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K Taylor-Green
02-13-2006, 10:27 AM
Good morning everyone! Welcome to the Scumble, our weekly chat thread where we share things going on in our lives. Here we discuss our kids, jobs, family, and pets. So come on in and share!

I have been rather busy, setting up a new computer. From Windows 98SE to Windows XP is a big change. I'm still learning about it. :rolleyes: I am not the most computer savy person around. I was almost 50 before I got my first one, so this has been an experience. So far, I am pleased.

For anyone who did not stop in over the weekend, Molly (watergirl) lost her beloved canine companion of many years.
This revelation and it's inherent sadness brought to light the plight of another dog, an older Huskie living in less than humane condidtions in New Jersey.
Jennifer (jmp) was telling us of this poor animal's pitiful living conditions while she considered reporting this incident to her local Humane Society. Several of us urged her to do so, myself included. I am hoping she stops into the Scumble and lets us know how this is going.

02-13-2006, 11:29 AM
I just caught up on the weekend thread. Molly, my heart does bleed for you. I went through the same thing last June with my sweet little Merlin, and I miss him so much still. Brings tears to my eyes just typing this. But at least I can also now think of a lot of happy memories of him too, and I hope you will have that as well.

Jennifer, I was so upset to read about your neighbor's dog. Anything new there? Poor old thing. Why would people like that even bother to have a dog? Grrr. I helped a friend who worked with a dog rescue group for a while, and I could not comprehend the reasons some folks got rid of their dogs! "We redcorated and the dog no longer goes with the decor". "The kids don't want to walk him or play with him anymore" I just hate it that people think of these sweet and loyal living creatures as disposable commodities. And if the dog has housebreaking problems whose fault is that? My 14-year-old Maggie has some continence issues these days, but how could I hold that against a loyal companion of so many years. Maggie now wears diapers and it keeps me sane, and still allows her the freedom of the house that she has alwasy enjoyed.

My week was pretty good. I' m still pursing the Artist's Weigh weight-loss effort and was down another 2 pounds this week, for a total of 14 since Jan. 2. Of course I got dumped with two feet of snow yesterday! My shoulders are sore today from the shoveling, though a couple ibuprofen seems to have taken the edge off. At least the snow gave me a good excuse to stay in yesterday and relax and try to paint (I say "try" since I was not crazy with what I was working on and stopped after 45 minutes). At least Saturday I'd taken my dad out to breakfast, and then on a ride out to a lake in NJ called Deer Lake (which I have actually posted a painting of in the SPS a few weeks ago) where we used to go when I was kid. We both got a chuckle out of all the "Bear Warning Horns" they have scattered all over the grounds. Bears were never a problem when I was a kid, but the NJ bear population has exploded and they are now quite a menace all over the place.

I'm looking forward to seeing the plans for Cori's house. I adore house plans. I've even been known to buy those "200 house plans" sort of magazines you sometimes see at the supermarket, or places like Home Depot, just to drool over all the cool plans and envisioning myself living in those houses.

Sooz, sorry to hear about the sleep test. Gosh, it sounds awful to me, and I'm sure I'd have a dreadful panic attack if I ever had to attempt such a thing. I wish you the best.

Now to a new week. After our big blizzard the weather will be warming up al all week, so I hope much of the snow will melt. Walking was dangerously treacherous to the bus stop this morning, so not sure how I'll get my walking exercise in this week.

02-14-2006, 12:37 AM
Molly, what a hole left in your heart and life. I'm so sorry you have had this pain. Grieve well, celebrate the love, life, and companionship shared, open another place in your heart for a new companion.
Like others I am angry when one of these innocents is mistreated. jmp I vote for kidnap, just don't get caught. My own Foxy is a rescue dog. Her previous owners kidnapped her when she was a pup living behind their restaurant in danger of getting flattened on the hiway, being beaten with sticks, and kicked and neglected. They just scooped her up and took her home. Unfortuanately while they were wonderful to her their pack of dogs were not so accepting and wanted to kill her. so when she was 5 she became mine. We love each other, lots of snuggles and kisses and good times.
Sooze sorry the sleep test didn't pan out, no fun to have panic attacks. Cori, you do the most exciting things. Great news for you on the house lot. Have fun. I have missed everyone, I've been away for so long, don't know how long but too long and unfortunately I will continue to be mostly absent. I do check in on the art work about once a week and have sporadically commented. I was busy busy over the holidays with commissions and shows. I foolishly believed the woman who talked me into being on the art association's board of directors that if I wasn't an officer there wouldn't be anything to do. Hardly true, we are a fire breathing bunch of artists with grand plans for our association that requires everyone of us to work hard and sometimes to fight hard, but friendly with each other. I also signed on to be an assistant gallery director. This means hanging the monthly show and keeping tabs on it. I've branched off into other mediums some old to me some new. You know about the clayboard etching. Now I've discovered doing colored pencil on white clayboard, beautiful results. I did three oils which had been my favored medium many years ago and which I had failed at so many times during the 20-30 year block that I've stayed away from them until I had my art feet back under me. I'm really pleased witht he last of these, now I'm learning how to do acrylics which I really think I'll like; if I can paint the two hawks satisfactorily my very first acrylic may be a ribbon winner. I'm trying to get back into my old style of wet on dry water color too. I'm just loving it all. I've done a couple of pastels as well,never fear, still pretty much my favorite medium. I'm going 200 miles to Phoenix to take a class in acrylics from Jerry Yarnell, should be really good; I've long admired him as a man and as an artist. In and among all this I'm trying to sell two properties, and then to buy more for investment, taking a 3 day course in realestate investment, as well as cramming a corespondence course for continuing ed units to relisence as a therapist. Whew! no wonder I have a stressed out stomache and am tired. Exciting to me is I'm putting together photos for a website I'll soon have--oh and teaching a workshop in scratchart at month's end. If I survive this month things will slow a bit and I can get back on track.
So hello everyone, and goodbye again though I may skulk through the alleyways spying on ya'll from time to time. When I get my broken digital camera replaced I'll post some works or links to them.

02-14-2006, 08:11 PM
boy, i've been gone too long! a loss of anther pet, i'm so sorry. seems we've seen too much of that here in the last few months.

i once stole a dog! it was a tiny pup, and very neglected on a good day, very abused on the bad days. i stole it and 'dumped' it in a friend's yard--she told me to, since that way her hubby wouldn't object to her keeping it?! crazy, maybe, but it worked, and that little dog turned into a young girls' best friend. so, i stole it and was proud of it!!! :)

i had to laugh--another one here who loves house plans!!! i LOVE house plans, love those goofy shows on dish, too. sometimes i think i would do well as that for a profession! i have re-designed our place so many times!

finally my days are slowing to a livable pace. i quit one milking job, it was too much to handle, poor conditions,ect. now i have just one, part time, and am also teaching drawing one afternoon a week. our area has NO art in the schools, so i am also getting some ideas to 'homeschool' my kids in art.

i have a couple art jobs to do, but since i 'hafta' do 'em, i am dragging my feet terrible! do you ever think you'd do better to just sell all your stuff and quit art?? then i thought i'd just do one thing for myself, and i felt sooo much better! i am pleased at what i'm getting done on it, and feel like i can get busy on the other 2 'haftas' now without so much whining! i do hate feeling like i don't want to even step foot in the studio, makes me really question my art, my ablities, everything.

wishing you all a great week. later!

02-14-2006, 10:02 PM
okay - house plans...

Here is the plan we are building:

and here is a link with some info on the town - it's really cute town:

And last, but not least, the lot :D

It's not much to look at, but this is how it looks so far when standing at the front and looking back - just a stake and a fence. In the photo, I am facing north so if I turned to my left, there is a majestic view of the Rocky Mountains along the western horizon!

This will be the last of the photos for a bit until we have a hole in the ground, I presume :D

02-14-2006, 10:06 PM
Wow, Cori, fun fun fun! What a beautiful house! How big is your lot? Will it be close to your neighbors? You must be crazy with excitement to have a brand new house built and it'll be all YOURS! Have fun with this big adventure. :)
I couldn't get the town link to work, btw.

02-15-2006, 12:02 AM
lol - you must have clicked on it before i fixed the link (within 2 seconds of my posting :p )

The lot is HUGE...about 8500 sq ft. It's actually pie shaped so the photo is difficult to translate. However, Abner should never be able to complain about lack of room to run and Cam and i will be able to have a good size vegetable garden.

The flex room on the main floor will be my new library and upstairs bedroom 2 will be our workout room and bedroom 3 is the guest room.

As for the front of the house, architechtural controls state that the front porch needs to be extended to be 6 foot by 8 ft with stone detailing and wooden railings. It will be beautiful.

lol - we have it all planned and the papers aren't even completely signed yet - we do that Thursday!

02-15-2006, 12:29 AM
Cori, that's such a nice house. I'll bet you know what to do with the Flex Room! I actually love house plans, too. I have a whole box of plan books and have picked out the one I want if I ever build. Maybe in my next life.:)

Chewie, I don't feel motivated either when asked to do work for someone else. That's why I avoid commissions if at all possible. It's a cussed, contrary streak in my nature and not particularly useful to me as an artist. I could never work as an illustrator, for instance, not because I look down my nose at illustration but because the minute somebody says "draw a teddy bear", I don't want to.

TJ, so nice to hear from you! I''ll be looking forward to seeing your website. Don't forget to stop and breathe now and then.

Debbie, good for you for your weight loss success.:clap: I've been "retraining my eating habits" since September and have lost 20 pounds altogether. The last two took about six weeks to get off and I was getting pretty discouraged, but today the needle finally moved. Feels good, doesn't it? When I was young I lost weight with relative ease, and there wasn't that much to lose anyway - five pounds here, ten there. It seemed like a mountain at the time, but now I'm looking at 50-60 pounds to lose in very small increments. (Is "increments" the right word when it's decreasing?) Anyway, I'm realizing now that with just a little to lose the goal was achieved before I had a serious chance to change my habits. When you work at it over the long haul, there are so many ups and downs, so many temptations to quit, but then get back on track by remembering that I really do feel healthier and more energetic, and that's worth it even if I don't look any better.

Kate, good luck with your new computer. I'm watching for updates on the poor dog. I saw a show on tv about one of those private shelters, and they found a great home for an old dog with an elderly couple who wanted a pet but weren't up to coping with a puppy, so that goes to show that they can sometimes be placed.

02-15-2006, 12:30 AM
Wow! Not bad, kiddo! Where will you paint??? And this was within your budget!?!?! Wowee!!! How far out of the city will you be and how long a commute? BTW, be sure and request TREES as housewarming gifts! Start 'em right away and they'll give you shade that much sooner!:clap: :clap: :clap:

02-15-2006, 11:24 AM
Since we are building, it is completely within our budget.(don't ask how that works - it's complicated and involves a notebook full of numbers scribbled and re-scribbled) Plus, it is also the reason we are building out of town - cheaper land means bigger house.

My studio will be in the basement again, but the basement windows in this place are really big and really low so I may actually have some natural light this time (plus we will be custom finishing the basement, so I will be able to put in great lighting and built in storage, if I want)

The commute is pretty quick. Langdon is about 15 mins east of the city and we have the option of driving to a train station in the deep south of the city and taking transit into downtown or there is a commuter bus right from Langdon to the downtown core, where Cam and I both work. I think it may even work out better than the system we have now.

The developer puts in one tree for us and I plan to put lots of shrubs in the back yard and perhaps another tree. I think a nice coniferous tree would be great for shade for Abner in the summer. We won't be able to landscape the back yard for about a year to allow for the earth to settle, so I will have alot of time to plan things out.

Our next meeting witht he builder is Thursday and, now that we have worked out what upgrades we want, the ball should start rolling pretty quick here.

02-15-2006, 11:27 AM
Since we are building, it is completely within our budget.(don't ask how that works - it's complicated and involves a notebook full of numbers scribbled and re-scribbled) Plus, it is also the reason we are building out of town - cheaper land means bigger house.

My studio will be in the basement again, but the basement windows in this place are really big and really low so I may actually have some natural light this time (plus we will be custom finishing the basement, so I will be able to put in great lighting and built in storage, if I want)

The commute is pretty quick. Langdon is about 15 mins east of the city and we have the option of driving to a train station in the deep south of the city and taking transit into downtown or there is a commuter bus right from Langdon to the downtown core, where Cam and I both work. I think it may even work out better than the system we have now.

The developer puts in one tree for us and I plan to put lots of shrubs in the back yard and perhaps another tree. I think a nice coniferous tree would be great for shade for Abner in the summer. We won't be able to landscape the back yard for about a year to allow for the earth to settle, so I will have alot of time to plan things out.

Our next meeting witht he builder is Thursday and, now that we have worked out what upgrades we want, the ball should start rolling pretty quick here.

02-15-2006, 12:40 PM
Hey, Cori, do you want some unsolicited advice about trees?:evil: Please don't plant the quick-growing ones. My house is surrounded by them and they're all near the end of their short lifespan. It costs $500 to get a tree professionally trimmed so it's not a danger to everything around it. You won't be able to do it yourselves once they grow too tall to reach with a long ladder. Getting one removed is of course even more expensive. They don't make good firewood, either. Also, they have shallow roots that will steal water from your garden. It's best to be patient and plant good trees. Evergreens are a good choice, but keep them away from the windows if you want to continue having natural daylight to work by. The main thing, watch out for that free tree the developer gives you. Make sure it's a good one or else plan to pull it out before it gets too big. Which do you think is easier?

02-15-2006, 12:52 PM
I need to discuss the tree with the developer. I have some really specific allergies to several different kinds and poplar trees are one of the really popular ones that get planted here. I can't have poplar trees in my yard or I will die. Well, not literally, but the allergic reactions I have are not fun. I have scars from them in the past.

I'd rather just have evergreens because they look the same no matter what season. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

02-15-2006, 12:54 PM
I'll have to agree with Agnes on those points...good hardwood (slow growing) trees will last longer and take over your lot a lot less. As to conifers...keep the darn thing WAY away from house! We had two blue spruces in our front yard...about 20 ft out from the building....by the time we got one removed and the other trimmed up from the ground (EXPENSIVE) we had hardly any light at all in the front half of the house and couldn't see what was happening on the street except for a couple small gaps from the upstairs level. And THEIR roots are a pain too....we still have roots from the removed one working their way to the surface of the yard years after its removal...getting rid of those is a nightmare. Never underestimate how big a sapling is gonna get! LOL

Maple trees are lovely shade trees...we also have an ash tree in the back which is well behaved and a cottonless cottonwood which isn't at all allergen causing. Doubt you'd want anything to do wth aspens, of course...we have those sprouting everywhere each year. Crabapples and flowering plums are pretty too.

02-15-2006, 01:33 PM
I guess it is all going to depend on what will actually grow out there. That and what the architechtural controls committee allows. The houses need to have a certain look and feel out there so if they have specific guidelines for the trees in the front yard, I may need to veto anything I am allergic to and go without a front tree. In the back, I assume we can put anything in but will need to check on that too. We're still over a year away from landscaping anyway so I am not too concerned. It will all work out in the end.

02-15-2006, 06:48 PM
Wow, thanks for the floor plans Cori. It all looks like such fun, though I'm not sure that I could ever handle an open kitchen like that as I tend to be *very* messy when I cook! Could having an open kitchen everyone can look at teach me new habits? LOL, I doubt it.

The town link was fun too ,and of course I got side-tracked looking at all the other builder's housing plans. I don't know how I could ever decide. :)

02-17-2006, 11:05 PM
Well - things are looking pretty official. We signed the paperwork last night and submitted our plans for upgrades to the house :D I finally convinced cam to let me have my full proch (verandah) across the front. It is going to be spectacular!!!

Now everything else should fall right into place...and then we can start planning our move for November :D

02-18-2006, 01:56 PM
Looks lovely, Cori....boy, it sure puts our first little cracker box house to shame, but we loved our first home and were sooooo proud of it after years of renting.

Well, I know it's darned cold elsewhere too, but this is the first time we've been 8 BELOW 0 in YEARS! I'd forgotten just how awful that is! The dogs refuse to get out of bed at ALL today! Can't say I blame 'em!

I'm hoping to spend the day in the studio...who knows, might even get it straightened up enough to sketch something! Woohoo!

02-18-2006, 03:07 PM
I don't know what -8*F is in *C, but yesterday, we woke up to -28*C here...brrrrrrrrr. Today -8*C feels like heaven! :D

02-18-2006, 03:41 PM
Well, it bottomed out at -12 which is....hold on, I'll find out! er....says -24.444444444 in Celsius...yikes, that sounds so much WORSE!!! LOL

K Taylor-Green
02-19-2006, 02:56 AM
Cori, You are so lucky to be doing this. My daughter, Micki, and her hubby, Jeff
bought land and built their own home about 5 years ago. They built a two story log home with a wrap around porch. It is beautiful. The kids ride their tricycles, then bicycles, round and round on that porch. The grill is there, and they cook out. The porch overlooks the pool they have now. It is a wonderful place to build memories for the future.
When my younger daughter, Megan was getting married, we had her bridal shower on that wrap around porch. There were lots of beautifully decorated tables. It looked a bit like a cafe!
I think porches are very important to a home.

Tom Behnke
02-19-2006, 03:54 AM
Hi Everyone:

First post on the scumble. I promised Kate in another thread that I would post here because she was curious about some other things I spoke of in passing.

Well, let's see, things going on in my life? WHEW! Let me stick to the positive things for now, since I am on an upswing from last week, and some things are looking better.

Though I have been caught up with my art, my 'real' (main? chosen? most compelling delusion?) creative outlet at the moment is writing, and I am pursuing that as a career. I started off as a musician, and was in bands for ten years, then realized it wasn't going to happen, so I converted my songwriting into poem writing, and was published. Have had short stories (mostly horror and sci-fi) published in small press as well as some essays on paganism). Completed a novel about a year ago, and I am shopping it to agents, and working on the second one. It is a fantasy novel. A world I created based on music theory, with the different worlds each giving off a particular vibration or tone, and the two warring forces being Harmony, and Discord. It should be at least a trilogy at this point.

I am also helping out a very talented friend who suffers from dyslexia, so can't actually "write" his ideas. We are collaborating on a romantic comedy screenplay.

And this week, due to the dearth of ref pics for a potential commission I have, I couldn't paint anything, so I wrote ten pages of dialogue for a stage play that has been bouncing around in my head for about nine months (hey, a true pregnancy, LOL). The play is title 'saying goodbye' and it is about two men who begin talking on a stalled train. One man is a writer who is on his way to his daughter's college graduation. He left his wife and daughter years ago, and has in his lap a book explaining all the reasons why he had to leave, and had been waiting until she was 'old enough to understand'. The other man is a recovering alcoholic, on his one-year anniversary of being sober. He is coming back from trying to apologize to his family for the hurt he caused. And his ex-wife rejected the offer and handed him a bottle, which he has in a bag at his feet. The play is about redemption and forgiveness. The writer is going to try to find his, hoping it isn't irrecoverable, and the old man is coming back from finding out that sometimes it is.

There is more, but I don't want to ruin it in case you want tickets when it comes to your town. J?K. :>

Anyway, tomorrow I start on a lighthouse or waterfall for the person who gave me my lone sale so far. It isn't a commission, per se. She just loved the one she bought so much she wanted me to send her photos of any lighthouse or waterfalls I do, because she is redoing her house in a sea/water theme.

Ok. Have to do a little bit of work here.

Thanks for listening.


02-19-2006, 08:14 AM
Tom, it sounds as if you have a very productive work situation! I've never had a job where they didn't mind if I worked on something creative while on duty...I hate having to appear "busy" when there is nothing to do, too. Had a receptionist job in a VERY rarely visited office like that for a month one time...I truly thought I was going to go hair-tearing mad by the time it was over...when they asked me if I wanted the job as a permanent position I was hard put not to burst out laughing and mumbling incoherent jibberish!

Good luck with selling your novel! It sounds really interesting. I have a collaborative fantasy epic (I call it that because the first draft was a quarter million words, so we decided to split it in half to make two volumes when we re-wrote with edits...got done finally and found that both halves were nearly as long as the first draft! LOL) in a paper box serving as a doorstop in my co-writers study. Was great fun to write it, but finding an agent or an editor to even read the work of a couple newbies isn't easy these days...ran out of postage money! LOL If I had it all to do over again, I'd have stuck with both the writing and the art when I was young, kids and husband to raise and nay-saying relatives or not! :D

02-19-2006, 12:33 PM
Sooz, How well I remember some jobs I thought going out of my mind would be okay as it would at least give me something to do and keep me busy...lol. I don't care how much they pay, it's just not enough when it comes to boredom, mind numbing boredom....zzzzzzzzz

02-19-2006, 09:44 PM
Thanks to all of you for your good thoughts. We are struggling with the loss but trying to look forward. Cori, exciting news about your house-I love house plans too. Hoping to do some painting this week. Keep going all!

K Taylor-Green
02-19-2006, 10:03 PM
Wow! Tom, how wonderful that you have all these creative outlets. I used to write fantasy when I was in high school. Where all that went, I don't know. It seemed the more I read, the less I was able to write, and the less I wanted to.
I love the sound of your book and screenplay.
I sure am glad you stopped by!

CM Neidhofer
02-20-2006, 05:45 AM
Hi everyone. I made my big move this weekend in with my Bruce. What a nightmare! I'll never rent a truck from UHaul again! It's been so cold here in Colorado. Gave us a diesel truck and said make sure you let it run for a little while after starting it. Failed to tell us there's a motor heater that should run first. Picked up the truck on Friday so we could get an early start Saturday morning. Of course, the truck wouldn't start. Had to call their road service and wait 90 minutes for a mechanic. He got it started, but turns out the line for the motor heater had been cut and wasn't there! And of course, he didn't have the tools or equipment to replace it. Lost the whole morning. Managed to get one load moved and that was it. So we kept the truck another day. Same thing Sunday morning. Truck wouldn't start. Only had to wait an hour this time for a mechanic!! Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!! But all the big stuff is moved now. Have to go back and pick up the little things and make sure the place is clean. They wanted to charge me for three days rental. That didn't happen!!! They dropped the third day charge. Then we forgot to return two furniture pads that we used. He was going to charge me for those. I told him with all the aggravation I've had with their truck, seems two pads shouldn't be an issue!! He put in the computer as having returned all the pads!!! What a weekend!!!

Bruce has a corner set up for me for my art work. Hopefully things will settle down soon and I can get back to my pastels. Haven't touched them in forever!! But he's very encouraging and I'm sure I'll have something to show before too long. Soon as we get the mess here cleaned up, the mess there cleaned up.....sigh....lol

Sooz....are you frozen solid yet??? God, it's been cold!!

Cori, your new house looks wonderful!! I love it. House plans are always fun.

Guess that catches me up so my little "you haven't posted lately" message disappears from the top of my screen! lol :clap:


02-20-2006, 05:54 AM
Sooz....are you frozen solid yet??? God, it's been cold!!

You can say THAT again! Hasn't been this cold here in years! Let's hope spring DOES arrive in March...I am READY!

BTW, congrats on the move and blossoming relationship! Sounds like your life's taken a definite upswing! Yay!