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04-17-2006, 12:29 AM

Title: Polka Dots
Year Created: 2006
Dimension: 1.5 cm (approx.)
Allow digital alterations?: Yes!

Left bead is white encased in transparent with white dots. Bead on left is transparent with white dots stacked with transparent dots.

I'm learning and would like any feedback that will help me improve my beadmaking.

04-17-2006, 10:34 PM
heres a tip (you might know about it...) : try off centering your second layered poke dots-- than melt it down to creat a leopord look patern

if your new at makin beads you look ready to start makin small vessals.
here's how:
buy some DAS white clay
take a small peice and spread it on your mandrel, make it the shape you want the inside if your vessal to be shaped, DO NOT MAKE IT TO BIG!, make the bulb part of it smaller than your pinky finger.
now you dry it with your torch --when it starts to brown and open up--its done (DING! lol) now you melt your glass and stick it to it when the clay on the mandrel turns red hot and glows(it will burn and blacken until it is hot enough) . the clay is more delicate that normal bead release, so it may take you awhile to get used to it.... email me if you have any questions or comments [email protected] (i just learned how to send pics, so if you need visual help--i can send pics):D

04-24-2006, 04:41 PM
It is hard to see, but it looks like the white core of the blue bead has a fold on its surface. make sure to melt it smooth and then heat the encasing, but not the white core when you are encasing so it remains smooth. Other than that practice dot placement and size. These beads are really good, otherwise. In fact - the photo probably doesn't do them justice! Try an natural light source.