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02-24-2006, 12:56 AM
Morning All!

Haven't started one of these since October, so I thought I would see if I remembered how.:)

Just wanted to drop in and wish Pat a good birthday party! I hope you are up for all the dancing and trouble making...:D

Have a quieter day here tomorrow. Which is good because there is more snow. Doug is skiing in the Rockies and the children are at school. Aside from 1 hour at the school that Katherine goes to, I have a free day. Guess I'll have to paint.:)

Hi to everyone and HAWLTAIN

Take care.

02-24-2006, 01:34 AM
Hi Christie :wave:...
Hi and good morning everyone here and AWAYTC :wave:...
my girlfriend doesn't feel good today... once she had myoma at her ovaries, and she had been operated some 15 years ago... I fear this is back again :(...
today the weather is colder... yesterday it was a wonderful day...
do you know we have new smileys now... here is one :
HAWLTAIN :grouphug:

02-24-2006, 02:17 AM
Hi Vasil and Christie...........and all yet to come.

Wow Vasil you're right about new smileys.I kind of like this one.......:smug: I can use it when Jimmy beats me to the wash!

Christie congrats on starting the wash:thumbsup:

Would you believe I'm sat here trying to work out which smiley I haven't used yet!:lol: I love this laughing one!!!!!!!!

We have a sprinkling of snow so I'm going to watch the pups reaction to it.

Have a wonderful day everyone


Oh oh Did I beat someone???????:lol: Mike.Olga,Doug;)

02-24-2006, 03:16 AM
Hi everyone:wave:
well of course I had to go advanced to see all the smilies:thumbsup: I have a feeling that this Wash is going to be full of them!

Vasil, so sorry about your girlfriend. Lets hope she is feeling better soon.

Nice day here after a cool start. Summer is on the wane unfortunately, but warm daytime temps still.

Have been out and about today, into town shopping and walking, then home to garden and paint.
Think I'll have an early night tonight, (it's 9.15 pm).
I like going to bed early to read.

Oh before I go, great news today, my eldest sister (who is 68) has just completed her B.A. after about 12 years part-time study!! (She works with people with IH). Of course all the sisters will go to her graduation (in May)!

Nite nite all.
Luv:heart: and huggles:grouphug:

02-24-2006, 05:00 AM
Morning all..:wave:

Thank you for all the (((i))) for Bicky, We have to go this evening, she had a better night, she is asleep by my feet at the moment under the desk on my camera bag, she has eaten a litlle this morning, but is struggling with her breathing.....Part of me doesn't want to take her, I don't want her messed about with, its not fair on her at her age. Her mother was the same age when she went about 2 years ago, after messing about with load of tests I was then told she was too old for an op, and just to let her go, I kept her at home till then, I won't go through that again, it broke my heart watching her.....

Vasil....am thinking of you, hope your girlfriend is ok, get it checked out, it could be something else and you are worrying for nothing :heart: .......

Otter...Thank you for the PM, it was much appreciated....hope it goes well for you today

((((Mike, Jutta and Lulu's friend))))) and lots of :grouphug: to everyone who needs them

Pat...I wish I could be with you tonight, I bet that will be some :music: party:music: ...hope your back holds up, and don't forget it's your birthday, let them wait on you lady.......Best Wishes

Lulu....Good on your sister, wow for acheiving this at 68 .....

:wave: to Christie and Jean

Better get my %*$" in gear.....lots to do

02-24-2006, 05:07 AM
Woot .... Im early !!! Morning All :D

Shouldnt really be here.............. WC! is no longer first in my FLYing routine....but was woken to a white world by Fred barking at the snow ..... all 1.5 inches of it :D

SOME of us used the new smileys yesterday :smug: :lol: All of them ...:heart: you guys

Typing them in 'Quick reply' to see iff Ive got them that way :) and I have :smug:



02-24-2006, 05:19 AM
Morning all :wave:

Just about to post and the site went down :rolleyes:

Happy Half Century to Pat! :lol: :wink2: - see you tonight.

Well, I joined the "Birds of the World" challenge - it will keep me painting and at that size I will be able to go into lots of detail - I love it!

Hope it's good news about your girlfriend, Vasil.

Murky morning here with a little sleet earlier - but what's this? I think I see a break in the clouds over there :clap:

Off for a browse - BBL

EDIT: Oops! Ruth has just told me Europa's birthday is on Monday! :rolleyes:


02-24-2006, 06:00 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:clap: :clap:

Vasil,I hope your girlfriend will be okay.I agree its best to get things checked out eraly.It could be anything at all so at least seeing someone early could put your mind at rest.:heart:

Stephie.I'm so sorry.My heart goes out to you as I love all my pets so much.I'll be thinking of you today.Could you post some more photos of Bicky please if it isn't too heartbreaking for you? I've shed so many tears over pets over the years so I really feel for you.Huge hugs.:heart:

Oh Doug Im confused now.Happy Birthday to Pat for Monday!:lol:

02-24-2006, 06:54 AM
Good Morning Everyone,

Christie, Congrats for starting the wash, sure is a different life style you have out there, Doug is in the Rockies Skiing! sounds like fun.

Happy Birthday Greetings to Pat.
[B]Vasil, My heart go's out to you and your girlfriend, hope all gets well.

oh dear! she's beat me to the honey pot again, tell the World why don't you:smug: :p
I'm not rattled really, I let her, you know who, miss smartie pants, Jean :p beat me, I was doing more other important things, :smug: so there! :rolleyes: go suck on somebody elses lollie!

Well we do have a brighter start day here, the sun is shining, but with a lot of cloud around. No snow here Jean!!! but it's been a bitterly cold week, you can say that again. OK it's been a bitterly cold week
she you know who is not getting to me I promise :rolleyes:

Back in a minute, W/C is taking a break so continuing in Word.

No Im not Im watching Charles Evans paint water colours, I have seen the whole series, saved the whole series, and I still go and watch it on TV, am I mad or what??? Dont you dare answer that Jean.
yes I :heart: the new smilies,:thumbsup: althought it's not all smiles today? while I've been away Doug has crept in the backdoor again LOL :lol:

err confusion all round now Doug

morning (just) Stephie, Jaytee, Lulu,

Heyup just like JAWS it's back the second time!!! :eek: derum:music: derum:music: derum:music: it's Jeeeeean:lol: :p

02-24-2006, 07:19 AM
Good Morning all,
It is just past 7:00 a.m. here in Ohio. Like Doug, I was all set to say "Hi" earlier when WC took a little break. Glad I was able to get back before it is time to start breakfast. We're going continental this a.m. Smoked Dutch Gouda cheese, apple slices, and and English Muffin, with juice and coffee, of course.

Weren't those ladies ice skating finals terrific! The skater I was routing for won Gold! I really like the way the Japanese skater looks on the ice. She is grace personified and yet she does these fantastic jumps and makes them look easy! I was glad to see the Turkish skater do well and my namesake Italian one also did very nicely. Too much angst with the top American and top Russian skaters for me. I'm looking forward to watching the skating exhibition of all the winners this evening. No judging to make them nervous, just beautiful skating routines. I keep telling Larry, it's only every 4 years! He's a good sport about it, keeps threatening to watch the summer Olympics, but I know that's a hollow threat. :smug: He's not a sports fan. :lol:

Johnnie, I would love to have watched the skating while it was going on, but I am stuck here in the States with the one channel that is broadcasting the Olympics and I have to take it when they chose to put the events on. Maybe if I had satellite TV I could watch them live, but in the meantime, this is as good as it gets for me. Of course, I can always watch curling or hockey live because they seem to broadcast them when they are happening, but they save the skating for prime time. I kept turning off the radio whenever they would talk about the Olympics because I didn't want to hear who won ahead of time.

Where did the group hug smilie go? I don't see it today. :grouphug: See if I can type it in and make it work.

Guess I'll be Flying this morning. It is our monthly heavy cleaning day. Shouldn't be too bad, I did the oven earlier in the week after cooking a roast pork last Sunday it needed it.

Have two more books arriving today so will be doing some heavy reading most of the day. Hope to splash a little bit of color on my Mom's World's Fair painting when I take a break though.

I think Pat is having a birthday party at Wigan today, but her birthday isn't until next week. Have a good time at the party, Pat, but not TOOOO much of a good time, if you know what I mean. :rolleyes: :thumbsup:

Vasil, Sorry to hear your friend is ill. Hope she feels better soon. Be sure to put her in the White Light thread. It does help! I can attest to that. :D

Waving :wave: to Christie, Doug, Jean, Jimmy, Lulu, Billy, Stephie, and all who are yet to come.



Ellen in Ont
02-24-2006, 08:04 AM
:wave: everyone,

I had three phone calls from work between 5:30 and 6:30 asking to work different shifts. I finally agreed to nightshift tonight to get some sleep but by then I was wide awake.:rolleyes: I want to do some painting today because the day just slipped away yesterday - just not enough hours.

Christie have a great painting day

Vasil so sorry to hear about your girlfriend. I agree that getting it checked out early is always best

Jean I love watching my sons dog in the snow. You cant go out to shovel the walkways without him. He sits on the end of his leash and barks until you throw the shovelfuls of snow at him. He leaps in the air biting the snow. He will do this all day if our arms lasted that long.

Lulu sounds like a great day! And if summer is on the way out for you it means it is heading our way.:clap: Congratulations to your sister. What an accomplishment!

Stephie I am so sorry Bicky is suffering. I went through that a couple of years ago. Our cat was having the same problem and died on the way in to the vet to be put down. It breaks your heart every time you lose a fur friend. Hugs for both (((((you and Bicky))))).

Jaytee Flylady isnt for me. I always check in hear first. :D Does Fred like playing in the snow?

Pat wish I could join you tonight. The party sounds great and making it last until your birthday on Monday sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the big 5 0 :thumbsup:

Doug good morning. Are you really going to brave Pats party tonight?

Jimmy how cold is bitterly cold there? It is minus 28 right now. :rolleyes:

Sylvia I wondered where you were. Breakfast sounds great. I am off to get a cuppa and a banana.

Gotta get going or today will be gone as well. BBL

02-24-2006, 08:22 AM
Good Morning Washers from the land of brilliant sunshine!!! I actually had to lower the blinds a little so I could see my monitor!! It's cold and snow is predicted for tomorrow, but today the world is golden...

Matt is off to school... Ted is sleeping in this morning... he's on his days off and doesn't go back till his night shifts next Thursday... I suspect that we'll be gathering up all the branches and stuff blown around from our recent wind storms... With the ground frozen, it's an easier job than waiting till spring when everything is soft and spongey from the early rains...

I worked on my tulip painting a little more, yesterday... the main tulip is a heavily shaded yellow and I've been taking my time with it... I've been glazing, so there's lots of waiting time between layers... I think that Uschi might paint the same reference, so it should really be fun to see her approach!

I should have gone to the grocery store yesterday, but was feeling a little punky... going to do that this morning...


Congratulations on starting the Wash, Christie!!! I :lol: at Katherine's belly flop story... My cousin, a drama queen, was angry with her husband and slamming doors in the kitchen (several years ago)... She slammed one of the cupboard doors so hard that it broke her finger and her husband had to take her to the hospital... hehehe

Vasil... hoping that your girlfriend's illness clears up quickly... White light beaming to her...

:wave: Jean... did the dogs have fun playing in the snow?

Woo hoo!! Congratulations to your Sister, Lulu!

A very gentle (()) for Bicky and a firm ((())) for you, Stephie! I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you all day...

Hi JT... I can't make the bed yet 'cause hubby's still in it... and can't get dressed yet 'cause hubby is still sleeping... But... the dishes are put away and the sink is shiny and clean... My grocery list is made out... I have to take the garbage I collected, during yesterday's decluttering, to the dump...
Feels good, eh?

Hi Doug... you'll have fun with this latest Challenge, I'm sure... Is Pat's party tonight? Maybe that's why you thought her 1/2 Century event is today...

Speaking of Challenges... JT... aren't you due to post another macro????

:lol: Jimmy... I think I understood about 1/3 of what you typed!!!

Hi Syl... We're really lucky because we have satellite TV... and have been watching most of the events *live*... it's thrilling to say the least... and I LOVE the summer Olympics, too... hehehe... more books... *sigh*... you'll be rolling in dough and able to buy that new computer soon!!! :smug: :rolleyes: :D

Hi Ellen... The Office is always calling Ted for extra shifts, too... he refuses most of them because the tax man gets such a big chunk... you need to think about taking some time for you, young lady!!! You're way too young to burn out... ((()))

I really can't do much till hubby gets up, so I'm off to the Gallery...

:grouphug: HAWLTAIN and Soup!!!

02-24-2006, 08:28 AM
Good Morning, Washer Folks ...

40F gray, drippy, dreary on my hilltop... And I have to
go out on errands later ... milk run, gasoline, pharmacy...

Vasil, yes, do put your lady in the White Light thread.
We do care ...

I like the new smilies too, but how to do them in Quick
Reply? I had to go Advanced to see them...

Pat, HAPPY BIRTHDAY weekend.... knowing you the party will
go on as long as you can hold up for it.

(((Stephie/Bicky))) being a non-pet person I am an
isolated minority, but most of my friends are pet owners,
and I do understand your grief ... Think Rainbow Bridge...

I HOPE to sit down sometime this weekend, and get at least
a little ink and/or paint on my Church portrait... Don't
understand at all why I am procrastinating on it... It will
be a nice one when I do get it done...

I know there are others I should mention, but coffee hasn't
revved my brain cells yet... so

:wave: HAWLTAIN, Soup and :grouphug: (I found them!)

BBL... JustJo

02-24-2006, 08:37 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!!

How wonderful to wake up to bright sunshine pouring into the room instead of pitch dark!!!! But, another snow storm is on the way.

Yesterday evening was a lot of fun, my company left at 10;30 p.m. so I had to rush upstairs to watch skating (wonderful!!!) and all the mess is waiting for me to be cleaned up this morning, it will only take me 1/2 hour, no big deal.

I think today is a painting day!!!!

Vasil, wishing your partner well. I sure hope it is just a minor thing.

Lulu CONGRATULATIONS to your sister!!! I don't know how she could hang in there that long, after about 4 years of part time I took time off work and finished full time. Couldn't stand this never ending exam looming or essay due.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Stephie))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))):heart:

and (((((((((((((((((((((((((((Otter))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))):heart:

JT, keep flying:thumbsup:

Happy Birthday Party to Pat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:wave: to Christie, Jimmie and Sylvia!!!

While I was typing Ellen, Char and Jo posted but I will post mine before reading theirs or I'll be sitting here all morning keeping up with posts.

02-24-2006, 08:53 AM
Morning wishy washies :wave:

Gorgeous morning here too!

Happy Party Day Pat!...
or should I say Happy Marathon Party Weekend Pat!:thumbsup:

(((Vasil and girlfriend, Otter, Bicky and Stephie)))

Went gallery hopping and to lunch with two painter friends...and we have decided to start a critique group....we will meet about every 2 months...bring what we are working on...and critique each other and give suggestions etc....We are starting with 5 in the group.....It will give me added incentive to work within the series I've started...I'd like to have at least 5 finished before our first meeting...:clap:

LOL mike yesterday...15 minute sink cleaning...no...de-clutter for 15 min...and clean your sink....LOL visual> :lol: :D though there have been times that it would take 15 minutes to clean all the stuff accumulated in the sink :o ...but that's why I'm trying to "fly" (my wings are way too small so far :))

Have a loverly day!

02-24-2006, 08:58 AM
((((Stephie)))) will be thinking of you and Bicky today.

It snowed all night here so will need to shovel again. Looks pretty though. Dogs love being in it and where about playing around for about 15 minutes before they got too cold (it's only about -14 C right now). Aero "helps" when we shovel. She sticks her head into the snow banks and then pulls it out, spraying freshly shoveled snow everywhere.:D If we need to do a perfect job (can't imagine why!), she stays inside.:)

Vasil, I hope that your girlfriend will feel better soon.

Ellen, when I worked shift work, my mum ALWAYS used to phone while I was sleeping. I think that she thought I was being lazy by sleeping in.:D I can laugh about it now... Hope you get to your painting today.

Jo, get to work on that painting! You'll feel better if you do.:)

Ooops, better go watch for the bus! Or I'll have the boy home with me alll day!:D

Hi to everyone else.

Take care.

02-24-2006, 09:05 AM
Good Afternoon Washgang :wave:

We're having a sunshiny day, temperatures are freezing but it's too glorious a day to stay inside!!! So i did some gardening: raked the lawn to give my yet to come blooming beauties a good start, cleaned the bird feeding house and talked to the roses. I admit, the gardening was not good for my arms but soooo good for the soul!!! :)

Then i ran a few errands for my neighbor and finally went to the framers to pick up my paintings.:clap: WOW do they ever look GRAND when framed!! On a couple of them he didn't know which side was up to attach a hook :eek: .... MEN!!!

I'll make some Photos as soon as i find the camera (yeah:rolleyes: ... i know ... FLYlady--> shine your sink, find your camera)

Otter, I'm taking Azathioprin for immunsuppression which also keeps down (usually) the infections. For severe pain i take Diclofenac, works alright if not i have to take the 3-day cortison therapy which i hate!
I'm so sorry that you have to take pain medication at such short intervals, but it's a good thing that you've found some that work for you. {{{{{ Otter }}}}}


Have I ever said how much I admire and love your outlook on life?

If not, consider it said!

You are a joy to behold!


I think you too, JT :)

Pat, i'm glad you're feeling better!! I LOVE the poem. I'll sent it to Tim :evil: Have a great party tonight!! Maybe there will be a toyboy-cake http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/24-Feb-2006/32313-20514-banana2.gif

Vasil, sorry about your girlfriend. Hope that she will be feeling better real soon!

Stephie, you're doing the right thing. {{{{Bicky}}}}

:heart: and :grouphug:



02-24-2006, 09:35 AM
Hi ALL!!:wave:

It's been a while since I've visited the wash. Just been SO BUSY! BUT I HAVE been reading it.

I'm SO GLAD it's Friday...just feel a bit exhausted this week. :rolleyes: We've had many cut backs here at work and everyone has been on edge. Just waiting to get the axe is NOT most peoples idea of fun!! I'm safe though. WHEW!!!

My DH is doing okay. STILL have him under 'house arrest' though :lol: until his surgery on March 13th. ;) His blood tests are every couple of days to make sure it's staying as thin as they want it so that no more clots will form causing more TIA's. They have already had to up his blood thinners once. He's trying to be good.:D

School is going well and I aced my first Art History II test! :angel: LOVE ART HISTORY...thinking that is what I should have went into....it's NEVER too late hey?? This year I'm going to be celebrating the same birthday as PAT!!


((((((((())))))))) to all those in need of white light and hugs today.

Wonderful sunshine today even though that wind is bone chilling. LOVE these longer days.:cool:


02-24-2006, 09:38 AM

Bright sunshiny day here! 46 F. at 9:30 a.m.

Muppet and I survived a tossy-turny-waking-every-hour night last night. I'll need a nap later! :wink2:

:grouphug: HAWLTAIN

Love the new smilies!

May your today be better than your yesterday, and may your tomorrow be fabulous!


02-24-2006, 09:57 AM
:grouphug: just trying the group hug! works for me Sylvia :thumbsup:

:wave: Jutta, Lauren, Christie, Uschi,

Jo, that procrastinating thing??? it keeps popping up in the wash! sounded so painful I had to look it up, so releaved to find out it meant (Deferring)

I thought it was something a man dodged LOL :rolleyes: :eek:

Sylvia, 28 below hmmmm!!! maybe a smidges warmer than that :lol: :eek:

Jimmy... I think I understood about 1/3 of what you typed!!! only a 1/3rd??? what don't you understand :confused: :o :crying:

02-24-2006, 10:14 AM
Many thanks for your concern, and I will definitely go for the white light thread, though I found out that I haven't been there for quite a long time...

So now she is home and has some pain... she got an appointment from her doctor for 17:00 o'clock on monday evening... I urged her to go directly to a hospital as she has a health insurance but she is still insisting for monday evening... women :rolleyes:... I hope the pain calms down at least over the weekend... as I told you she was operated some 15 years ago and it wasn't anything bad... 6 months ago in a check-up they told her they have seen some small cysts again but she didn't took it so seriously... I hope it is not malign...

02-24-2006, 10:21 AM
Anfield Jimmy: Sylvia, 28 below hmmmm!!! maybe a smidges warmer than that... Joining Char in puzzlement, Jimmy, :confused: :D

Darla, I took an Art History class when I was in college and loved it, but had so many other courses to study for, I couldn't really enjoy it. Know what I mean. Then, when we were stationed in Italy shortly before my husband retired from the Air Force, I took another one from a wonderful instructor at the base who came down from teaching in Rome at the college there to teach us one night a week. I LOVED it. Best of all, being in Italy, we could actually see some of the great art in person. What we couldn't see, our instructor had slides garnered from his time spent teaching in Italy over the years. I still have the text book we used. I should get it out and go over it once again.

Ellen, When my DH and I want to take a reposo in the afternoon and not be awakened by unwanted phone calls, I just go to the little button on the side of the phone that says "Off; Lo; Hi" and move it to the Off place. It works, give it a try. If it is important, they will always call back later. :evil:

Jutta, Framing ALWAYS makes your paintings look 100% better. I have a white mat to use around my paintings to see if they are finished, and I think it was Uschi who recommends putting a piece of plexiglass over them too. What that does is give you the impression of how they will look framed. It also helps you see problem areas more clearly.

I used the typed words "grouphug" but with colons in front and behind instead of quotation marks and it worked for me too. In fact, Jo, if you want to put the Smilies in the Quick Reply window, you can do it that way for all of them. Just substitute : in place of the " here in this list: "confused" :confused:; "clap" :clap:; "angel" :angel:; "music" :music:, etc. Have fun.

Finished my cleaning and the Fed Ex person just dropped off my two new books. I'm actually getting to read some very interesting books with ethnic themes that I probably wouldn't have read if I weren't doing this project. Today I'll be starting on Raisin in the Sun. Should be interesting.



02-24-2006, 11:09 AM
Anfield Jimmy: Sylvia, 28 below hmmmm!!! maybe a smidges warmer than that...

Joining Char in puzzlement, Jimmy,
Dare I say Procrastinating to the above ^ :lol: it's called British humour? :rolleyes: taking the mick? :evil: well not literally I'm not like that, :angel: I'm happy go lucky, life is too short sort of guy! maybe its my English twang or sayings? you've got me confused now. :confused: :lol:

Little Old Lady
02-24-2006, 11:22 AM
Most of the new and old smilies are not showing up.
So far behind. It now takes 15 to 20 seconds for each email to open up. Tried defragging and adware but nothing changed. Any ideas?
Thsi should take the place of "Have a good one" and "Alphabet soup" if it works and I can be lazier.

02-24-2006, 01:57 PM
Hello again everyone.:wave:

Well Bailey has had a ball today. The snow quickly cleared but he was hysterical to watch.Ellen there was hardly enough for me to pick up and he was so excited he kept grabbing my arm if I tried!

The funniest thing was watching him go to drink water from his outside bowl as it had frozen solid.:lol: I half expected his tounge to stick to the ice.The look on his face was priceless and I'm realising I MUST learn how to use my digital now!:o

I took both the dogs for a very long walk this morning as the woods just looked so gorgeous with snowdrops all over the place.Bailey can't walk anywhere.He has to rur as fast as his legs will carry him and he literally flies over fallen tree trunks.There's something about watching a puppy that makes you feel like a child again.He had me jumping over logs too just to see what it felt like.Thank heavens the woods are deserted!:p

I'm worried for Stephie.:grouphug: I feel she needs a huge hug right now.:heart:

To everyone who has been talking about flylady you've made me start Spring cleaning early so the charity shop are going to be thrilled tomorrow.My home is spotless and now its time to work on my Art studio.That WILL be fun!:p

See you all soon,Vasil I'm sure it will be something simple that can be treated.I'll keep you both in my prayers just in case.


I miss Banxy and Spritey and.....the man with the bag over his head !

02-24-2006, 02:35 PM
Man, where has the day gone.... I know Char ....I am busy today for sure. :p

I hope I can break out of this painting slump I am in. Can't get anything going.....tried a landscape the other day laid down the sky and base colors to some dried grasses and YUCK popped it off the board...more scape paper.:mad: Have a portrait drawn of one of the Grandkids. still there with no paint on it for two weeks now... Oh well got to do my last flower this weekend maybe that will get me going...


02-24-2006, 04:01 PM
Oh Sylvia...to actually SEE those wonderful artifacts that Italy :envy: has must have been quite the treat for you! It sounds like you really enjoyed it and I can understand why!! I'd LOVE to visit Italy someday.

02-24-2006, 04:11 PM
Good Friday, washers and washerettes

accomplished a trip to the gym to swim, the grocery store and the PO to ship EBAT sales....it is WAY too beautiful today to stay inside....40 degrees and we got 5 inches of fresh white snow last night...it won't stay long

Happy Birthday, Pat!!

02-24-2006, 04:25 PM
Just a quickie...read everything

I started on Ruth's tulips and the yellow is NOT going too well, keeping Char's hardship with it company. My biggest problem is that Yellow will not allow you to erase pencil marks and no matter how light they show through as if one had done some pen and ink, the shading is another story :eek :eek: :rolleyes:

Since I had quite a bit of spagetty sauce left over from last night, plus salad stuff, plus desserts (others brought it) plus wine (others brought it) I decided to have both my sons and family over for supper. Since one of the DILs and her two boys eat only VEGAN I'll have to do a bit of cooking and buy some Samosas (a lot easier than making them).

More Hugs for Stephie!!!!

:eek: the group hug disappeared :crying:
:wave: Uschi

02-24-2006, 04:35 PM

Nope here it is Uschi. You have to click on [more] and scroll down it is at the bottom, I just don't think it is hugging anymore however.

02-24-2006, 04:51 PM
\Just popping in to say hi to everyone. Today is my birthday. Turning 60, now that is a scary thought. We are going out in a few minutes to my daughter's home for a birthday celebration get together. Happy Birthday party to Pat have fun. Wow there are alot of us here who have birthdays in Feb. Well I'm being summoned - must go. Cheers

02-24-2006, 04:52 PM
AAAAAAAaaargh! I lost my whole post :(

02-24-2006, 05:00 PM
Trying again!

Hiya! :)

Busy day, got lots done!

We bought a DVD recorder yesterday, absolute bargain at 69.99 from Aldi. Only problem was to get it working I had to re-organise the spaghetti behind the TV! :eek: No luck yesterday, so we abandoned it.

Play resumed to day, refreshed, and after 2 hours the DVD was talking to the TV, the Sky box talking to the DVD and the VCR communicating with all of the above! :clap: I've progressed, and recorded Charles Evans this morning, then transferred him to the computer. Next, I want to transfer my videos to DVD!

I wrote personal responses to several of you, but can't remember them all.......

Char and Uschi, why do you think I avoid the yellow tulips? ;)

CRS :(

Big hugs to all, and white light,


02-24-2006, 05:15 PM

HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:clap: :clap::clap:

I hope you have a wonderful day

Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you.........:music:


Lots of warm wishes for the best birthday ever.


02-24-2006, 05:41 PM
:heart: :music: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRISH :music: :heart:

Found my camera in the bathroom

Here's the other bust(head i made
First take (Isis walked right through it :rolleyes: )

Second take

As you can see he is definitely the Latin Lover kinda guy. She's a pit palish :D and somewhat bigger them him.

I'm calling it a day
Night night to all


Ellen in Ont
02-24-2006, 05:57 PM
Happy Birthday Trish :thumbsup:

Just getting ready for work and had to check my email first of course. :)

Jimmie, I think what was confusing Sylvia was you linking her with the minus 28. That was me but it has warmed up to minus 11 right now.:rolleyes:

Char and Uschi - I am going to be joining your struggle with Ruth's tulips. I have to sit and do a demo for the opening of our art show at our museum next Wednesday. I have drawn them out and will start working on them beforehand though. Thanks for the warning about the pencil marks Uschi. Any more tips would be appreciated.:D

Jean - your dogs sounds like they loved the adventure (and you as well).

Stephie - let us know how things turned out at the vet. (((hugs)))

Pat's party must be in full swing now. :D

Jutta - love the bright colours on those heads.

Gotta run and shower. I'll try and check in later from work depending on how busy it is.

02-24-2006, 06:11 PM
Hi everyone... groceries have been got and put away... what an awful, awful chore that one is!!! Matt will come home from work tonight and open the fridge or the cupboards... close them disgustingly and announce that there's never anything to eat in this house! :lol:

Uschi, Ruth and Ellen... I have ONE more petal to finish on that big yellow tulip and then it's finished... sheesh... it took as long to do it as all the other tulips combined... after all is said and done, that heavy shading really is gorgeous!

Putting on my Party Hat by proxy...

Happy Birthday Trish!!!

I have a wedding rehearsal this evening... I don't usually *do* the rehearsals, but my couple felt more comfortable having one...

Pam... keep your snow... although... I bet it looks beautiful and bright!

Jutta... they look terrific on your deck! Hope your arms are feeling better...

Mike... did you join the Bird Challenge??? Everyone suffers these periods from time to time... it has something to do with fantabulous artistic growth!!! Honest!!

I bought a DVD recorder for Ted as a Christmas gift... he can't get it working right... and he won't let Matt do it (he knows he should just let the boy do it and get it over with... hehehe)...

:wave: to everyone... I need to see if there's something to eat in this house... hehehe

02-24-2006, 06:44 PM
Happy Birthday, Trish

Happy Party Weekend, Pat. Loved the poem

Vasil, hope your girlfriend is better soon.

We went to the Flywheelers Event today - and what is that you may ask? Well it's 100s of old tractors and other engines and other old stuff. I'm not kidding; lots of people apparently are into this. After 5 tractors they kinda ran together to me but DH keep exclaining over each variation :D I did see some late 1940s John Deere toys like my brother had. One really big tractor was yellow and a 1957 Cockshulle made in Canada - folks were really checking that out since it was the only one of that brand. Lots of Farmalls and Deeres for sure! Also a large steam engine running a sawmill - that was neat. Plus odd things like a replica hog slaughter building with all the implements of someone's father's hog building - there were lots of notes and pictures showing all the steps in the process in 1910. Wish I'd taken a sketch book but will next year - I think this is a big yearly occasion for retired folks down here :D Here's their web address: www.floridaflywheelers.org/

Teufel, our ShidTsu got a bad haircut down here. Plus she wouldn't behave so didn't get her head done. I guess she didn't like the groomer and really does try to pull away when they get near her face. However she always comes out OK at the regular groomers at home - ah the perils of traveling :)

It's almost 7 so I better go back to the RV and look interested in supper :)

WLAHTAIN and :grouphug: to all

02-24-2006, 06:45 PM
Hiya! :wave:
Had to lurch out of Lurkdom to see the new smilies :cool: but nothing else to report. So just a


:wave: TTFN


02-24-2006, 07:48 PM
(((((Stephie and furbaby)))))


Nothing much to report here. Have been housebound for the last few days, only venturing out to pick up supplies is all.

Micheline gets very tired. today is a good day tho, and she is looking forward to her sister coming tomorrow.

We are going to be beading. I am looking forward to that as I have never made bracelets and necklaces before.. I brought some really pretty beads over from Australia to make Tania a nice bracelet/necklace set..:)


02-24-2006, 08:43 PM
Mike... did you join the Bird Challenge??? Everyone suffers these periods from time to time... it has something to do with fantabulous artistic growth!!! Honest!!

Boy I hope so. Yes I did join the challenge. I am hoping that it has the same affect on my painting that the ACEO Flower one did. This has a new twist, my wife wants the paintings and will pick the birds each week. I actually do thrive on pressure.

02-24-2006, 09:38 PM
hi everyone:wave:
Want to wish Trish a very happy 60th birthday! Jutta, love those busts!

and also to say hi to JJ. How nice to be making beads. Love and prayers for you and Micheline JJ.

02-24-2006, 09:58 PM
Poking my nose in before shutting down for the night...

It's a good thing I agreed to a wedding rehearsal... There are 4 children (his and hers) in the wedding party and they are DEMONS!! OhMyGawsh... Keeping some kind of control tomorrow will be a challenge at best!

Beading sounds like fun, JJ!!! Enjoy!

:lol: Judy... you can stay a little longer... we won't bite... :cat:

Hi Amelia... I love those kinds of festivals!!

:wave: Lulu

Mike... before you painted all those flowers, you were intimidated by the white paper!!! Now... you just need to wait for your muse to find you... You WILL be fine, I promise!

It's bitter cold out this evening and I'm sure that *weather* is approaching... been munching on ibuprofen most of the day... tonight will be a tramacet night...

So... G'nite, sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite! See you in the morning!


02-24-2006, 09:59 PM
Family just left and my kitchen is in exactly the same state as it was last night :eek: So same routine tomorrow morning.

I'm 1/4 done with the painting am trying different yellow combinations :rolleyes: :eek: Tomorrow I am invited out for lunch and then for supper, plus the kitchen cleaning, so won't have time to paint and on Sunday it is my turn to cook brunch so no time then either, won't get back to it until Monday and I hope to God I can remember what colour combinations I used so it can look harmonious. I am doing LARGE!!

HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY Trish (Pat)!!!

Jutta - LOVE the pair!!!!

JJ, beading sounds like a lovely, relaxing thing for both of you to enjoy!!!!

I wonder if Pat's party is still going, It is 3:00 a.m. over there.

Will see what's on 20/20 and then to bed, I am tired!
:wave: Uschi

Mark G
02-24-2006, 11:05 PM

Hope you have a wonderful one.

Stephie - sorry to hear about your cat. I have two dogs and I am not looking forward to the days when they are too old.....:crying:

Vasil - hope all is ok with your girlfriend.

:wave: to all the rest - time to get some drawing in.


02-25-2006, 12:28 AM
Hello washers and washerettes......

Sitting here watching the olympic skater doing their candid stuff - no judging......

Pat - I saved your poem, I know I will need it one day.
My loving son, Mike, says he wants to build a small apartment for me over his garage - but I don't think he realizes what this entails.......

Darla - hate to have the reason for your livlihood hanging over your head and in someone else's hands.

Sylvia - Isn't Raisin in the Sun an oldie? Or do they have a new rendition that needs proofing?


Jutta - just love your busts! They are georgeous.

Good night all - 9:30 p.m. here.