View Full Version : Acrylic gesso over used canvas

02-16-2002, 12:20 AM
I've read here before that you can't use acrylic gesso over a used canvas because the gesso will flake off eventually b/c of the oil base of the paint. This intrigues me, because I can't figure out why it is okay to paint oil on acrylic gesso, but not vice versa. Anyone know?

02-16-2002, 04:34 PM
If you want to paint over a used canvas...first you have to consider what is on it. Did you do Impasto? If so my advice is to junk it and use the wood support to hold a new piece of canvas.

If the paint is not thick...scrape it so that it feels flat to the hand. Then sand it...trying to get the canvas flat.

Then apply KILZ which is a super underpaint used by housepainters. This will stick to anything. Then sand the Kilz.

Then apply 2 more coats of either KILZ or Gesso.

that should do it fine.