View Full Version : DigitalFigure Study

mark malone
04-07-2006, 08:08 PM
Painter IX.


04-07-2006, 08:39 PM
Interesting one with great colour :) but I think the face and head are to small for the body

04-07-2006, 11:21 PM
Yes, that's my impression, too. The head needs to be larger. Mark, the figure seems to be partly masculine, and partly feminine. Is this intentional?

04-08-2006, 07:02 AM
I like the palette. I await your comments about the figure.

04-08-2006, 07:45 AM
Hi Mark! I recognize the model from the VL series (at least she looks like that model) and you've done a really nice job with it! I am especially glad to see the abstract way in which you've handled the background...it works nicely with this! Well done.

04-08-2006, 10:54 AM
Mark, nice to see you posting... really like your image... especially your treatment of the background. Maybe a little more form in the chair.