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The old willow gently sways in the breeze of this new day . It's been there so many , many years , that it seems down right ageless . It grows great , stong , free and It has stood and held its ground against terrible storms .
It's been hit by bolts of lightning and fierce winds raged at its branches, but wide and high it stands. The mighty trunk holds history and old secrets are carved into it's wooden skin , by many passerbys , over the long, long years.
Far into the large and wonderful park , where it is located , it stands , seemingly low in the gully , at the far end of the outfield of the old and now
abandoned baseball diamond. Beside the tree meanders a small clean and clear creek and edges of a old farm stone wall peeks out from underneath
mosses and brambles.
Now if you were to look down into that scene , on this very day, you would see five bright young people , gathered around under the canopy of
this gentle giant of a tree.
Here we have Jimmy , a boy of adventure and wonder , and Katie, who is his younger sister , full of creativity, Ellen ,her best neighbor friend ,who shares in the fun and crafts , we also see , Sam along with Willie , who are
Jimmy's good, school friends , for they live at different sides of the city, but come visit each other on the weekends.
So this willow tree , which they like to come to when they are all together , to tell their made up stories , serves as a inspiration for their minds eye tree, a tree they like to call "THE GOBLIN TREE ".
The chant they have goes like this :


These are a few of their stories that revolve around the goblin tree........

WJL 4 /30/ O6

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The notorious Hec Heckle of Grumbel Garble

05-22-2006, 12:53 AM
In the lands known as Somewhere Else , off the beaten path into the darker side of the forest , in a little known corner , there alone stands a door.
Just a door ? Not quite , this is a very different door , it is an old worn wooden door weather beaten and seemingly forgotten , but that is not so.
With no building nor fencing attached , it whispers and beckons the wayward hiker.
Carved into it , it is written "WELCOME" but hanging [ not neatly nailed , I may add] under it , a sign stating "IF YOU DARE ". Would you do it ? Ah we know the answer to that .http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/21-May-2006/76157-PICT0065.JPG

Well , you see , this strange door , is the entrance [ not an exit though ] to a village , that a tribe of trolls have taken for their own . A place of mosses , molds , muds ,and of bad smells. There they live , in spite of anything and everything always grumbling about this or about that especially if something or someone looks abit "tidy" . Rough and harsh are their ways , voices so hoarse , that when they speak it's quite garbled which of coarse is just the way they want it . This is why they named their village --

Just the way they dislike like it or like disliking it , to them it really doesn't matter or how many of them there may be as you see on there signpost .
Back in the day , there was quite a rucuss over that sign . As some wanted it to read "who wants to know " still others insisted on " why should we tell " but Hec Heckle had his way and it is what it is . Did I mention Hec Heckle - oh yes there was a particular troll named Hec Heckle .............

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Hec Heckle was not only large [ for a troll ] , he was also much more verbally quick , quicker than all the other trolls of their village. He knew what to say and just how to say it , as to make others tear at their ratty raggedly hair and pull on their uneven beards . He knew when to say it at the most nastiest times , so that he flatly won many an augument [ usually of nothing important].
Hec Heckle was definitely the lord of the longest , loudest and most horrible burping and he drank deep into the bottom of the darkest and fowlest smelling barrel of troll ale [ you really don't want to know what the ingredients are ! ]


So Hec was surely something else , the greatest at the troll toll bridge game of haggleling toll in and out , over and under with those [ trolls and non-trolls ] whom had need to cross the bridge , and that what really made him so notorious .

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You see, to get to Grumble Garble from the path down from where the welcome sign stands , travelers, visitors must , I say must , cross through the enchanted swampy mess and creeks of this rugged forest , and thats why the bridge was built.Now as to how , well that a whole other story , and maybe someday Ill tell that tale also .
The bridge is actually very long , as it stretches over the swampy creek and there are bell towers all along the way , to "ring the toll " and to let the guards know someone on the way .http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/20-Jun-2006/76157-DSC01055.JPG
The enchantment { from ages long forgotten } is that of opposite personality , just a touch of a droplet of water from the swamp will make the magic work and take hold . The only way the spell can be undone is to see the goblins at the goblin tree , and thats not so good , because , well just because .
Shifts at the toll bridge are purposely long and mean , just to make matters more miserable , which as its been told , the trolls of tollbridge take out their misery by takeing advantage [ with such glee !] of those who want to cross.
The toll ? Ah well the toll , the toll , well you see , its like this ; the toll can be many things . Maybe something one does't own or something they don't know . But most of the time , its money plus. Plus usually means clotheing, jewelry and the like . Now when out for fun , it requires haggleing and I should mention , some nasty words and actually the right combination of nasty words and tones alone can get one through in no time .

07-04-2006, 04:04 PM
Then one very warm and moist night when Hec happened to be on duty at the tollbridge entrance [ oh how he loved it ] a traveler , a humbled traveler , at that , was on a mission . A mission to purchase some very specially rare mushrooms , from a troll whom is well reknown for her market trade in mushrooms { only grown in this part of the lands known as Somewheres Else , well , for obvious reasons }.
This traveler spent most of the wee hours haggling with Hec about everything over and under the sun , the moon and stars . The poor fellow got so worn down , that he turned back empty handed and with a loss of some of his own items as well . This boasted Hec Heckles ego so high , that he bellowed his mightily horrible laughter so loud it shook the bridge ramp and the bell in the toll tower and echoed up and down the whole length of the bridge !
Something like that , but even worse than words can describe !
It weighed so very heavily at the back of the traveler , so head hunched over he muttered and waved his fist at the toll bridge and troll village in general as he left .
Well it turns out , you see , that the traveler just happens to be the trustworthy assistant for a masterful wizard , who resides many a league from the troll village. When the assistant finally arrived and told his tale , the wizard was very upset about the whole ordeal [ for he needed those mushrooms as part to a remedy he was working on for his ailing friend , the king of the lords of the clouds ].

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Standing on the highest deck of his spiraltower ,the wizard whos name is Oddis Sea was looking out over the valleylands , meditating on all the troubles , when an idea came flashing in bright light sparks of greens and blues into his mind and he laughed , oh he laughed a warm and funny laugh and smiled into the distant hills.
To speed up the trip , he got out his "flying machine" a mechical version of a great eagle bird and flew off to that corner of the forest where the doorway to the troll village lies. When he arrived he morphed himself into the likeness of his trustworthy assistant and proceeded through the door , down the trail into the opening where stands the welcomeing signpost and headed swiftly to the troll tollbridge .
Staying in the shadows on this very electricifing night until Hec Heckle took to his shift at the tolltower { the wizard then set a short spell to suppend time , making it a very slow night }. Being extemely bored by this Hec was throwing stones at the owls and crushing bugs and thats when the incognito Oddis Sea approached . Hec brought out his lantern staff and stood still as a statue .
Out from the shadows came a strangely familar figure , first Hec was stunned but then he laughed a short loud horrible laugh , Ye wanna try again er , he said so harshly { it makes my throat hurt just thinking about it }.
So the challenge began , this not being a battle / fight with swords , guns, laserbeams , or magic energy forces , this was a battle of lauguage , nasty words, negotiating tactics and haggling. These words , most of which are quite nasty , I cannot say here because it would rattle your good mind and upset your heart . One thing was certain , Hec was rageing , his eyes actually flashed with lightning bolts and smoke came from his nostrils.
At first Oddis Sea toyed with him , now he bent his serious mind to it , their voices thundered and actually created mini storms all around the bridge.
At that point , the wizard started to reveal his true identity and Hec heckle was so intence [ he was jumping up and down , pulling at his wild hair ] that it mattered not to him. Oddis Sea grew larger and larger even beyond his "usual" size . So to keep up with this Hec stepped up to the bridge climbing up onto the tollbell tower , higher and higher he went not even aware of it . now being at the very top of the steeple , he belted out his best , yet the wizard grew more and towered over him and gave Hec worse then he ever imagined anyone else could . Then Hec went into a maddenly wild laugh and not thinking about were he actually was, he went to jump up and down. When he did so , he slipped on the ratty old shingled steeple top and fell down , down over the side rails and into the swampy mess ! It went very quite and Oddis Sea 's time spell broke .............

As the morning sun rises and the birds chirp and the first bright rays of light pour through the thick trees.... We see laying face down in the enchanted waters one Hec Heckle , yet Hec picks himself up as mean as ever , but just for a few seconds than suddenly the changes accur and his fellow trolls come gather around on the edge of the bridge and there is a low aahh sigh which turns their grins into garbled giggles then into outright laughing as all are pointing at him. Bewildered , the changed Hec looks all about himself.
Oddis Sea standing there happy that his plan worked, with a wink at his eye spoke up saying , come my fine fellow , I know someone who needs you to greet visitors to their gardens .

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As Jimmy ended his tale , he and his good friends smiled and they congraduated him on his story and he said "you know , that new garden gnome my granpop gave my mom ,yesterday ,ha, well that got me thinking."
and so they all got up from sitting under the tree and left that wonderful ole willow to its own stories , til , that is , next time .

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Flora Mora { the flower eater }

07-31-2006, 12:22 AM

Oh Flora , Oh Flora Mora
you funny little faerie creature
can anyone catch a glimpse of you
can anyone notice there
down inbetweenx the flowers fair
all bright in the light beams
of the solar powers that be
{ also pale in the night shadows
your sillie sounding snoozing }
the colours that you share with
peddles and blooms of all sorts
are so much alike that maybe
maybe , yeah may be you are really
a flower also { because ya know }
I heard a tale told
that of long ages ago
in a strange { but wonderful } world beyonder
a world of strange things { ay to me anyway }
there is a land { among the waters and clouds }
that is known only as ; Somewheres Else

That this tale begins of an elven maiden
when in her childhood
one day at play in open fields of wild flowers
and with flowing streams amiss mighty oaks and great willows
this elf child wanted of those fine flowers
{ twitching in the breazes }
to dance , really , while she sang
elven fancy airs of love and romance
to come and join her in fun games
amongst wonderious garden displays ;

07-31-2006, 01:03 AM
So she brought to shape
a small faerie creature { of her own design }
made up of choices thoughtful
grasses, peddles, leaf and steem


From the finery of tended gardens
{ no less that of grand castle yards }
and with simple charms of child elf magic
gave faerie life to this tangle and weave puppet doll

Oh what fun , Oh what joy !
{ so this faerie exclaimed }
never a dull day shell be around here
not when there is many a graceful things to do
such as makeing flowery fashion chains


And adorning them onto young elven lass's
hair arrays
and the plucking at rose peddles { red , gold and white }
for those ; love me , love me not games
of fictional love affairs;

08-05-2006, 10:17 PM
though finally came the day
for a young maidens real love and courtly romance
a time to wed and bring forth
a new branch in family trees
and off she went to a household in the palace maze
{ cosily nestled in hillsides rolling }
caught up in well mannered styles
with socials of all types
receptions and recitals abounding
oh the celibrations and the like
leaving behind , forgotten , lonely for a time
in flowery fields and beds
a small and kind creature of leaf and peddle

so thy lovely faerie took up to nippling
at greenery stems and vines
and found them tasty to a delite
perhaps to forget a lonely state
oh , woe , elf lass hast not come to play
where hast elven maiden gone ?
gone away ? dear , gone away ?
to join the star spirits ?
will thou fair elf friend return
and make thy flower faerie happy
for to play at floral games once again ?
rich in purfumes and sweet { umm sweet } honeys
colours , bright and wonderful !

or come no more and think not of grand days
in deep and wide flower fields ?
tears come , tears go
{ faerie tears , it is said , of star sparkles and jewel dust
sad faces some , some glad faces
flow they on wings of wind to find
open ears to whisper into }
yet this slender fairie of leaf and peddle
loves this free life so
maybe chewing on stems and leaves
will give thyself strength to carry on ?

although at first
she was of green skin and thinly
later came a change
to tones of yellow
{ for the fondness of tasty dandy dandiloins }
and she did gain and grow to be plum
the bees , the bees do not bother either
for she has small charms to keep them distant
so as it is , the tale is told
it has not much more to say { of those days }
only says, time passed on and on
that the floral fairy creature
over lengthy time forgot , of the beginings
focused on future pathes
and found aquintinences
in many other creatures of the forest kind
a world beyond courtyard flower bowers ...........

09-09-2006, 11:27 PM
So nowadays its like this
oh Flora Mora
{as your fellow lost creatures
of the wilderness call you }
They say , say they
" more flowers , more flowers
for the flower eater , Flora , yea ! Flora Mora
you are " they chant and tease
but she laughs and wants to hear
of gossip stories and rumor news
{especially from the gypsy faeries
who travel far and wide }
cause long are your years
so is true of your ears

tell me she says
of the trolls
those trolls of the infame tollbridge
tell me , she demands [as she nibbles]
of the mysterious goblin tree
in yonder misty fields
tell me , she whispers , [as she chews]
of the night sky mare and maiden rider

so is all this talk - the fire
for gobbling of flowers galore
planting seeds , as you , Flora , feed upon
throwing them to and fro
for new blooms to grow
looking [allways] and searching for fresher
ground to till
nexts weeks eats ? snack on weed and grass ?
with all those faerie friends in branches
and among bushes and mossy stoneworks
giggle they will as they watch you devour flower
songs they sing
they sing , Oh Flora Mora is here again
with the chewing sound you udder
night and day , day to day
stopping only for socials
gathered at garden gates and fences !

so is that you down there
in swaying of wildflowers I see
and in those brambles
along rushing river waters
maybe its you back in there
making a mess of rose vines
going ? coming ? playing ? snacking ?


I think its best to leave you be
and let you "tend " the flowers
do as you will
with your strange and wonderious ways
{ for you see to it that there is allways
more flowers to enjoy ! }


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How the Willy Sillies came to be

11-24-2006, 10:19 PM

Since long as it could be remembered, the Willy Sillies have been playing as the house band at the "The Mosaic Dragon " , The Mosaic Dragon is the famed ale house in the very heart of the city known as Nowherebuthere in the lands of Somewheres Else , now some say , The Mosaic Dragon is the very heart and minds eye of Somewheres Else itself . Is it true ? Yeah well , maybe , but it should remain in mystery .
Just how and when the Willy Sillies all started is not often revailed , so in a rarity , my friendly folks , we shell hear the story from Willy himself , who told it to an interviewer for the news scroll published anually and handed out at the city gates . His adventure in how he found the right band mates.

11-24-2006, 11:04 PM
This is the story of Willy Tindersmoak , a easy going city dweller creature , searching for answers , yet allways the spark for something wonderful [ because his music is quite magical , though he doesn't know it ] .
Since Willy was a youngster , fooling around in the side streets and alley ways of the city called Nowherebuthere in the lands of Somewheres Else , he wanted to be the leader of a cool [ like way cool ] music band . Well first of course he had yet to learn to play an instrument , yes , Willy the daydreamer , but some dreams come true . Anyways , he did learn to play and when he did , Willy became quite the truobadour.
With a very popular song early on , he was on his way. This song which is called " The Goblin Tree " goes something like this....
{ starts with a whisper }
Down in the misty field
wander there , you must yield
for there is a ghostly tree , which we are awear
that host the goblin lear
one hears the snickers they outpour
from down under the trunks core
Well it goes on and on with many other lyrics like that , growing loader and loader in the process til the last part is a outright uproar stomp !
So a troubadour he became , traveling { sometimes with the gypsie elves } all about the lands of Somewheres Else.
Singing songs , reading out poems ,to Elves in grand palaces upon rolling hills , to fearies and the like among wildflower meadows and in the brambles of wide deep forests , even to the trolls of Grumbel Garble .{ for dispite there nasty reputations they grow the finest roots, herbes and spices in all the lands !}
Yet all his thoughts were of the dream to be the leader of a cool [ like way cool ] band , but where , could he find such a thing ?

11-25-2006, 03:14 PM
One very dreary chilly day , Willy stepped into The Mosaic Dragon , where all the creatures and peoples of Nowheresbuthere stop in from time to time.He realized than and there that The Mosaic Dragon was the place to host a house band and dang he would do it. With a name swimming about in his head so long now , called The Willy Sillies.
Now on this very nasty weather day which was fast turning into evening , he just happened to be standing next to some visiting creatures from the Big Waters [ the oceans of Somewheres Else ]. They were talking all about this mysterious island , an island of tall grasses , which it was sometimes refered to as , so with no trees there , just long tall strong thick grasses . But it is known as Sevenmazes Isle , for the habitons , live in a series of seven circular mazes, stories handed down tell that it was made out of a fossil of an acient giant water creature but some say [ especially the gypsy faeries ] that it is a crashed flying boat from a star in the night sky that fell when on one was looking, and a strange thing about it is that its a moving floating isle .
So says one to the other "Yea , ya ne'er know when and where that island gonna show up ! Jus som time erago I's out way afar in d waters , when , if dern it hadn't rye't then and theres show'd up be'ford me eye !" [ He is a one eyed creature] . He continued " first a great myst arose ans dem I's bump rye't smack into it ! An acomin ashores .I's met up witha feller ther , an he's a builting a big ole statue made a sand an an he sez , "" this my good fellow , is my lattest"" an I's sez , yous lattest what ? An , an he sez ""why my lattest work of art , you know , you should stop by more often , har , har rye't !"
Than the other one spoke up saying "Ah I know whad a ya mean , I heard all this gossip boat the goins on between em and that queen underwatermaid , an ya know wha shes like , hhee ,hhee don't know fer sure , but maybe som troubled waters aheadin fer em , if Is herd rye't ! har har ! " and they both went into a long coughing harsh laugh .
At this piont , Willy moved away , he had to think about where he could find a map [ if there was any , and not knowing at the time , how need a map is ] of Sevenmazes Isle , for he needed to know where he was going when he found the Isle . He also heard , most importantly from the Big Waters creatures how artisticly zany the Isle is , so surely he'd find his nutty musicans there , if anywhere .
Well he thought and thought and than just as his head was falling to the table , he stopped and sprang up quickly and shouted " Ah, yeah !' Willy remembered the time he was out on a gateway pier entertaining the waterpeople and there on the pathway to the pier ,is this little pub inside a carved out giant log [ local lore has it that it was washed down to the Big Waters from some far off river ] this pub is named Spickets and Willy remembered seeing many maps pinned to the walls for decor [ and target practise too ].
So soon there he was , and with some fast talking and a few charming tunes , Willy got himself a map.


11-25-2006, 03:24 PM
http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/25-Nov-2006/76157-DSC01102.JPG http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/25-Nov-2006/76157-DSC01104.JPG http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/25-Nov-2006/76157-DSC01105.JPG
Now all needed was a sail boat and yes a Dragonbird .

01-07-2007, 02:18 AM
Now Willy needed a sailboat , "Ah ha!" says he " I know just the person to see " and he then headed down the coastal road to where a wonderfully built tower made of coloured stones , stood tall looking out over the Big Waters . This is the home of BeJewel , singer/dancer extraordiare one of the enchanted elves , she is the keeper of the few dragonbirds [now dragonbirds are a rare sight in all the lands , there are only a very few , for they were made by BeJewels father for his only daughter thats why they are very special to BeJewel , he made them from bits of fine wood , brass ,silver , gold and gemstones .] And so by liveing by the Big Waters , BeJewel sails a beautiful sailboat.
Now Willy is thinking "Well I'm going to make this sound good " as he came up in a huff , for he gotten a ride to the pub on a delivery coach , the driver being a fan of Willy , the driver then had to return to Nowherebuthere .
But all he had to do , was play a very long and fanciful version of "The Goblin Tree" and I say , if you were there , you wouldn't of believed you were , for it was so magical , she danced and danced and they sang many new verses together . http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/07-Jan-2007/76157-DSC01151.JPG

The music was so enchanting that many friendly liveing creatures were entranced that they gathered around partaking in and enjoying the magical music. When the final stomp at the ending chorus of 'The Goblin Tree' came to be everyone laughed and cheered for long afterwards. Now the excitment calmed down and all the creatures disbanded , Willy told BeJewel his whole story and all about his quest to put a cool [a way cool ] house band at the 'Mosaic Dragon' .
Well she just loved that idea and so she did grant him the use of her sailboat , though she had to think about lending out a dragonbird [ they are great at navagating ] she , herself could not go along , because of many commitments.
BeJewel went to the highest part of her tower home and glazed out into the far distant waters and after some thoughts , said these words [ a charm ] to one of the dragonbird perched out on a railing.
The dragonbird repeated the verse , but in song and then flew down to the sailboat , where Willy was waiting along with a sailing companion , a neighbor friend of BeJewel .

02-09-2007, 09:49 PM
Dragonbird flew much distance out upon the big Waters seeking the isle , but not long into the sailing journey the dragonbird brought Willy into the domain of the spirit watermaiden [ knowing she was a key to finding Sevenmazes].
She was hard to see , for the sun was high and brightly shining off the water , yet she is very large though only her head was above the waterline. So there was no missing her , she is of water greens, sea fish glistening as green jewels.

SSSTTOOPPP ! The waves seemed to speak out, and with an echoeing vibrato voice http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/09-Feb-2007/76157-DSC01155.JPG
she then spoke .
"Where in MY waters are these land creatures sailing !? Oh , land creatures should stay upons their airy places , and be grateful for the waters that feed the skies with water drops !'
But Willy with a fair smile , did not speak out right off , first he sung this song;
"oh, lady of Big Waters great
I know of your mighty power
please aid me in my quest fate
and be not so dour
I know of a place , Sevenmazes "..........................
When he sung Sevenmazes , she made a wave which nearly capsized the boat.
"WOOO "! She bellowed with a shake of her webbed hand in a fist . " Those pesty crafters allways disturbing the ways of the waters"...........
"Oh fair maiden of the waters great , please hear me out "! Willy cried out, " There's no mischief in their ways they are a free-spirited group of creatures , inspiration hits them and they need to respond. This is not as bad as it seems , because they just get caught up in there crafts and don't noticed where they're going ".
"Ha" ! She angerly laughed out "I take notice and do not like it , why , not four full shinning moon stones ago { the world of Somewhere's Else is encircled with a broken moon and is illuminated fully once every forty sun turns by the night-mare , that's another story though } Sevenmazes crashed into a grand parade above my very palace under the waters !"
Willy thought maybe she was just a bit envious of their artistic ways , but he said this ; "Yeah that sounds bad on their part for sure ," he had to think , he can be quite the peace maker , he continued "Well if you guide me to where they are now , we can work out some way of communication between the both sides , so you know what their whims may be . Come fair watermaiden , queen of the Big Waters , we will talk to them "!
So that calmed her anger down and she said "Okay , I will tow you within sight of where they are now , buts it's chilled there , for Sevenmazes is now off the coast of the frosted lands ".http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/09-Feb-2007/76157-DSC01172.JPG

02-09-2007, 11:24 PM
Dragonbird departed for home to Bejewel ,with many thanks from Willy and his deckmate , who's name is Root , just plain Root that is , also a happy nod from the waterspirit maiden who was really much delighted by the dragonbird which helped set her in a better mood so off again was Willy.
When in a short while , they were near to the isle Willy quickly grabbed his map. "Ah there it is at last ". He exclaimed , while the watermaiden dissappeared beneath the waves of the Big Waters saying " I'll be here , I'll be watching and waiting ".

{ Though Sevenmazes Isle was in the frosted lands , it was still warm there on the isle , which created a slight mist about the isle , giving an air of mystery .}

They then came to dock , Willy told Root to stay with the boat , as they tied up they came upon their first encounter with some inhibitants , suddenly from all about came many fluttering tiny faerie creatures whispering and giggling and pointing at Willy . Willy smiled his bright smile , seeing the comedy in all this , " I wonder , I wonder "he says ,"Hey can you guys point me the way to the directors quarters "? But all they did was to flutter and giggle more , then they formed a funny looking arrow then they disappeared . With the map under his arm and his musical instrument on his back Willy set off for the closest maze inticated on the map and most inertesting he found the maze to be . The grasses were thick and strong , the colours varied and smelled pleasently , the pathway being well maintained .
Then he heard it , a sound of a flute and it reminded him of those tiny faeries back at the shore , for it was such a fluttering music so he started struming along as he walked closer to the musical sounds , then around the next turn in the maze was a sight to behold .
Sitting right in the middle of the path was a winged [ the wings were gently swaying to the music] creature wearing a loose flowing gown of green and orange and a sillie hat of same colours . She looked up and said , inbetween musical notes , "My my and who is it thats playing such wonderful music "?
"Well , my name is Willy Tindersmoak and I think I found one answer"... he trailed of into thought .
" One answer ! What's the question "? she countered still inbetween musical notes.
" That'll have to wait for the moment , actually I'm looking for the director..."
" Willy Tindersmoak ,ay , oh , I like it , yes it sounds like a legend , but me ,well, I'm just little ole Flutterbly yes little ole Flutterbly , thats me . Willy , you just follow me now for we are about to try out our newest project , the ice crystal ampletheater and to the sound of flute and lute they headed off .
Flutterbly continuely told Willy funny story little stories of the happenings around Sevenmazes , including their run-ins with the waterspirit maiden . All without Willy being able to get a single word in anywhich way , as they weaved their way through the maze that they were in .

02-10-2007, 12:48 AM
Soon the path widened out and Willy saw some very wildly coloured buildings made in strange constructions , he could see them now over the tops of the tall grasses of the maze . Flutterbly just kept on talking through as they entered the village of Sevenmazes which they call 'High Point '. As they stepped in Willy was very amazed for there was crafting of all sorts going on all around , there was bustling about and laughter with chatter filled High Point's oddly arranged streets.
"Oh," says Flutterbly , "its not allways this frantic , its
just everyones excited , we're restlessly waiting for the word from the director"......
"Yeah" , Willy interupted , "Thats who I want to talk to there's a very inportant issue concerning the waterspirit maiden "......... he trailed off because at that moment the director emerged out from the top most building of High Point.http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/09-Feb-2007/76157-DSC01191.JPG
Now the director who is known as 'D' is quite old and a bit forgetful at times , just a bit but he is a delight and yet he is steadfast about his directing.
I say this because he seemed somewhat lost in thought , paceing to and fro on the stairway landing. So Willy desided he'd go over there and introduce himself but just then a drumbeat started up . BOOM - A -BOOM it went BOOM - A BOOM it was from down under High Point and then everyone got quite .
In time to the beat 'D' spoke up saying , "Hear ye , hear ye ! It is now fully ready ! The ice crystal ampletheater is ready , with a performance by Sevenmazes very own 'Band of Fools' and not only that , but a very special guest" pointing out Willy , "yes you Willy Tindersmoak "!
Remember those tiny faeries at the dock , they just love spreading news about , very gossipy , those faerie's are and they can get about in a wink of the ole eye , yes they can . So at that moment everyones eye in the village were now on Willy and he with a shocked expression on his face said "Well 'D' I'm very honored I surely will be at my best"!
And so 'D' side by side with Willy and Flutterbly and slinking behind them was Slinkee, fiddler in the 'Band of Fools and following behind her was the rest of the village heading down to the shore where a arched bridge craved from ice connected the isle to the frosted lands .

02-10-2007, 09:22 AM

02-10-2007, 10:07 AM
Well now, you know that drumbeat which is actually the drum circle lead by Boing Bongo drummer most reknown , gave Willy a great idea. He talked to 'D' about it along the way to the ampletheater and right there and then a resolve of the communication issue was made.
This was the plan; they would devise a sound code with the drumbeats and it would come out from several sound holes at the bottom of the isle , sending messages to the waterspirit maiden and she would respond with a shell horn, a very large one at that . The shell horn would be finely crafted by crafters of Sevenmazes and given as a tolken gift at the end of the ice crystal show . An invitation was quickly sent out by Root to the waterspirit maiden the queen of the Big Waters , who was swimming just outside the view of the isle waiting for Willy's return ,an invitation to join in the festivities of the show.
And so here is where this tale of adventure ends , for indeed the show went on , in what shell we say , in a way cool way , through all that starry night.




Now that is how Willy met his 'Band of Fools' which became 'The Willy Sillies' a way cool band ! Yet 'D' didn't want to lose the Band of Fools completely which he was very fond of , so the deal was that they must return every now and then for a special show at the ice crystal ampletheater .


WILLY TINDERSMOAK - singer , lute player , poetic words
FLUTTERBLY - flute , funny little stories
SLINKEE - fiddle , hurdy gurdy , funny noises
BOING BONGO - drums of all kinds in allways

http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/10-Feb-2007/76157-DSC01193.JPG http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/10-Feb-2007/76157-DSC01195.JPG

02-12-2007, 12:20 PM
A chill wind had blown in while Will had been telling his story and now a storm was on the way , so the group of five let the old tree to it's own stories, and headed for the park cafe , for some homemade hot chocolate. On their way Will said ," Yeah , that's what I'm going to do ." So Jimmy said , "Well , you better start practicing your guitar lesson's then ." And Will said , " I, will , I will , that's why they call me Will ." And they all laughed .

02-12-2007, 12:26 PM
" How the moon got broken"
{and the night-mare's mission}

02-12-2007, 01:14 PM
The Night-Mare
There is a nightmare up above in the skies so wide , oh not 'that' kind of nightmare . The one you would think of when I say nightmare, not 'those' sleep dreams that cause tears and scares. No this is a noble and graceful night-mare , more I say , a mare in and of the wonderious night sky. http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/12-Feb-2007/76157-DSC01472.jpg
While in the sun filled day ,night mare can-not be seen but is still there and she is always very busy above , herding the giaint space stones , keeping them from falling down onto the lands of Somewhere's Else. She herself is of stardust put together in form of a mare horse by the love of the star sun spirit.
Star maiden-child is sometimes seen with night-mare as a rider , though star child comes as a guidance at times of great need and she is also of stardust , but her creation is a very long tale unto itself.
The star sun { which means light of itself } always shines though we cannot always see and feel it while moon light seems of dreamy enchantment, in the darkness. Of the moonlight ,it is as a reflection of the sun of the day past giving the lands a pale difference , yet a beautiful night time glow. All during that time star sun is out of sight off chaseing after the next day , for father time is much faster then star sun.

02-12-2007, 01:55 PM
Now one evening , a couple of goblins from the goblin tree were in a very mischievous mood , looking out to make and cause big trouble, something to snicker about for a long while to come . So they climbed high upon a mountainous rocky ledge dragging with them raggy sacks full of mushy rotting fruits enhanced with nasty goblin tricks . Grinning the worst goblin grins as can be and snickering the worst goblin snickers as can be, intenting on a horrible game of throwing the rotten fruits at the moon as it passed by the gorge of the rocky ledges.
So came by , the unaware moon , that evening in fullness and proudly bright . The goblins let fly their projectiles and though they missed many times there was no escapeing the nasty assault. Now soon the moon was hit and wavered and slipped lower and lower , so low it came and so near to the goblin tree that it got entangled into the branches { this was not the intentions of the two goblins}. When the rest of the goblins saw this they were wildly infuriated, leading them to set a terrible trick in the spooky tree this trick caused the willowy branches to tighten and in the grasp on the moon it begun to crack the moon making it break and turning it into rubble!

02-12-2007, 02:47 PM
Out of the corner of her spirit eyes , night-mare caught a glimpse of this terrible deed , as speedy as can be , she raced acrossed the wide skies causeing waves of thunder rolls , louder then any storm. But she was very far distant yet night-mare raced on. As she rushed through the starry space , she signaled { with a brightly twinkled eye } star maiden child who took form at once as the night-mares rider.http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/12-Feb-2007/76157-DSC01073.JPG

Star child knew that they would be to late to save the moon in full , so they devised a plan of what to do to save the moon in parts. Just in time they were as the moon fell to pieces from the branches of the goblin tree , night-mare swooped down and star child with a net weaved of the flaming red strands of her solar flare hair scooped up the pieces before the hit the ground.
As they flew they encircled the world of Somewheres Else , speading the broken parts behind them . Meanwhile the star sun was horrified and angered by the nasty deeds of the goblins , that when he came round to the side of the goblin tree , he sent a very powerful sun beam and singed those branches.


Nowatimes the moon stones circle the world of Somewhere's Else moveing slowly across the sky night and day. As the star sun makes his rounds he warms the stones so they are partly illuminated and once very forty turns of thr star sun the stones are fully illuminated by the mare of the night , for she touches lightly her flaming silver hooves to the moving moon stones as she gracefully flies by .


05-12-2007, 02:00 PM
SAM'S STORY- "Where is the Goblin Tree ?"

05-12-2007, 02:59 PM


The child reached up , stretching out a small but sure hand , fingers stretching even more. Reaching up for 'the book'. Standing on tiptoes [which one should NOT do] on the finely made wooden latter of the library. The book , that curious book , the child wondered about many times , looking up at it way, way up on the top shelf of the high ceiling library , old old uncle's library in his big old old house away up on the hill top.
That curious book , a very large book bound with thick worked leather , inlayed with pearls and gems , Burgundy velvet marker ribbons and shinny brass plateing with a title engraved as "OF ALL THINGS concerning the goblin tree" .http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/12-May-2007/76157-PICT0127.JPG
The child's fingers worked the book loose from the shelf but the child's hand was too small to grasp hold of it , then strangely the book seemingly moved on its own and it fell from the high shelf down to the floor with an oddly soft thud.
Even more odd was that it fell very slow motion as if time itself slowed , colors and sparkles swirled around , whispers , giggles , tinker-bells , chimes were heard and then the child felt dizzy . Just then an old but still strong mans arm and hand reached up and caught the child from falling and gracefully sat the child down . The old old uncle closed the book , put it away in a stained glass cabinet and locked it with a key from a chain of many keys.
"Easy easy child , that is no book for a child to face alone but stories from it I will tell , speak child , what would you like to know about ?"
" Uncle " said the child , " where is the goblin tree ?'

05-12-2007, 04:04 PM
Once upon a time , on the world of Somewhere's Else a youthful magician in the awkward teen years who was a bit shy and somewhat bumbling wanted to make his own little kingdom . He'd be the king and have subjects to rule over and no one would tell what to do . It always seemed [ to him anyway ] as if it was that way in which his elders treated him , which really wasn't the case at all .
His name is Oudustee { pronounced ; Od ust see } Oudy for short . What Oudy didn't understand was that his elders were just teaching him the right ways to work the right magic . They didn't want him to make bad judgments and make mistakes yet it was to happen anyway because he was not listening to their wisdom .
So one night Oudy snuck up to the 'vine of creativity ' which grows upon the wisdom wall along the halls of wizards . With a quick swipe he cut a leaf and seedling from it and put it in a small sack attached to his waistband , just then a whisper came from the wall and said " NO! NO! you're making a mistake , mischief begets mischief !" but Oudy heeded not .
Now he went far out away from everything else , bringing with him many bells and whistles of the magical kind : he set out the potions and incenses and then as his usual self , he tripped over his staff wand in the proceedings . Black birds of different species circled the sky above in the early morning just before the dawning of the day , as he laid out his book of magic tricks .
His idea was to make a golden tree and golden little creatures would live there and Oudy would be their king . They would obey his orders and do as he commanded. They would perform funny little tricks and entertain him whenever he wished it so .
So he got out the small velvet sack and dumped out the leaf and seedling onto the ground within the symbol he scribed there and then he quickly wrote down the incantation .
What he meant to write was;
Golden tree golden tree
come to be
right here where I plant
golden creatures with happy smiles
to make tricks with fun styles
right here where I plant
But he miss spelled golden into goblin and something came into being that would cause much trouble in the land of Somewhere's Else ; he had brought into being - the goblin tree the home of the goblin kin !http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/12-May-2007/76157-PICT0128.JPG

05-12-2007, 04:47 PM
The seedling sprung up very quickly as the sun made its appearance and when the sun saw the tree growing , it frowned down upon the sapling and Oudy as well .Oudy felt so ashamed , yet he still was not fully aware of his mistake and what was to be .
The tree was not golden at all , but a mossy moldy dark green as it grew more and more , the branches became willowy and they were hanging with shaggy mosses and it got a ghostly pale green grey mist around it . Oudy tried many spells and charms to reverse it but was too late , what comes to be comes to be and the consequences have to be dealt with.
Then an even more shocking event happened , a hole opened up at the bottom of the tree trunk and out of the hole appeared the goblin creatures. Snickering , sneering they were and they mocked at Oudy saying "tell us tell us , tell us what to do , it MUST be fun 'n' games , it MUST be bad OH tricks to play and trouble to make !!!
And these creatures were not at all golden , but like the tree were of muddy greens and the had the nastiest grins . Everything Oudy told them to do they mocked and turned to doing nasty tricks of their own desire but he would make counter measures and correct the goblins mischievous deeds. Soon though things got out of hand and overwhelmed him and scattered going this way and that out into the lands , causing much havoc and mayhem in their paths.
Oudy would have to go to the halls of wizards and admit to his foolishness in order to get help in solving his mess which meant he'd be punished for it . He would be no coward about it and do what it would take to make a right out of a wrong and surely he learned an important lesson out of it. So he dashed off to the great hall of wizards and found the elders waiting for him . Of course by now they knew all about what unfolded in the early morning of that day.

05-12-2007, 06:06 PM
The elders , though it pained them so , questioned Oudy harshly throughout the very long day and in the evening they went up into the great council chambers and worked out some magic of their own and weighed out the judgement and punishment . The magic the elders made was done to keep all the goblins together as a group so that none could ever stray far from the others and to be bounded to their tree and cannot stray far from that either. The goblins eventually loopholed that by tunneling deep into the ground , though they found they couldn't surface anywhere else.
The punishment on young Oudy was he now had to maintain all the mischief the goblins made , correcting the trouble they cause , until he earns his wisdom and learns a way to resolve the whole mess .
Ages later , it came to pass , for Oudustee mastered his learning , becoming at last a wizard befriending and helping many in his now earned realm in the lands of somewhere's Else. Most notable was befriending the king of the lords of clouds working out a problem among the trolls of Grumbel Garble , enjoying the company of faerie and elves, performing simple magic tricks at the 'The Mosaic Dragon '. His magicians name Oudustee he outgrew , when he became a wizard then his name became Oddis Sea.
So now we come to these days when the time came for his greatest challenge , to resolve his youthful mistake because it was very upsetting when the goblins pulled their worst stunt to date. It was with the breaking up of the moon in which Oddis Sea sent a vision out to night-mare for aid in correcting a most disastrous act of mischief of all their time . He had to turn around a very nasty deed through hard work it would be.
The goblins had after that event and with the singeing of their tree by the sun, had gone deep into the ground , hiding and keeping low for awhile. Yet they still were causing mischief by creating unwanted steams and mists to spout out of the ground.
When Oddis Sea checked into this and found the goblin tree unoccupied , he brought out his most highly important wizards notebook titled " OF ALL THINGS concerning the goblin tree " dipped his finely crafted drafting pen made by the great crafters of Seven-mazes Isle, into his mystical ink and drew the tree into the notebook , actually drawing it into the book. Every line he drew onto the page , it erased that line from the physical world . Not so long that he was done that goblins appeared out from the ground beneath his feet and then began running circles all about Oddis Sea 's blue mantel cloak .
[I "Wheres the the goblin tree , wheres the goblin tree "[/I] they ranted and raved as they ran around and around .Oddis Sea opened the book , waved his hand above it and spoke an enchantment....................
http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/12-May-2007/76157-PICT0130.JPG .............................
the goblins went faster and faster into a burring speed , shrinking smaller and smaller and with a final flash went into the goblin tree in the wizards book and he shut it tight and locked the latch !


05-12-2007, 06:13 PM

Somewhere in a wizards tower high in the clouds in a finely gilded cabinet among many many bric-a-brac there is a book; A CURIOUS BOOK.

05-13-2007, 02:52 PM
Many years have now gone by , the old willow tree in the park is still as great as ever. But those five youngsters , well they are no longer youngsters , in fact they are now elders . Over the years they aged and built families of their own and moved to where ever life would take them yet every now and then a letter arrives from each to the other. Then one day when they were 'getting up in years' those five gathered one last time under the canopy of that big ole willow in the park............
And those stories that they told there , well they certainly were the grandest ever , but that's between them and the tree !



dedicated to that little bridge down at the lake .
All art and story original copyright by William Joseph Lexie