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03-22-2006, 02:02 PM
Skinny pointed out that it's easier to view an image 'full size' than it is to view one attached. So, I'm again submitting this for your considered review.

Postmodern Table Napkin with Crayon and Computer

I'm writing a book: "Eyewear for Modern Art or, how to understand and relate to visual art"

That's why I asked the 'is anyone aware of any contemporary art movement' question in my last post.

So far, on the book, I'm at the year 1880, The Post Impressionists.

I'm discussing aesthetic persuasions or critical art theories as well. Essentially, it's an "art for dummies" book, written lightly and meant to be an entertaining and informative reference book. Kind of like skipping stones across history, not a deep, academic tome.

We all amuse ourselves, do we not?:wave: