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02-13-2002, 02:13 PM
Hi San Francisco Bay Area artists,
Due to a last minute cancellation, I have one opening in an upcoming workshop. I would like to invite you to join my workshop on academic figure drawing this coming weekend through Tuesday. Here is the blurb, and a picture sample of the technique:

The French Academic Nude
Instructor: Rebecca Alzofon
In four days of morning demonstrations and
afternoon practice, learn how to use red chalks
to make beautiful full figure studies from the
nude. Students will work 16 hours on a single pose.
Saturday thru Tuesday
February 16 - 19
9 AM - 5 PM
L'Atelier du Garage
Atherton, California
Saturday. Finding the outline
Sunday. Simple lights and shadow
Monday. Small variation, and a sense of direction
Tuesday. Final hatching
**Paper and two shades of red chalk provided**

You bring:
/ lunch
/ firm, light weight 31 X 23 drawing board -- I like
the hollow wood drawing boards, widely available in
art supply stores (often at discount) -- you can also
cut a piece of Masonite, and then attach a piece of
smooth illustration board (same dimensions as
/ Factis eraser
/ kneaded eraser
/ 3/16 inch diameter, 12 inch long wooden dowel
/ single edge razor, or other very sharp cutting
/ fine and coarse sandpaper
/ small sketch/note pad and sharp #B pencil
/ clean chamois
/ large stump
/ optional: portcrayon
/ low tack drafting tape, or...
...2 large, softly sprung art clips that fit on your
/ old towel, or paper towels
/ cushion for folding chair, if you need one
$175. No partial day tuition.
Questions? e-mail: [email protected]