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04-18-2006, 07:01 AM
or ship, miles to go, but it looks like something. Trouble I have with painter, is the phonyness of the strokes, with imasta. I thot they looked good the other nite, but tonite, they don't look real, sorry, but I want real phony artificial paint. This is a very large one for me, the hight is 2149 pixels, and it would love to hit a 100 meg, but I take off some layers to be reunited later. Had a thot tonite, (rare) that how do these really top guys like Tom Freeman get the details, as even it some in the 19th century were photographed, only in bad B&W. This guy Tom (who I wrote) paints in watercolor, and I can't see how he does it, nothing typical in a watercolor that has that detail, so he is diffinitly not loose.

04-18-2006, 07:35 AM
That is stunning Greg. I think to get detail in a real watercolour, you have to paint with thickish paint so you don't get diffusion. Painting on several other layers helps.

04-18-2006, 08:06 AM
Oh, I use plenty, but this is oil, sorta, I was just remarking on the other guy who does it on paper, only one chance there. It used to drive me nuts in watercolor, the worst is mud, that scraps the whole thing. Thanks Barry.

04-18-2006, 08:39 AM
:clap: :clap: Excellent, Greg! :clap: :clap:

I'm glad to see you painting BIGGER. I know it's a drain on resources, but for something this good, it's worth it.
Sometimes I like the impasto, sometimes, not....but then that's how I feel about spaghetti. :lol:

04-18-2006, 10:47 AM
Well the detail here is nothing to complain about. :) Love the colors especially in the sails!

04-18-2006, 07:20 PM
This is really good. I get a feel for the size of the ship. Now, we just need some pirates (Arrrrrrr, matey!)! :D

04-18-2006, 07:33 PM
Pirates, not bad, had 'nd thot of that one, thanks Digi.

04-19-2006, 09:40 AM
mmm I do think boats are your thing. I love this and great detail...

04-19-2006, 10:34 PM
Well, this boat is killing me, don't know if I can finish it, but it looks close to the unaided eye, but a hundred ropes are missing, plus more wave detail, etc. I actually did away with the strong impasto strokes, as i couldn't get them trained.

04-20-2006, 04:03 AM
That's the one! Really really good Greg. I prefer it without the impasto. I used to Image Luminance to get depth in the brush stroke, but now don't like it. I like the added water too.

04-20-2006, 05:46 AM
aDDED water? Before you were only seeing one of three layers of water, I took two out to make the file smaller, as it was approaching 90 meg, so I just waited till I got more ship done and then added them again, now theres about 10 versions of this, ones with layer mode changes, as they are so much fun, cause they take what you made and make it different/better. Thanks.

04-20-2006, 05:58 AM
Detail, remember, if there's something that looks undone, it prolly is.

04-20-2006, 06:27 AM
Greg.....that water is so well done! In my experience, it takes a REAL artist to do ocean water convincingly. Most of us slap down a few colors, smudge, and hope your imagination can fill in the details....:lol: :( :lol:

04-20-2006, 10:23 AM
That is just perfect..............wow, you did a fabulous job on this

04-20-2006, 11:56 PM
Perfect dozen't exist when the work is done by man. We may try & try but rarely get there. Thanks, all.

04-21-2006, 06:32 AM
Beautiful painting and you have great energy in those waves :)

04-21-2006, 08:30 AM
That's cause water's always moving;-)
Thank you, jlust now searching the web for palette knife and ocean painting. Nite.

04-21-2006, 06:09 PM
If you want only kudos, don't read this.
Just at first blush, what distracts me is the support on the bowsprite. The top support is longest, the middle is shortest and bottom is the middle length. Seems to me, the shortest should be on the bottom and that would look a lot better. Where the water hits and splashes up on the boat, it could have less opacity so the timber of the boat shows thru. Water seldom really splashes up in thick enough globs to completely obsure the timber. I can't seem to putmy finger on exactly what it is about the middle sail that bothers me, but it just does not look right.
Having said all that, I really like the painting and it is obvious you have a lot of effort in it. The detail you have is great. If you try to put all the lines in it will clutter the painting and leave nothing for the imagination. Maybe just a couple lines from the head of the bowsprite.
It looks like you have one person on the vessel. Perhaps a self portrait? Did you think of adding a couple of birds over the top gallant?

I like the water and the brush strokes in the ocean water. Looks like a lot of effort went into that as well. No evidence of just doing some of it then cloneing the rest.
As you keep revising, keep posting so I can see the progress.

04-22-2006, 08:01 AM
If you could copy it and make a drawing for me, as I don't understan the support things. Of course your right on the traslucence of water, and I have had it show thru, and painted it 3 or 4 times, I reealy needed to turn opacity down some more on the brush, but in my defence, Painter does not act like real, and getting any of these things to look like real media is kind of an extra job, as it isn't. The things one can do with the tip of a good camel hair, can't be done in painter. I was gonna quit on it, but maybe I'll do some more. Thanks.

04-22-2006, 11:01 PM
I only played with this because you ask. This is your art, your style, and it is very good.
I did this in PS CS. The bowsprit braces were changed. Now, if those are supposed to be the big nets these boats sometimes have forward to catch the sails and wayward sailors that fall off, then all three lines should join about where captain Ahab is standing.
I monkeyed with the water as well. Used a raindrop style then expanded it to the whole front of the vessel. Did the same thing twice to try to get the wave to roll. Your water is much better than mine, but hopefully you get the idea I was talking about. Somehow there is a way to get the water to look like 3 D water. Maybe someone else will suggest something.
I like the overall effect you have created.
Stay with it till it satisfies you.

04-23-2006, 03:38 AM
this is a cap of orig.

04-23-2006, 02:07 PM
I see now! I thought the water in front was splashing up on the boat. It is comming out of the scupper and the hause pipe where the anchor locker is. Those lines go to anchors on both the right and left sides of the boat. The anchors are hooked over the bow pulpit/life rail. The white on the bottom is bottom paint on the boat. I thought it was water splashing up on the front of the boat. I have no idea what that configuration of three yellow & blue structures is off of the figurehead. I think your brush strokes and the detail you have put in your painting look good. Much more detail and it becomes cluttered. As you mentioned in your initial post. There are billions of lines on these craft and it this day and age most people do not have any idea where all the lines went or what they did.
Strickly a personal opinion here, I think it looks cleaner and more realistic with the lower configuration off of the figurehead shortened and with the water not on the bow whether it splashes up of comes out of the scuppers.

Your rendition clearly reflects a lot of time and effort. Just remember it is your work and you can change it however you want to make it pleasing to your eye.

04-23-2006, 06:48 PM
Wow! Greg painting boats is your strength! Outstanding piece:clap: :clap: :clap:

04-23-2006, 10:39 PM
CarlC why do you know more than I about these great ships? The ships I have loved since '55, but who doesn't know a what a freakin scrupper is. Please esplain it to this poor immagrunt. Of course your right about whos painting, but also, one has to have a knowelage of the subject to get it right. I have been searcing and reading about the real naughtical men who paint for this and that Royal Socitity, and I'm still splasing around in the bath tub. Thanks for your insites.