View Full Version : Loking for Pastel information and opinions regarding midrange hardness

03-01-2002, 03:14 PM

Dakota Pastels lists the hard/softness of soft pastels at the link above. I called them and asked about a mid-range hardness, and I am still a little confused...

To explain: There apparently is not a real mid-range firmness in pastels. Nupastels and rembrants are hard, and Schmincke's are the softest.

I bring this up because although like the softest pastel I would like to build up layers more slowly, I can go so far with the hard pastels and have to switch to the softer pastels which fill the tooth too fast. So I am thinking if there is a mid-range I can get a few more touches before having to load the tooth.

This is a bit of a longish plea, but I am hoping to get feedback from the good people here at WC. :)



03-01-2002, 09:21 PM
I don't consider Nu Pastels and Rembrandt to be of the same hardness. Nu Pastel is harder and in a league of its own, which is it's chief benefit - in my opinion.


03-02-2002, 12:44 AM
I agree. Nu Pastel is harder than Rembrandt.
I handle my art like this: I sketch the item onto the paper with a light colored pastel stick. The hard ones, they are like pastel pencil but made into a long, thin stick. I lightly block the piece in with the stick and then go in with Rembrandt. Lightly at first then harder as I want more solid coverage or darker color. Only at the end do I go in with real soft pastel. The butter of pastels. The ones that you take one swipe and the half the stick is gone. :)

I sometimes get as many as twenty layers on my work. Sometimes just one, or none, depending on the paper I use, or the wood (I use door skins sometimes). If you find you don't like how it is coming out brush the pastel off with a paintbrush then go in with more pastel.

Whatever works! And always have fun....easy to say even though I don't always follow my own advice.