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02-22-2006, 12:58 AM
hello students!

I have decided to post a reply i made concerning a NASAD (National Association of Schools of Art and Design) question that was posted in this forum. In the post I have written about my experiences with NASAD as an instructor/assistant professor in two schools that went through the accreditation or reaccreditation process. First here is a link to NASAD's site.


Below is my response and opinion concerning schools with or without NASAD accreditation.

"Re: 2 questions: NASAD important? Good university painting programs?

A NASAD accredited school is a bonus in my opinion. I have worked for two schools that have gone through the accreditation or reaccreditation process with NASAD. If you are unsure what NASAD requires from its participants (universities/art institutes), then allow me to share my experiences with you. The two schools I am referring to went through very rigorous inspections which dealt with some of the following items.

*Teacher to student ratios

*Full time Teacher vs Part time teacher ratios

*Facilities inspections which evaluate whether the schools space is adaquate for designated class type. (for example, are the sculpture studios large enough for the class size, and do they have the proper equipment and tools etc)

*Facilities inspections which evaluate the safety and emergency procedures for a space the school has designated for art classes. ( is there enough ventilation in the painting studios, eye rinses and first aide in visible areas etc)

*The programs of study (BFA in painting for example, and its size and course make up. They check to see if the degree meets a minimum standard in terms of credit hours and content. Many times they force schools to streamline and reduce classes that are redundant. They also check to see if the programs are adaquately supported by the instituion)

*The art department's published materials (They are good at finding descrepencies between things , such as the department's website, vs its printed materials. They are looking for clarity and readablity for the student / consumer)

*Faculty ( they interview faculty members and request that resumes/CV's be accessable to the public.)

These are just a few things that I have noticed . As I mentioned they are very rigurous with their inspections and demanding with their requests of the departments. All of these seem to me, to be in the best interest of the student. That being said, it is not easy for a school to aquire accreditation and if you can find one with the NASAD mark, good for you. Feel a bit more confident in the quality of that instituion. If your prospective school is not in the NASAD group, I wouldnt be completely discouraged. Many good schools are unable to conform to one or more of the organizations requests, and fail to recieve accreditation. This doesnt mean those schools are necessarily horrifying or inadaquate - they just dont fit NASAD's ideal model.

Hope this insider info helps. Please keep in mind I am not an authority on NASAD and its requirements. I am just sharing my experiences with NASAD.

Mike "

02-22-2006, 08:17 AM
Thanks Mike! That is helpful to know! I've also heard that grad schools look more favorably upon the graduates of NASAD schools, which is yet another bonus.

02-22-2006, 04:02 PM
Thanks for the good info, Mike :D