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03-30-2006, 12:49 PM
Hello all,

Just figured I would mention that I found a new small press that's looking for illustrators. They are publishing 4 print magazines of various subjects. They pay very little being new, however, for those that might need to add to thier portfolio, this might be a good place. I myself, like illustrating for smaller press publishers some times. It tends to give me a break mentally from the strict guidelines of the larger publishers. Actually, I just had a cover illustration accepted here for one of thier magazine titled "Back Roads". They asked if I could help spread the word to other artists that might be interested. I figured this would be a good place and might also be a good lead for those that might need/want it. The website is:


This is the first that I've worked with them so I can't really give you any background on them. They have been friendly and good to work with thus far from my recent experiences. :thumbsup: