billy! My DH will be 70 this year, too! :eek: I can't imagine being married to a 70 year old man. :evil: :D

Thanks for the Happy Mother's Day wishes, and same back at you (especially you, Malty!:D ).


May your today be as fantastic as my two yesterdays were!


05-14-2006, 02:21 PM
Happy Mothers Day

to all the male mothers too :D

I fell asleep on the couch right after lunch and just got up :rolleyes: :D
No mothering for me today as Tim is off with one of his girlfriends (don't ask as i do NOT know anything about this plural :confused: )

Mike, you'll do just fine with the butterfly commisison!!! :thumbsup: I just know this is the start of fame and wealth ...

Lyn you guys sure had a great time at the fling!!! Good to see you all got home safe.

JJ i still have my knitting bee, it's actually a doll of sorts. I didn't know they still had those

Dave, your logo design is top notch :thumbsup: I really like it.
I always make 3 to 6 different designs so the customer can deside which one he likes. Of course they always have 'some more ideas' of what they want once they've seen what i've made :rolleyes: A logo is like a tattoo: sticks with you all your life :lol:

Isis looks great now that she is groomed!! This time the grommer didn't shave her completely but gave her a nice haircut and thinned out the undercoat.
She behaved perfectly :eek: got some dog sausage as a reward :D

DH is experimenting with outside cameras again :rolleyes: i.e. he's outside adjusting and i'm hollering inside 'yeah!! No!!! Left!!! Right!!! Wonder if he wants my voice to be gone :confused:
Ancient chinese saying: Quiet wife, peaceful house. :lol:



05-14-2006, 02:25 PM
Roger..Like your paintings of peeps at the gatherings. Super idea.Thanks for saying so Trish. They are currently on my wall. :)



05-14-2006, 02:26 PM
Mike, you'll do just fine with the butterfly commisison!!!I was really trying to avoid using that word. It has implications attached. :eek:

05-14-2006, 02:55 PM
Friends have just left, kitchen is clean, should be cutting grass but boy is it windy out there and that wind is COLD!!

Dave, designs look really good to me too and re photos for Real Estate, if you could get in with several of them there would be your bread and butter money!!!

Judy, glad your flight was mostly uneventful!

Spritey, looked at your website yesterday, very professional looking and your art is lovely!!!! To leave a message one has to log in with password, so I didn't bother - sorry!

Mike :D re still life!!! Monarch butterflies really look a lot harder than they are, you'll do just fine!! Trace!!!! :D

Tricia, yes, probably rice paper which is very similar to the Masa Spritey mentioned.

Trish, really sorry about your MIL's passing, but for an independent person waaayy better this way than a long independent and sick stay.

Banxy - missed you!!

Lyn, is it already over????????

Jutta - Modern Uschi saying: Quiet husband, peaceful house:evil: :lol: :lol:

Well I better face that lawn ARGH!!!!!
:wave: Uschi

05-14-2006, 03:24 PM
Evening everyone hope you are all well
Trica, yes the lakes are really something special. i have just posted a quick 5min sketch I did on my return, as always appreciate your comments, I posted it on the miniture art thread and was going to cross post to water colour as well but could not work out how.
Happy mothers day to all in USA. Just had my son on the phone from Seattle where he managed to get sent to a conference on the week which has his wedding anniversary in it and then when he arrived to find out he had missed the mothers day as well he was greatly relived when we told him .
Best wishes, Ken..

05-14-2006, 03:25 PM
No,Spritey and Uschi. It wasn't masa paper, although I have done that before too. I seem to recall we put the paste on our paper and then dropped colour in to it. It makes like a mottled background effect.!!! I think it was back in the experimental days!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Nice paintings Roger, you really "caught" them.

Trish, sorry about your MIL.

Lyn and Banxy are back !!!

:wave: Jutta and Isis

See Ya Tricia

05-14-2006, 03:37 PM
Spritey, looked at your website yesterday, very professional looking and your art is lovely!!!! To leave a message one has to log in with password, so I didn't bother - sorry!


Thanks Uschi!!! I think that you can sign the guest book without logging in. Logging in is for people that have Sitekreator web sites, from the way I understood it. You just click on the not registered user. But that's fine...I'm not sure what's gonna happen with the Guest Book when it gets more........ I didn't make a separate page for it, it's on the main page. :eek: Getting ready to go see a movie soon. Christine's cat had four kittens today. They are so cute..she is very protective. For some reason the daddy cat kept trying to steal one and run off with it but she would come after him and get it!

05-14-2006, 04:10 PM
Hi, all, I got home at 3pm, it is now after 4pm
and I am here and the car is not yet unpacked.
Fabuolous wonderful weekend, Lots of Laughter,
Hugging, Chattering, and oh, yes... eating...
The bed was veeeerry comfy, my roommate was
a complelte sweetheart, as were all the other
Washers ... Made my whole weekend a night to
remember :D :D



05-14-2006, 07:24 PM
Ooooh Spritey....

Watch out for those male cats - mother nature made them want to get rid of the babies so mama cat will come back in heat sooner, so don't let pappa around until the kittens are bigger.


05-14-2006, 08:00 PM
Beautiful Monday here. Sun is shining 20c degs. Did I mention I love Autumn..;)

I am glad my mention f Knitting Bees and Knitting Nancy's brought back some many happy memories..:D

Loved the pics of the Get-togethers looks like they all had such fun!!!

Just having my morning tea and off to clean the patio some more with the pressure cleaner and Alan..;)

Roger your painting are great, you sure are making that Yardley technique yours..:)

Hmmmmm Alan has made a keyboard shelf for under my desk.. So I am have touch typing which I can't do and half liking at the keys..:p Heaps of typos' until I get used to it.. (thank goodness for spell check when I use it) :p

Zoe is loving the fact she can sprawl out on my desk in front of me now.. P