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04-10-2006, 09:58 PM
As many of you know I have not painted for quite awhile. Just can't seem to make the brain operate the brush these days. I will be so thrilled when I can once again find my muse. Chris where the h*** are you !???!! :eek:

I have been feeling pretty punky about my art and then just yesterday, out of nowhere, I get an email from one of the partners/owners of "The Urban" (local coffee house and smallest art gallery in the world). He had seen some of the cards I had dropped off eons ago of the painting I did (same title).

See here: http://www.deborahs-art.com/RecentWork.htm (scroll down a few paintings).

I had completely forgotten about those cards because when I dropped them off there was clearly no interest from the person I spoke with. Well, earlier today I dropped off the original painting (on loan until July 31st, signed contract) and a standing order for note cards (I left 50 with him). The notecards have been selling like hotcakes at the local food co-op so I think they will do well in the actual establishment. The owner wanted to buy the painting but I am not ready to sell it just yet. If I ever find that darn muse I have great intentions of painting a series of three city scenes. Maybe I was a fool to hold on to the painting, but it just didn't feel right to sell it now.

Anywho, that's the best art news I've had since the winter solstice.

P.S. My husband stopped off at the Urban on his way home from work and said the painting had been hung over the most popular booth, cool spotlight on it, and the cards are on a very retro looking rack. :thumbsup:

04-10-2006, 10:09 PM
There you go Deb !!! Terrific!
Now it 's time to start again , a Happy Jolt alway s lifts you out the Doldrums .
Hope to see some new work soon.
June:clap: :clap: :clap: :thumbsup:

04-10-2006, 10:13 PM
WOOT, neighbor!!!

that oughta help

04-10-2006, 10:33 PM
Congrats Deb your work is great in my book. I can't wait for your muse to retuen ans see mor eof your work.

04-10-2006, 10:34 PM
http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/10-Apr-2006/20514-32313-dance.gif http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/10-Apr-2006/20514-32313-dance.gif http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/10-Apr-2006/20514-32313-dance.gif

Hi Deb... isn't just so nice to know that there IS a rainbow behind those dark clouds??? Congratulations!!!


mr sandbanx
04-10-2006, 10:41 PM

Well I saw my shadow, so I was keeping my head down for a few more weeks Deb, but here I am. :wave:

This is great news, I think you ought to be plenty inspired by this to get back at it, muse or no muse. It is a great painting, as are all on your site.... Methinks the World's Smallest Gallery will soon discover you have outgrown them, and you will be moving on to bigger and better things, gnarly foot and all.


04-10-2006, 10:46 PM
What great news Deb!

04-10-2006, 10:50 PM
Super news, Deb!....Isn't that the way it happens?

Just when your hope is lagging....a ray of light :heart:

I'm so not surprised :clap:

04-10-2006, 11:36 PM
Way to go Deb. Prolly just the spark you need to get fired up again.:clap: :clap: :clap:

Kate Mc
04-11-2006, 12:45 AM
Fabulous news, Deb! It's your turn.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the series!


04-11-2006, 01:09 AM
WTG Deb !! :clap: :thumbsup: :clap: Soooooooo happy for you ! I think your muse must have been enjoying a cuppa at the Urban - so you should be ready for a jolt of inspiration now... Congrats !!

04-11-2006, 01:15 AM
Congratulations Deb!!

Why don't you sell him a print?? ;)

04-11-2006, 06:04 AM
Wonderful news, Deb!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
I like the idea of a series and i'm sure it will get you back to painting in no time. :thumbsup:

GO DEB GO http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/11-Apr-2006/32313-22284-18_1_107v.gif

04-11-2006, 06:04 AM
Congratulations Deb - must have been a thrill getting that call.


04-11-2006, 06:27 AM
Deb.....Of course He wants it! It's wonderful!!!
Heck...I want it! :D
:clap: :clap::clap:Congratulations!

04-11-2006, 06:38 AM
Congratulations, Deb! I know how good it
feels to have your art appreciated and
marketable :)


mrs willow
04-11-2006, 06:50 AM
Good on you Deb! Congratulations!:clap: :clap: :clap:

04-11-2006, 09:08 AM

I for one, and I am convinced most of us here on WC, LOVE your paintings and know just how good they are.


We all go through our phases:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: and I am sooooo glad that this news helped you get through yours. I can't wait to see more "Deb" paintings!!! Oh, and :clap: :clap: :clap: and even more ((( Deb)))

04-11-2006, 09:13 AM
Great news Debs, just shows you shouldn't give up.

04-11-2006, 09:25 AM
Good news Gnarly....
Thought you had gone away for good.....

04-11-2006, 09:40 AM
Deb, your paintings have ALWAYS inspired something in me and heres hoping that you find your 'muse' very soon!!

CONGRATULATIONS on this great news!!

04-11-2006, 09:41 AM
Congratulations, Deb. You have a great talent and I am glad someone is recognizing it. We all do and we miss your exciting work. Hope your muse returns - we miss you.

Ellen in Ont
04-11-2006, 09:52 AM
Congratulations Deb! You deserve it. Now start that series. :)

04-11-2006, 10:58 AM
Whooooot! Great news and congratulations.

Medication has stolen my muse; I hope you are able to find yours soon. :)


04-11-2006, 11:49 AM
Big congrats, Deb!!!

Hope this good news will nudge your muse to come back! It will be so good to see some more ofw your work!

And remember--painting is and is supposed to be fun!
I find I am not painting when I fret too much that my stuff is not up to snuff ("too much" are the operative words there since I always feel it's not up to snuff ;) --and then when I start and realize it's fun nevertheless, the muse sorta comes back. SO the secret for me it to remember I enjoy the process, no matter what the product. :)



04-11-2006, 11:56 AM
That's great news Deb!!! Wow....I really love that painting too! No wonder the owner wants it!! Congrats on selling so many notecards too!! How cool is that? :thumbsup: I do hope that you find your moose soon too.:D :wink2:

04-11-2006, 12:45 PM
Congrats Deb...it was only a matter of time...I am a huge fan of your art!!

Mark G
04-11-2006, 02:51 PM
Hey Deb,

Nice to hear from you again. Congrats on the cards - maybe that will be the kick in the butt to start painting again.:thumbsup:


04-11-2006, 04:46 PM
way to go girl!!!!

aren't surprises the best?!!



Cathie Jones
04-11-2006, 05:13 PM

Deb, your work has always been among my favorites. Your colors and shapes are inspirational.

04-11-2006, 06:59 PM
Deb....Great news and well deserved!

Now get painting ....that's what you do best!


04-11-2006, 07:10 PM
Goodness gracious! I need to stay away more often and re-post old paintings when I come back. :) So many comments and nice replies. I am blown away.

Today has been surreal. I have had several emails inquiring to purchase this painting! (local businesspersons who wandered into the Urban for coffee this morning). How odd that last fall when I schlepped the painting and cards in there -- not a drop of interest. I'm thinking it has something to do with the weather. Dull, dreary, and gray -- no interest, sunny and springtime -- wallets need opening ? :) I am going to re-think my position about selling this. Of course, I will offer it to the owner first since he asked first. Now all I have to do is get the courage to pick up a brush and paint SOMETHING... ANYTHING!!!! again.

Each and every one of you are so encouraging and I can't thank you enough.

Hugs to all,:heart:
P.S. Brian and Chris, I don't have a gnarly footie anymore. :) In fact it's so darn cute I can't wait to wear sandals. In Sept. footie #2 gets un-gnarled.

mr sandbanx
04-12-2006, 12:30 AM
P.S. Brian and Chris, I don't have a gnarly footie anymore. :) In fact it's so darn cute I can't wait to wear sandals. In Sept. footie #2 gets un-gnarled.

If I read this right, then you do have a gnarly foot! It's just the other one. :D :D

04-12-2006, 12:45 AM
Just hop to it then!

04-12-2006, 08:04 AM
If I read this right, then you do have a gnarly foot! It's just the other one. :D :D

Chris, you are not only correct, but way to clever for your own good. :p


04-13-2006, 11:04 PM
WONDERFUL news!!!! Congrats!

04-14-2006, 12:09 AM
That is SUPER Deb!!! I'm so very pleased for you. You really, really deserve it! :thumbsup: :clap:

04-15-2006, 10:29 AM
Deb, I'm sooooo excited for you!!!
Go, Deb, go!!!