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03-12-2006, 05:29 PM
Hi folks ... it has been a loooooong while since I posted digital painting here. I haven't been doing much computer art for I guess a few years.

Here's a Scottie I made in ArtRage 2 (I should stop drawing dogs for a break haha) .I actually bought it since it was $20 and sometimes Painter8 is just too much. It's much much simpler than Painter but it's just fun to start doing things without all those tons of options.


03-12-2006, 06:09 PM
:wave: :wave: :wave:

This is gorgeous it made me smile:thumbsup:

03-12-2006, 07:44 PM
Welcome to this forum again David! :wave: :) Stopped by your site pugcasso! Very original way to paint pugs cartoons:thumbsup: :cool: ....loved it!

03-12-2006, 08:29 PM
Welcome back, dk! This is terrific. Such an imaginative style.

03-12-2006, 11:16 PM
Very cute!! ;o)

03-13-2006, 05:27 AM
Lovely, I could take that one for a walk!

03-13-2006, 10:34 AM
Very Modern look to this......nicely done

03-13-2006, 01:59 PM
I like it! Nicely abstract dog, a real cutie! Love the textures! :)

03-13-2006, 09:30 PM
I like this!

03-14-2006, 04:19 PM
Thanks everyone ... it's nice to do some digital art again. I'd like to get back into it but don't think I'll do much until I get a tablet PC. I tend to put my monitor and wacom tablet on the floor now. With doing watercolours at the table a lot , I get enough sitting down and dread sitting at the stationary PC.

After fixing pugcasso.com and doing an animated cartoon a lot in the last month, I just hate sitting at the desk-chained computer.

Artrage2 on tablet PC would be soooo cool (I like in ArtRage2 that you can get rid of all the interface with the thumb rocker-button on the wacom pen and interface and tool parts disappear off screen if you are drawing near them)

" Lovely, I could take that one for a walk!"

Hahaha you made me think of the great painting "dynamism of a dog on a leash" by Giacomo Balla from 1912


I love that painting. It has humour in it too. I thought of doing something in ArtRage like my Scottie based on that (although that looks to be a black and tan dachshund)

05-07-2007, 08:13 AM
Hi David,
I too love to do cartoons in ArtRage. I have a free version of ArtRage2 but I dont have sophisticated tools like tablet pen. It would be of great help to newbies like me, if you can also tell us how you have brought those effects. The free version doesn't have sprinkle glitter, metallic paints etc. Any other image editing software you have used.....? I don't think so. But hats off to you for bringing out such a nice picture.