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02-16-2002, 08:12 PM
Hi All:

I was going to list everything I had done, but as they say "a picture is worth a thousand words". So here are some update images of my progress so far.
As always I value your thoughts and comments

Post Note: I just noticed the ears they shouldn't be that curled on the tips. I must have brushed them with a tool, I'll have to fix it. Duh:eek:



02-16-2002, 08:37 PM
Gonna be a good one Kathy..............been watchin this one for a while, and I've got to ask. Whats he doing? Is he just posing or is something up?

I hope I didn't ask that too soon, it's obvious you know what you're doing.

Thats good looking clay, sure beats that green stuff I've been using.

Kudos ....... BUD

02-16-2002, 10:06 PM
Hi Bud::)

Gee I hadn't really thought about putting him in a situation. At present he is just posing kind of like Remington in his self portrait. I've been sculpting this from an photograph of my Dad and his favorite horse when he was a young man. Most likely will leave it as a postumious (not sure about that spelling) portrait. When I do the next one I'll make it a chalked full of action sculpture with cacti stickers.
I really love this clay it's made by Chavant and is called LeBeauTouche and is a plasteline clay. It also comes in a green along with this brown (I think looks more red than brown) I'm using. Jeffi is working with it also and has a thread on a class project that we're all following. If you haven't seen his thread it's well worth the look see.
Thank you for commenting on my sculpture and I hope that you'll post some more of your work.


02-16-2002, 10:48 PM
It just keeps getting better Kathy. I think you've done a super job on the head and neck area ( that's where I notice the difference most.) It's looking great!!:) :)

02-17-2002, 08:55 AM
hot digity dang - it gets better every time you post.

My first thought was the main. I know Max said it needed more work and I think you have made it look a lot better and more real to life. I know you have made a lot of changes over the past month or more and you have completed those changes very well.

So what % complete are you?


02-17-2002, 12:30 PM

It's really coming along. Such a big difference from the first set of photos! I know you've got an awful lot of detail work to put into a piece like this; clothes, hair, lasso, etc. It's a monumental task for someone who hasn't been sculpting that long. I'd be afraid to tackle something that difficult! Keep up the good work! The only thing that caught my eye was the horses eyes - one looked rather oval, the other rather football shaped. It's a minor detail, especially as you're not done working on the horse yet anyway. I can't wait to see the face on your rider/Dad - right now your rider's face looks like the face on my piece. Maybe they're related????

02-17-2002, 01:49 PM
Hi Maggie:

Thanks you, for your compliment and yes I think the head and neck is better now. Frank's observation about the neck got me to take a more critical look at it. I'm still not pleased, and will continue to work on improving it. I did a lot of work on the legs and hooves they have become a real challenge for me.

Hi Yielding:

Hey Thank you, glad you think it's getting better that is my goal, . Max was right about the mane it needed to be given more attention than I gave it. Everything with this piece should look uniformly realistic, and the mane wasn't. It's interesting how when I don't feel right about an area on the piece. You all see it too and just reafirm what I was feeling. Soooooo listen to that little voice that chatters away to you.:D
As far as % goes to completion I will guess hopefully (there goes that little voice again:angel: :evil: 80%).

Hi Jeffi:

Thank you too for the compliment and thoughts. Boy you are right the first images were just that the first ruff beginnings for sure. I should put together a start to finish progress grouping for above my work table.:( :D :eek:
:crying: :evil: :o :confused: I've run the emotional roller cooster with this one!
Your right about the eyes I've been working on them too! They aren't correct yet horses have an almond shaped eye, and if you don't get that shape correct then they look odd. Horses have the most beautiful eyes I think.
Jeffi thanks for bringing up the face as you can see I've been trying to avoid it!:evil: I've been waiting for you to get started on your face so I could see how you tackle yours. It's freaking me out because I haven't a clue! Suggestions welcome please:angel: I keep trying to think in terms of structure, shape and planes. I've got a Jack Hamm book on drawing people, and I bought the Lanterri book on anatomy. So hopefully between the book and you all I can get the face believeable.:)

Thanks again all for taking the time to give me your thoughts on my sculpture. I value all your comments your terrific!:) Now back to the work table!


02-18-2002, 12:25 AM
Hi Kathy,
I think your horse is looking good from one end to the other and the rider looks very natural in the saddle. Keep up the good work.

02-18-2002, 12:58 PM
Hi Frank:

Thank you, I will continue to work on this sculpture and make it the best I can. Please continue to look at my work and give advice for improvement where needed. As with painting in order to have it be a success you have to have feeling for your subject. Because of my attachment to my father it gives me an emotional bond which I hope I can add to my sculpture.


max nelson
02-18-2002, 08:53 PM
Kathy..you've stuck to it, changed it a lot and it is starting to get a nice painterly look to it. I really like the rider figure. It has a nice feel to it. The mane is more expressive now and looks more hair like. You could soften the lines in the mane a little. Eyes can be difficult to do but with a little practice they will come along also. Something that I find helpful when having difficulty with a particular form is to practice it on a seperate piece of clay. Then when I feel comfortable as to how to do it go back to the original and make the corrections. The horse is looking pretty authentic down to the legs. The form that gives realism to the front legs are the: bulge of the forearm, the inverted V at the point where the forearm inserts into the muscle at the body level, the squarish shape of the knee, the ball shape of the lower leg(cannon bone) where it ends before the pastern.
On the hind leg there is a general long curving S shape beginning at the body, down along the front edge, over the gaskin and starting to curve back as it goes down. I don't know if I have expressed this very well and avoided as much technical jargon as possible. The rear leg is still somewhat post legged (upright). With just some gentle bending you could bring it into position. I know your photo is poor, so much of what you do will be more 'artistic' than realistic. None of this is meant as critisism. You have done a very credible work here and one to be proud of.

02-19-2002, 01:54 PM
Hi Max: :)

Thank you for your compliments and for your very helpful suggestions. I like the idea of making a practice form of a body part your trying to sculpt. I'll give that a try maybe it will help me resolve my problem with the legs and hooves. I'll continue to work on the muscle structure also.
This piece is certainly giving me experience with lots of subject matter to work on. I think it will help me a lot when I do the next one :D tee hee.
So back to the work table for me :D
As always I appreciate your generous help :D


02-20-2002, 11:18 AM
Hi Kathy

This is lookin' good girl :) Eyes can be a pain in the .... eh? Had to run up to the other puter and find some pics to use. Something I find helpful when doing horses eyes is to first scoop out the area where the eye will be placed as shown below (sorry it's not a better pic). If you look directly at the front of a horses face you can really see where it curves out from the face here.
Then I add a small ball of clay followed by a couple of narrow curved sausage shaped pieces and model them into the surrounding area.

hope this is a little help. It's certainly not neccessary to model everything to exact realististy ... just make it a good illusion LOL Keep up the good work on this Kathy :)


02-20-2002, 01:53 PM
Hi Di:

Hows the quilting lady? tee hee:D After the quilting bee's will there bee :D a new sculpture coming from you? ;) something to do with three figures setting around quilting? hummm ;)
Hey Thank you for the visuals you and Max do come up with the greatest pictures.:clap: (will add your tip to my "tips" folder):angel: I've tried the eyes using both methods of just drawing in the eyes, and hollowing out as you show. Both methods are workable when in the hands of folks like you all.
The problems comes when beginners like me decide to take on something way out of their ability!:( But I'll stay with it until I feel I've done my best given my experience. :) I'm stubborn that way.
Did you ever get that pony fired? I really liked the way you used the two different clay colors.
Well back to the work table :D :evil:

Kathy :D

02-25-2002, 08:06 AM
Hi Kathy

I am sure you'll get those eyes right yet. Maybe try what Max suggested, using another piece of clay to practice...and modelling them larger. Survived the quilting week and my sis-in-law took home ten quilt tops to finish for her students as they earn their black belts. I'll PM you with a pic. Now, I'm back to sculpting...I think. LOL I am also working on a book proposal...but I think I'll try to finish my bunny this week. Didn't get the pony fired yet..thought I'd wait till I have a few thing to take in. I'd really like to start that series of women with miniature quilts soon also. Keep up the good work on this guy.

Di :)

02-25-2002, 09:47 AM
Thought I would add this photo of my horse 'Noah' he's no thoroughbred but he's got lovely eyes!
Really like how your sculpture is coming along, I would like to do one of my horse one day.
I agree with the remarks about the hind legs, theres something not quite right there, but it's not far off.
Keep at it, it's going to be worth it.
Best wishes,

02-25-2002, 01:42 PM
Hi Di:

Hey glad to see your back from the world of quilting. I do admire you quilter's :clap:
Boy, and now a book! What a multi talented gal you be:clap: What type of subject will your book be about? It would be nice to be able to write that well I can barely post:D to threads. lol
Yeah your going to finish the bunny we sure had a lot of fun with that one didn't we :D: :clap:. All kidding aside it's a fine bunny!:D
Missed Ya around here, :( as you have noticed we have some new folks who are doing really nice work. Wait til Max see's all the new folks! :D Hope they continue to post their work and comments. :clap:

Kathy :D

02-25-2002, 01:54 PM
Hi Lisa:

Thank you and yes I'll keep at it for sure:D I'm stubborn! Thank you for the reference image of your horse "Noah" he looks like a fine horse in deed. It was hard to see his eyes, but his nostils show really well and gives me a nice close up of them. You should sculpt this fellow some day for sure:clap: and post to the Sculpture Forum.
I made several changes on the horse since this last posted image. I completely tore out the rear end and redid it. The legs and hooves I think are looking better. Will let you all be the ultimate judges on whether or not they need more work. I have discovered sculpting is like painting in that you need to work everything as a whole.
Thank you for your positive feedback and please I do value everyones comments, suggestions and thoughts. I try to keep and open mind and not get set in my own way of doing things.


02-25-2002, 04:05 PM
Yo kathy :)

What's this...you did all that to your horse and haven't posted new pics yet????? :( Tell you what...I'll post some bunny pics tomorrow and you post pony pics? :D My Mom was kind enough to bring a bunch of my original quilt designs, patterns and boxes of other assorted quilting paraphanalia so I am getting back to work on the book I started planning some time ago back home. It's a quilt book, of course...dunnno if I know enough about anything else to write a book LOL :D I posted an image of one of my most recent and odd ones in the figure forum recently called "Lady in Purple" if you should want to see her.

So, on to horses. What's happening with this guy? Any luck with the eyes yet? You'll get it...you're a natural and this one will be lovely when you're finished. Waiting for pics :)


max nelson
02-25-2002, 06:48 PM
Originally posted by MKathleen
[ I have discovered sculpting is like painting in that you need to work everything as a whole.

Kathy..you have discovered the most important part of sculpting.
To elaborate somewhat, the 'correct' porportions(ones you deem correct for what you want to say), angles, planes and overall shape BEFORE the fine tuning. With this discovery firmly in place you will start breezing thru these things. Sigh, I'm still looking to discover this in my painting...some of us are just slow learners.